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2020-02-11 19:11:00

EXcentral is a Forex broker, Crypto Currency, and Cypriot CFDs with a very good platform.

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Traders, with whom we managed to contact, praise this resource, but read this article and make a conclusion yourself.

eXcentral - General information.

Traders have the right to know if they can trust a broker. After checking this platform, we were satisfied. There are investors who have noticed that the spreads on the site are not registered. This is of course a minus, as customers do not know in advance what awaits them, but the homepage is very high quality and convenient. With such a quality website, you can be sure of competitive spreads and prices.

About the company

EXcentral is owned by Mount Nico Corp Ltd. This company provides services in the European region. Although the company has official registration, but the names of directors and employees are not available. We believe that investors should know who makes money from them.

EXcentral licensed / registered?

We conducted an audit on this issue. The license obtained on 02/07/14 and 307717 - the registration number of the company, means that EXcentral is a reliable broker.

In addition, all this information can be found on the site and verify its authenticity. On this platform, compensation is provided in case of broker insolvency. Do not delay the decision and register today, and work on an honest platform.

EXcentral Benefits

The main advantage of this broker is that it is licensed, controlled by international financial organizations and provides compensation up to 20,000 euros. Nice and intuitive interface is also a big plus.

EXcentral disadvantages

The company claims that it has 4 types of accounts, but we failed to verify this, since there is no information about these accounts.

Also, the minimum deposit size is not written anywhere.

Another minus is that there is no way to test the platform in demo mode. There is no way to experiment with leverage and check spreads without risk. We advise you to be careful.


Deposit and withdrawal

There are 2 standard methods for replenishing an account - replenishment through a bank card and bank transfer.

As for the withdrawal of funds, there are no details, for example, about how long the funds are withdrawn. We would like to know the answer to this question before giving a final assessment of this platform.


Protecting your personal data.

EXcentral says that MT4 is their main trading tool. We think that he lacks security. This may be the best trading platform, but without SSL encryption, users and their data can be compromised by hackers and scammers.


Are your funds safe with eXcentral?

The eXcentral license obliges them to be responsible for your funds and even provide compensation in the event of a break-in, but without DDoS encryption, the chance that they will crack you is very high.


EXcentral scam or not?

EXcentral received a license from CySEC, this is an absolute fact. At the same time, not all information, what is necessary for work is provided on their home page. Brokers - fraudsters can work on various schemes and even get a license at the beginning of their work. Our advice is to be careful, as we do not have a 100% answer to the question - are eXcentral scam or not?


Final opinion.

We will track new information from the participants of this platform. We advise you to use a broker, which deemed worthy by Forex experts. Once you find your broker, you can increase your capital.

An additional way to increase profits on Forex is Forex robots. You have a chance to register and start earning with reliable robots right now. Do not hesitate!


We wish all investors prosperity and financial independence.


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