How to choose a comfortable electric oven

How to choose a comfortable electric oven


2020-09-29 13:41:00

The hob is an essential element of any kitchen. Each housewife spends most of the time during cooking right next to it, so it is especially important that work is simple and safe.

In particular, experts emphasized that today there are two formats of hobs that have both advantages and disadvantages:


Of course, for maximum ergonomics in the kitchen, it is better to install independent surfaces. If an oven is also needed, it can be placed separately at the countertop level (mounted in one of the work cabinets).

Glass ceramics in priority

When choosing a hob, it is better to prefer models with a glass-ceramic coating. It is much easier to take care of such stoves, regardless of the technology of their operation: even complex carbon deposits are removed without a trace using special scrapers and detergents. In addition, the advantages of glass ceramics include:

IMPORTANT: make sure that the hob has an auto-off mode when it overheats and the possibility of self-shutdown if the dishes are removed from it.

Happy search for the most convenient hob!


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