Exness - is it worth it to work with a broker, a complete review

Exness Review: the best forex broker for beginners

2022-01-21 10:18:00

Exness is a forex broker that appeared on the market in mid - 2008, over time he became a veteran of the online FX/CFD industry. It has achieved a virtually global reach and has three offices located in different locations, being represented by three different cooperatives.

While it is true that this forex broker is one of the preferred by beginners, it should also be noted, that many veteran brokers prefer it and give it continuous use. All this is the consequence of many favorable factors and the good reputation achieved by Exness over time.

Main features of Exness

It shows on its website a moderna design and fresh images.

The website is translated and available in 23 languages. This group offers its clients access to the interbank market using an ECN (Electronic Communication Network, something like an intermediary between the buyer and the seller, of the foreign exchange markets).

Any transition is executed through a liquidity provider, which is responsible for offering the best price, for the specified volume, at a specified time.

It offers its traders the opportunity to trade CFDs.

It supports social projects such as WWF in Russia, which seeks to restore rare or endangered species.

Exness offers its traders three types of floating spreads account: Mini, classic and ECN.

For the use of the mini account does not require a minimum deposit.

The classic account requires $ 200 initial deposit and the ECN account $300.

In all accounts the operation is immediate and ECN accounts have direct access to interbank liquidity.

Using Exness allows your clients to use more flexible trading strategies as they have a leverage of 1: 2000.

Clients can open a kind of demo account, with which they can participate and practice before putting their money into play.

Offers and bonuses. Under the modality of striking bonuses Exness motivates its clients. There is always the possibility to access some kind of bonus.

Guide and education. Exness keeps up-to-date data on events and news related to finance worldwide and publishes it on its website.

Withdrawals and deposits. When making any deposit Exness offers a variety of alternatives, you can use bank transfers, Neteller, credit cards and other options. Withdrawals are hassle-free and usually made through a number of electronic payment systems.

Withdrawals are made immediately and at the client's request, usually using the same method that was used to make the deposit.

Exness offers its customers a service system in 13 different languages.

Exness platforms

Exness has the following platforms:

Meta trader 4

Created for use on desktop computers and popular platforms such as Mac and Linux. This platform offers a lot of freedom when it comes to implementing trading strategies. Traders worldwide created a lot of expert advisors, for this terminal.

Meta trader 5

Same as above, but with an improved interface, with higher speed and higher performance. It supports options and stock trading. It does not cover Forex positions, but this terminal allows level II quotes.


Clients can trade without difficulty and perform most of the features offered by Meta trader 4 and Meta trader 5 from their smart phones, this means they can trade from anywhere, as long as they have the internet. Advantages and disadvantages of using Exness

No matter which broker you choose, nothing is perfect and we will always find unfavorable aspects and favorable aspects, it all depends on what the traders are looking for and what they expect from the broker used.

Let's see some opinions about it where some advantages and disadvantages are indicated according to opinions.


There are complaints from some clients, who state that the MT5 platform is slow.

Annoying windows appear on the website.

According to some customers, the mobile application dedicated to commerce is not fully compatible with some Android devices.

Reasons why Exness is preferred by beginners

Whenever you start to interact with any unknown system, you can expect the appearance of uncertainty and some fears of the occasion, especially if it is a system like this, where we put our money at stake. There are many doubts that appear.

We will always try to work in the midst of confidence and comfort, here are the reasons why traders with little experience prefer to work with Exness:

This broker offers its clients three types of accounts: Forex Mini, Forex classic and Forex ECN.

Exness Forex Mini Account:

Exness Forex Classic Account:

This account is intended to be used by advanced or average traders.

Exness Forex ECN Account:

Account intended to be used by advanced and professional traders.

Once beginner traders gain some experience, they have the opportunity to work with the ECN system, which allows them to have connection with very important providers, they enter a very competitive world. It's a real school.

The fact that Exness has a totally free trial account is another reason why they prefer it, using these accounts beginner traders start their training and make real trades until they feel confident and really trained.

Exness acts as a third party, thus avoiding the creation of conflicts of interest between customers and the service.

Exness has wonderful platforms through which it provides its service. Meta trader 4, Meta trader 5 and Mobile.

The Exness broker provides additional services, such as a virtual private server, this type of service is recommended for those who usually use scalping as a strategy.

According to the rating made to the trading sites and scam forums, Exness is considered a safe trader.

Thanks to the use of moderna technologies and advanced software, Exness can guarantee low commercial risks in its operations.

Operators have maximum security and fast execution.

Exness offers over thirty ways to withdraw or deposit cash, all of which are completely free of charge.

Exness eventually offers in-house seminars, offering very useful trading information for beginner traders as well as for experienced traders.

It gives traders access to a very useful economic calendar and also allows them access to a very ingenious TC (Technical Analysis).

He's a very reputable broker.

It is very easy to use.

Exness provides informative video content to all traders using trading central web TV.

Is Exness really safe?

The reliability of Exness is a remarkable fact, this due to the fact that two of the best known regulators the FCA and CySEC are the ones who regulate it. This undoubtedly encourages traders to trade on their platform. All customers are protected.

There are a number of operational standards in place whose intention is to protect the customer, Exness standards are really reasonable.This is because cross-border services are carried out by cross-authorisation within Europe. All under the EEE register.

In short, each and every one of Exness's clients are protected by the same platform, which is why you must feel safe when doing your marketing, so much so that if the client is scammed the regulation will ensure that he is compensated and penalize Exness.

Exness has been very careful and since its inception has ensured faithful compliance with the legal requirements of the country where it is operating, in each and every one of its operations, respecting internationally recognized financial standards.


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