ESR Studio Selfie Stick tripod

ESR Studio Selfie Stick tripod


2020-08-31 09:15:00

In the era of blogging, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, buying a tripod for your phone, selfie stick, tripod or monopod is becoming a real necessity. Among the many different options, we chose one of the best tripods that we came across - the multifunctional ESR Studio Selfie Stick. Read on for our full review of what this tripod can do. It doesn't matter who you are: a budding blogger who just started a profile on Instagram/TikTok/Facebook yesterday, just a fan of taking cool photos, a professional videographer or content maker - today you definitely need an auxiliary tool for shooting. 

And, since we are increasingly gaining momentum shooting on the iPhone, this tool should ideally support the possibility of telephone shooting, as well as be as convenient / compact as possible for everyday use. It seems that we have found the perfect option for those who are looking for not only quality, but also a compact, multifunctional tripod (selfie stick). This device is a Studio Selfie Stick from the ESR brand.

Now let's talk in more detail about its capabilities. Package Contents and Design When I received the package with the ESR Studio Selfie Stick tripod, I just couldn't believe my eyes. The packaging itself was so compact that I could not understand how the tripod on legs with a holder that can be adapted for horizontal and vertical shooting, plus a flash, fit there. Packaging 25 x 5.5 cm. How? Is this actually the device I ordered? It turned out that something. I still don’t understand how ESR managed to cram so many functions into such a small, and most importantly, lightweight body so compactly.

The set includes a bag for transporting a tripod, a micro USB cable for charging the flash and the removable remote control, the tripod / selfie stick itself and a small flash (backlight). Just the perfect set for any mobile photography. The quality of the entire structure is simply top notch.

Although the ESR Studio Selfie Stick tripod is made of plastic with some metal elements, it is not a cheap device. You can already feel it when you take the Studio Selfie Stick in your hands. The plastic is very high quality, there are no gaps, the device does not fall apart in your hands. Moreover, I even had to puzzle over how to expand it, ESR worked so well the seams and the structure itself. Continuing to talk about quality and packaging, the flash is not cheap here either. Provides an excellent beam of light with three brightness levels and two lighting settings, which will help you take photos much better at night or in a dark room.

Another cool thing is that the flash is attached to the tripod with a magnet. When I ordered this device, I was a little alarmed. There were thoughts that the flash could fall off, get lost, and attach very easily. Don't let it bother you - everything is going just fine. With one light movement of your hand, you can attach the flash to the Studio Selfie Stick tripod, with a second light movement, detach it and hide it in the pouch. By the way, the bag is also solid, moisture / rain resistant, made of durable material. So if you don’t need the Studio Selfie Stick, or you want to take it with you on a trip (and I guarantee you will), you can conveniently fold the whole thing and pack it into a backpack / handbag.


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