How to choose thermos

How to choose thermos?


2020-10-09 08:30:00

The thermos is useful at home and at work, for a walk in the park and at a picnic by the fire, during a long journey behind the wheel and so as not to freeze at the bus stop. What kind of thermoses are, what is important to pay attention to when choosing and what secrets will help to check the quality of a thermos - we will tell in our material.

Choosing the type of thermos

A classic thermos is a steel cylinder, usually with a polished metal finish, coated with a non-slip polymer or paint. At the top of the thermos, there is a cork and a glass.

The main feature of the classic thermos is in its design. A flask is installed inside the model, into which liquid is poured, and air is evacuated between the flask and the inner surface of the body and a vacuum heat insulator is created.

There are many interesting secrets and nuances inside the thermos. For example, the smaller the hole for the plug, the slower the liquid in the thermos will cool down.

Therefore, it is better to choose a thermos with a key stopper, where you can open only a small gap in order to pour liquid from a thermos into a cup or glass. And while filling the thermos, this plug can be unscrewed and removed completely.

Thermoses for children


Children's thermoses - small, up to 0.5 liters, models of bright colors in the drawings of your favorite cartoon characters. Choose children's thermoses with a steel flask - so as not to break if it falls, and with a wide neck. It is great if the model has handles to make it easier for the child to hold it. The handles can be attached both to the thermos itself and to the cover.

The food thermos has a large lid through which it is convenient to take out food with a spoon or fork. Such models are not necessarily cylindrical - rectangular are often found, often additional containers are included in the kit.

A thermos for food does not retain heat as well as a classic one - often inside it, instead of vacuum insulation, a heat-insulating gasket made of a porous material - foam or foam rubber - is installed.

It retains heat well, but in such a thermos container, food remains hot for 1-5 hours, and not 10-12 hours, as in a classic thermos for liquid.

Thermo mug

Thermo mug is a popular autumn-winter solution, compact (0.5-0.7 l), convenient, always at hand.

Thermo mugs are double-walled with a vacuum between them, like in classic thermoses, or with an insulating pad, like in most food thermoses. The outer side is metal or polymer coating, similar to rubberized plastic.

The liquid in the thermo mug remains hot enough for 2-4 hours - quite enough for a car enthusiast on the road, at evening gatherings near the fire, or just at work in the office from morning to lunchtime.

When choosing a thermo mug, pay attention to its lid. The simplest solution is a lid with a hole that is closed by a sliding panel. But this option is not airtight, if the mug tilts or falls, the drink can leak out.

It is better to buy models with a lid with a hinged "door" and a spout in the form of a hook for holding onto the edges of the mug.

Smart cups

Smart cups are a great gift for a gadget lover and a person who cares about their health. Such models do not just keep the temperature of the drink. Using Bluetooth, the smart cup synchronizes with the smartphone, calculates the amount of water required per day, the amount of liquid already drunk, its temperature, and also reminds you to drink another portion of water.

Thermo bottle is a convenient solution for walking and for every day. Such models are small, with a volume of 0.5 liters, with a sealed cap on the neck, which is easy to screw on. Made of stainless steel, they keep not only heat, but also cold, if ice cubes are added to the bottle with the drink.

Pump thermoses have a special spout lid and a key, when pressed, the pump pumps out a portion of the liquid from the thermos and delivers it to the spout to pour into the cup.

It is convenient - no unnecessary manipulations, just one press of the button. But the spout lid is not as tight as the usual one: it has many slots through which liquid can drip, heat can escape, and over time, when the connections dry out, leaks will appear.


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