How to choose tripod for smartphone

How to choose tripod for smartphone


2020-09-07 05:45:00

Smartphone cameras today offer a fairly high image quality when creating photos and videos. However, often an interesting angle or frame can not be obtained because the smartphone is in the hands of the user. A tripod will help to shoot with new angles and in unusual circumstances. By installing a smartphone in this accessory, you can get the best selfies and group photos, photos with long exposure, improve the quality of video broadcasts, etc. Next, we prepare a list of features of the tripod, which should be considered when choosing.

The purpose of buying a tripod

First of all, you need to determine what type of photos or videos you will take, in what conditions, etc. Also think about how often you plan to use the tripod. If you want to take mostly photos, and the smartphone will be placed on flat surfaces, you can limit yourself to a mini-tripod. It is well suited for shooting in rooms where there are many surfaces of different heights: floor, tables, chairs, shelves, etc. For shooting in nature, a mini-tripod will not be so convenient, as it will be difficult to find a reliable surface for its placement. But with a full-size tripod, you can easily set the desired height of the smartphone.

Also, such tripods may have spikes or hinged supports, which simplify the attachment of the tripod on the slopes and on the ground of different types. Flexible tripods, also called octopus tripods, will allow you to get cool shots in places where there is no surface for mounting a tripod. They have flexible supports that can be literally tied around a pole, branch, pipe, etc.

Maximum and minimum height

One of the most important parameters of the tripod is the maximum and minimum lifting height. This factor determines the angles and type of content that can be made on this tripod. For example, to conduct video streaming, the tripod must provide a height of 15-25 cm from the surface of the table on which the smartphone will stand. Taking a portrait outdoors will require a tripod that can raise your smartphone to face level.


Sometimes in search of a good location for shooting you have to cover considerable distances, and the weight of the tripod becomes important. However, if you need a tripod for shooting at home and you do not plan to take it with you on vacation, this option can be ignored.

Also look at the materials of the tripod, because it directly affects the weight. For example, carbon fiber tripods are light and strong, but expensive. Ordinary plastic tripods are cheaper, but their parts can be thicker and therefore heavier to provide the required strength.

Tripod head

The most important part of any tripod can be called its head, because it is responsible for securely attaching the smartphone to the legs of the tripod, limits the possible angles and angles, supports the installation of additional accessories, and more.


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