How to choose pulse oximeter

How to choose pulse oximeter?


2020-11-13 05:45:00

The number of patients with COVID-19 is growing every day, and more and more often doctors advise to use a pulse oximeter during the disease. What is this device, how it works, what will help and what parameters are important to pay attention to when choosing - we tell in our material.

Pulse oximeter - a special sensor similar to a clothespin. It is put on the index finger and after 10-20 seconds of measurements shows the level of oxygen in the blood and pulse, allowing to determine the level of respiratory failure.

If you are ill and COVID-19 is suspected, or the disease is confirmed, this device will help monitor the condition and understand when to seek medical attention.

The pulse oximeter shows the level of oxygen in the blood as "SpO2". Normally, a person should have at least 95-94%.

But the coronavirus affects the lung tissue, so the transfer of oxygen from the air into the blood is disrupted, and the saturation rate is reduced.

If during several measurements the pulse oximeter shows data less than 94% - it is necessary to address for consultation to the doctor.

But the pulse oxmeter will help not to panic once again during illness. Cough, weakness and shortness of breath are not necessarily symptoms of severe lung damage.

Important parameters for choosing a pulse oximeter

When choosing a pulse oximeter, pay attention to important parameters:

  1. ֍ Comfort of use. The latch of the device should not press, squeeze, cause pain.
  2. ֍ Measurement speed. It is good if the pulse oximeter turns on quickly and the measurements are ready in 10-15 seconds. This is especially useful if you use it for children.
  3. ֍ Visibility of data on the screen. The display of the device should be bright, contrasting, with good resolution, so that the indicators are visible clearly and clearly. LED and OLED displays are most often used in devices.
  4. ֍ Saturation level. When buying, note that not all devices show saturation from 100 to 0%. In some models, readings below 70% are not normalized and will not be accurate, even if they are displayed on the screen, in some indicators range from 35-99%.
  5. ֍ Easy to operate. Convenient if the pulse oximeter is controlled by one button. If the device not only measures the amount of oxygen in the blood and heart rate, but also performs additional functions, there may be several buttons.

Most on the market pulse oximeters for adults, but there are also models for children, which include a special sensitive sensor, sometimes it is fixed on the foot.


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