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2021-03-26 22:00:00

For some, investment in the crypto currency is something resembling a fairytale, for others - a profitable source of income. While some are thinking about where to invest their money, others are already on it by actively investing and breaking the jackpot. So the question is: how to make money on crypto currency? Before you spend money on digital coins, find out how risky crypto finance investments are, what results can be expected from it, what crypto currency is more profitable to invest?

Crypto finance

When it comes to the best investment tools, crypto currencies are always mentioned in some way. Investing in crypto currency - advantages:



Possible risks



Where to invest?


The success of crypto currency investment depends on the correct choice of digital money. It is important to use a profitable crypto currency, which will not lead you to losses. Consider the following factors when choosing:

How to start investing?


Crypto currency trading


For those wishing to join the growing crypto economy and participate in the market trading, there are over fifty exchanges already working on the Internet. Which of them are the most profitable, should be decided on the basis of the virtual money list presented and the possibility of exchanging it for national currencies such as the US dollar or the euro. The largest stock exchanges at the moment are BTC China, Bitstamp, MtGox, BTC. All of them provide an opportunity to trade in the market using different pairs (including the main crypto currencies, litecoin and other forks and with fiat money).

Recently, trading opportunities for crypto currency have appeared on the eToro site, which is the largest social trading platform. CFD-contracts for Bitcoin had access to eToro before but this time they added the Ethereum currency, the demand for which is now growing. CFD-contracts can also be considered an investment tool; basically, you own Bitcoin or Ethereum without creating a real crypto wallet. This is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the eToro platform, which allows you to earn not only on crypto currencies but also on stocks, currencies and indices.


Let's look in detail at the pros and cons of investing using Bitcoin as an example:







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