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Deriv Review: Is Deriv a good broker for you?

2022-01-22 09:44:00

Deriv broker is the newest platform on the binary options trading market, many will think it is an extension of however, this is handled independently and autonomously, only with certain base links of the original broker.

The current binary trading platform, which achieved its official opening in the first half of 2020, is generating the trust and results expected by its traders, to achieve the use of this platform profitably, it is essential that you know all the options and tools it brings for you.

What should you know about deriv broker?

The deriv broker platform is a new version of the binary broker, the headquarters of this new company is located in the Channel Islands whose management is carried out by the professional staff of the Deriv group, a company that has authorization for the administration of trading pages in a legal form.

It is already registered with the European Union digital finance centre in Malta, which serves as a provider of services for third-class investors according to the financial service authorities in the region.

One of the peculiarities of this binary investor management company is that it has the possibility to operate in several sectors of Asia, since they have an administrative headquarters in the Federal region of the city of Labuan, it is regulated and authorized in the same way by the financial services of this area.

All this with the aim of carrying out correctly and without inconveniences the investments of the shares that are in this sector. In turn, it manages to cover the Vanuatu area according to the requirements relevant to the operations of this area.

It is possible to make a direct contact with the company from its official website and the other alternate contacts that are in this, the availability of the platform is in a variety of languages in order to attract a greater number of investors and shareholders.

Advantages of Deriv

One of the main advantages of this broker, are the security protocols, where their processes are standardized by the industry. In Deriv, they are maintained with the SSL encryption module to ensure the protection of their users ' transactions, this is a program capable of operating at a great speed.

This way traders are able to carry out their transactions smoothly, without the drawbacks of late responses.

The good service to its users has been highlighted, since priority is given to the attention of doubts and inconveniences of them, it is possible to make your investments or withdrawals during the 7 days of the week, 24 hours a day, since it operates continuously and automatically.

It has direct telephone service, for any inconvenience regardless of the language, at the same time, users have the possibility of generating their receipts for confirmation of operations, which are attended in cost periods of time.

Like several brokers that have more time in the market, it has the trading robots system, this is a very useful tool to generate transactions automatically in the alternative of binary investments.

In addition to having all the regulations and licenses required for this business, it is under the control of three different main locations, such as South America, Europe and Asia, granting a guarantee that not any other global broker has in binary options.


Despite being a new platform, it already has a number of assets in growth, today, the list of assets has managed to reach beyond 100 business alternatives, these with different international currency management such as cryptocurrencies, synthetic indices, commodities, gold, metals, oil, among others.

On weekends the operation of this broker does not stop, providing the possibility to its traders to make transactions taking advantage of this margin of time that in many cases is more advantageous compared to weekends.

At Deriv broker you have the opportunity to make small investments up to$ 5, with the possibility to trade a difference of at least 0.35 USD, this with the aim of incentivizing new traders in the market and preparing for their next large investments.

With this broker you can learn everything you need to know and experience; with the possibility of small investments, you can work what is the trust of users in the business, so that they can realize 100% of the operation of the platform and the processes that support them.

How does deriv broker work?

In order to open your account at deriv broker, you only need to make a simple registration, in the main area of the website, you can locate in the upper right a section that will allow you to break down a box that will ask for your email.

You do not necessarily need to register with the email, as you can have a direct link from your Facebook social network to start your journey in trading with the deriv broker.

Once you have completed the initial registration, either with the Google or Facebook account, you can enter the platform, where you will receive the demo of the page. The registration is completed with a minimum amount of data at the time of linking it to any of your accounts.

However, it is necessary to go through a period of verification of information to perform the actual transactions, this being a mandatory requirement.

This verification procedure is based on the upload of an image or file that works as an identification, either passport or identity card, since this must be issued by the government of the country where it is located.

Deriv pay broker

However, after having completed all the registration and verification processes, the most important thing that every trader wants to know about any broker is the withdrawal process.

As in the investment processes, here you can withdraw funds through bank transfers from authorized institutions and the different wallets or electronic wallets (WebMoney, PaySafe, PerfectMoney,...), taking care that the amounts to be withdrawn are not less than$ 5; it is recommended that these withdrawals are at least$20.

Deriv broker reviews

Motivated by the aforementioned benefits and features, the opinions obtained from this platform have been really positive, especially from those who are just entering the world of trading.

Among the highlights of this new platform is the fact that it is possible to execute very small investments, it is difficult to get a broker that allows you to invest $ 5. Thanks to these, many new users risk skipping the Demo line and getting directly involved with investments.

Its feature of a 100% free Demo account, manages to capture the operations and procedures of an authentic account; this account has no limits on transactions, meaning that you can practice as long as you want.

In particular, the demo of this version of binary options had a significant improvement, since they had noticed that not all investors or traders manage to have a preference for this type of investment.

All those who have already had an experience, even if it is brief with the platform, highlight its design that adapts perfectly to any team, due to the fact that many traders have made complaints and disagreements with these versions.

In many cases, online trading platforms do not have the right dimensions, so it is not possible to fully or accurately visualize the trading tables, generating bad decisions and disagreements in their users.

Although they have not managed to develop a specific app or platform for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, users remain anxious and waiting to be able to access their trading portal from anywhere, without the need to resort to the web search engine.

It is estimated that once the transition processes that the platform is making are finished, the company launches its specific version for smartphones for free.
One of the current criticisms of the deriv broker is its lack of copy trading, that is to say that the shareholders do not have any access to obtain the statistics of the other shareholders of the platform.

At the same time, the nonconformity of not getting a welcome bonus to new users, prevent the motivation of its users from growing, thus decreasing the interest of traders who have already managed to know other platforms that do handle this modality.

In many cases, these new users, they enter with the thought of getting a welcome bonus to be able to make their first investments, not having this, they leave the registration aside.


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