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2021-03-25 00:01:00

All those involved in crypto mining should consider how and where to pay with mined digital coin currency. Not all Internet services and companies accept crypto currency but fortunately, there are several options that will be described in this article. Many online stores, specializing in electronic equipment, cosmetics and wardrobe items, are already accepting crypto currency. There should be a logo on the websites of such online stores indicating that they are crypto currency partners.

Many property trading agencies have been renting, buying and selling apartments, houses and land for Bitcoin since 2015. To carry out such operations, they have a separate account where you can credit the currency and they, in turn, will exchange it for dollars. This type of payment saves not only the time of a seller and a buyer but also real estate agencies. The advantage is that there is no need to go to the bank to make payment transfer and all procedures can be made online.

Some popular corporations have made a stance on crypto currency. For example, the network of retail and online electronics stores TigerDirect has long been introduced this payment method - all electronic devices can be purchased on the company's website for crypto currency.

Another large company that accepts crypto currency is DishNetwork. This company is known as the largest operator of satellite television. The decision to switch to such a payment system was made spontaneously but was based on customers' preferences and convenience.

The large corporation Dell has been accepting crypto currency since February 2014, which is very impressive. They gradually attracted here customers who use bitcoins - the company has entered such payment in exchange for gift certificates. This experiment turned out to be successful and paid off. Dell says that the crypto currency payment system is the most convenient as it can be conducted anywhere. The biggest advantage, according to them, is a small commission.

Recently TIME publishers also use a new form of transferring payments to their account. From now on, you can subscribe and buy books for Bitcoin. A large number of users expressed their positive opinion on it because they do not have to exchange bitcoins for dollars and can easily make a transfer within the system.

All in all, many major online stores and gaming services accept crypto currency. But there are times when, say, you buy things of a certain brand or only a certain manufacturer but there is no possibility of purchasing them for digital currency. In is the case, there is an easy solution because crypto currencies can be exchanged. Before exchanging, be sure to consider available pairs, the commission percentage and transaction conditions. All these conditions can significantly affect the speed and benefit of the operation performed.

Digital currency

Before you exchange crypto currency for fiat money, you will need a cryptocurrency converter in order to find out what the crypto currency will amount.  Calculators and converters are highly demanded services; therefore, the vast majority of portals provide similar services. In terms of functionality, there are practically no distinguishing features, except for the number of specific directions. Therefore, a user usually gives preference to a portal depending on the interface as well as additional features, such as a mobile application.

Initially, this service was created solely as a monitoring of exchangers but over time, they started publishing useful articles on the website as well as additional services. This included online crypto currency converter. Therefore, you can easily determine how much will 1 Bitcoin cost in dollars or any other currency on this portal. The calculator allows conversion of two types - direct and reverse, respectively, each person can determine how much digital currency or Satoshi is needed to purchase traditional currencies.

Cryptonator is an extremely easy and practical service for tracking current rates of digital and fiat currencies. This calculator allows you to count absolutely any cryptographic coin in another currency almost instantly. In particular, the system is equipped with a huge number of different directions, which, of course, can be called a significant advantage. Crypto converter, unlike other services, supports not only BTC or LTC but also other ones, less popular coin. On the whole, there are about more than 300 coinc. Moreover, the list is regularly updated.

This service allows you to quickly convert Bitcoin, Litecoin and other digital currencies to such fiat currncies as: USD, EUR, CNY. In general, the choice of directions is pleasantly surprising since the converter works with many rare crypto currencies. Quotes on the financial assets are updated approximately once every three minutes. The information is obtained from ten different, tested trading platforms. Such popular exchanges as BTC-E, OKCoin, BTC-China and other platforms are among them.

It is not necessary for a modern user to look for a special service that would allow the transfer of a digital currency to a fiat currency or vice versa. To date, there is a very competitive alternative - browser extensions. Of course, that access to such plug-ins is provided absolutely free of charge. A user just needs to download the extension and then, if necessary, you can always calculate the ratio of a digital coin to a fiat currency.

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