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CoinMarketSolutions scam? New interesting Forex broker


2020-02-14 22:00:00

We decided to run a check on this company since it appeared in our view only recently. At first glance, at CoinMarketSolutions scam is not supported. The trading platform can be accessed on the company's website; there is also a digital code for downloading a trading application to a smartphone. So here’s our detailed CoinMarketSolutions review based on our own experience.


CoinMarketSolutions review: who are they? is owned by a respectful organization - ECM LTD, which is registered in Tallinn. The activities of the exchange fully comply with the requirements of the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority. Also, CoinMarketSolutions broker is licensed by the European Union, so the project functions in full accordance with the regional laws.

The number of investors is declared at the level of ten thousand or more. You can check this information indirectly: you can find comments in English on CoinMarketSolutions reviews. Based on the information received: the broker has some cons and pros, company has a good reputation, although there are complaints about strictness with regard to confidentiality issues.

We went through the site and can notice several main points: calling company like scam does not have any basis, because it supports several important international programs against fraud. Reputation of this firm becomes even more valuable on the fact that company has more than 10 years of experience.


How to register on the CoinMarketSolutions


Registration does not give the right to start trading.

This is just the first step to start cooperation with the service.

Full access to all tools is provided to the client who has verified account and selected an account type.

In connection with the ratification of these programs, the CoinMarketSolutions scam of any kind is blocked at the very first stage – even an attempt to become a client will fail with no necessary documents or confirmations.

What you need to pass verification calmly:

  1. ◆ Make screenshots of an identity document (better than a passport)
  2. ◆ Make a copy of any payment receipt that contains the user's full name and residential address (this can be a receipt for services or a bank payment)
  3. ◆ Take a photo (selfie) with a passport in hand (open page with a photo).

In fact, this should be enough for the service to verify the client. In some cases, they demand more: we found a review where the client described that he also needed to throw a photo of his bank card with some info covered.

A small investigation helped to find out the reasons. If the client makes a withdrawal of money to the card, then in rare cases (for example, if some basic documents are missing or there are questions) he will be asked to take a photo of the card, with a closed CVV code (three numbers on the back of the card) and some numbers on front part of it.

According to international standards, the CVV code is included in the confidential information about the bank account and cannot be transferred to third parties.

CoinMarketSolutions reviews also warn about this: scammers (especially those involved in phishing) may require a CVV code. The company does not need this confidential information.


Trading conditions and portfolio types review

Silver The minimum deposit starts from 500 USDT. The investment period is 6 months. Standard educational programs and 1: 2 leverage are available to clients
Gold It is necessary to invest 5,000 USDT in the project. Basic services: consultations with an analyst, which are held once a week, access to an online terminal, 1 risk-free transaction, balance replenishment and withdrawal of funds without additional commissions;
Platinum The entry threshold is 25 thousand USDT. For this money, you will receive: round-the-clock support, analysis of the history of transactions, expert recommendations, leverage 1: 5, one robot with ready-made settings;
VIP The initial contribution is from 100,000 USDT. The tariff plan has a number of privileges, including: a personal financial advisor, 10 trading signals per week, 3 risk-free transactions and a savings account up to 2% per month;
VIP+ The deposit is 50 thousand USDT. The package includes the following services: round-the-clock support, no restrictions on the number of trading signals, priority order execution;
Dragon The investment amount is one million USDT. Features of the account: no commissions, the highest priority in order execution, 5 robots with individual settings, trading leverage 1:20.

Broker CoinMarketSolutions - reviews of clients


Users note a number of pros and cons of working with this broker.




Is CoinMarketSolutions scam? Findings:


The main question of this material: is scam or a good broker? According to the first impression, this broker offers quite interesting terms of cooperation, has a good reputation and respects the data privacy policy. review: clients sharing their thoughts


My trading history has a lots of "up" and "down" periods, but the best times came when I've decided to join These guys can make real wonders when it comes to your profitability fellas, you have to check them. Don't efforts while looking for a broker and you shall be rewarded.

It's really strange how different could the quality of services from one broker to another be. Some of them are absolutely awful, to be honest, and I'm really glad that I have some innate feeling that always tells me when I see one. CoinMarketSolutions, however, looks quite decent. I hope they will keep doing great.


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