How to choose protective cover for your phone

How to choose protective cover for your phone


2021-01-14 08:45:00

It is better to choose films and glass to protect the screen based on the model of your smartphone, as each has its own differences in design. If you need to protect your phone from dirt and accidental scratches, you can safely buy the film.

Glossy models do not affect color reproduction, but they show fingerprints and small scratches. Matte does not reflect defects in daylight, but due to its texture can distort color reproduction. A good option is a combined film that combines the best properties of glossy and matte.

Models with additional features are very popular today. For example, the mirror film has a special coating, thanks to which the screen of the smartphone when turned off can be used as a mirror.

Antibacterial film boasts of its antiseptic properties, but they are usually short-lived.

Antispyware is a combo option that can hide information on the screen. Protective glasses are selected on the same principle as films, and are classified by the method of gluing: on the entire surface, on the edges, applying glue in any order.

Also, special attention should be paid to the shape of the glass, which can be rounded or straight. The first type repeats the shape of the screen well, has curved edges. The second type can protrude beyond curved displays, which increases the risk of touching or damaging them.
The choice of the protective coating of the smartphone is influenced not only by the features of its model, but also by the operating conditions and additional accessories. In some cases, the glass or film must be combined with the cover for maximum protection against damage. Focus on your needs and choose quality and durable accessories that will save your device and significantly extend its life.


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