how to buy bonds? Several ways to do it simply

how to buy bonds? Several ways to do it simply


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PrivateFX brokerage company has positioned itself as an innovator among brokers for Poland. It was created in 2015 and did not have a financial regulator. In 2017, the company's activities ceased.

What reviews deserved this Forex broker from traders at the beginning of its activities and how was its reliability evaluated?

At the beginning of the company's existence, the general opinion about it was ambiguous. It saw the heir to the collapsed Forex Trend pyramid and the company itself did not deny such a connection, although it claimed that it had only received a client base and adopted some of the progressive technical aspects of investing. Despite the assurances of the broker, many doubted whether the company would be scammers and whether its activities would be the next stage of a fraud and scam. But at the same time there were traders who began successful cooperation with the company and stated this in their reviews.

If you compare the number of different opinions, we can say that the broker earned ALARMED reviews at that time.



Terms of cooperation and customer accounts

Unlike the strategy, which, for the most part, was conducted by brokers for Poland, the company used PAMM accounts with the possibility of auto-follow. The novelty of this combination has become a major factor in customer attractiveness. To open a trading account, it was necessary at least $ 500, and the amount for minimum investment in it subsequently was $ 10. For Polish traders, the broker offered a leverage in the ratio of 1: 100, as well as the ability to use bitcoin as a trading tool.

What reviews Forex broker deserved for trading conditions?

The proposed trading conditions aroused the enthusiasm of a fairly large number of traders. They were rated as an attractive opportunity to invest their own funds. In some cases, this appeal was stronger than fears that the company might turn out to be scammers.

Thus, at the initial stage of its existence, it received broker reviews for trading conditions



Customer service

Customer support by the company had a certain specificity. She openly stated that she relied exclusively on experienced traders. Therefore, unlike the package that brokers offer for Poland, its proposal for cooperation did not include training for traders.

It included only:

• Support service work;

• Market analytics for the most popular currency pairs.


What are the Forex broker reviews for the quality of customer service?

Initially, the work of the support service was evaluated positively by traders. However, since the beginning of payment problems, critical posts have appeared with reports of delays and delays. Traders noted that the solution of issues is deliberately delayed and the company behaves like a scam. The number of negative assessments was growing and growing.

As a result, we can say that broker began to earn NEGATIVE reviews



Methods and quality of mutual settlements

To deposit funds, the company offered the widest possible arsenal of funds, including almost all of the most popular instruments of those that at that time were chosen by brokers for Poland:

• VISA and Master Card;

• Bank transfers;

• Neteller;


The withdrawal of money was made at the request of the trader.


What are the reviews of Forex broker for crediting payments and conducting settlements with clients?

Initially, feedback on payments was approving - the money was transferred in a timely manner and in full. Further, delays in payments began, and after payment they stopped altogether, which entailed a lot of accusations of fraud and scam.

At the end of his activity, the broker earned reviews brightly.



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