How to make your home energy efficient

How to make your home energy efficient


2020-11-29 09:15:00

Energy efficiency of housing is the basis of economic content. Especially in our climatic conditions, where in summer the temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius, and in winter it drops to similar values ​​with a minus sign. Loss of heat or cold in the house entails overruns, hence additional financial costs.

To reduce the consumption of expensive resources, you need to take care of several important elements of energy conservation and savings. We propose to get acquainted in more detail with some life hacks from this plane.

Energy efficient home

One of the main expenses in a private house is electricity. Unlike a city apartment, there is usually much more auxiliary equipment in the house, which is powered from the mains. Therefore, you need to look for effective ways of saving that will not affect the quality of life.

Experts suggest using solar panels as an additional source of free electricity. Today, this alternative energy option has become affordable and the investment in a small power plant is well paid off in the first 10 years of use.

According to experts, installing solar panels requires:

“You can even switch entirely to solar power if you design a system with the right capacity. The service life of the panels is 25 years, so the investment will definitely save you a lot, ”say the experts.

Gas boiler

The second important system on which savings depend is heating. In private homes today, most often there is a small gas boiler that receives heat from the combustion of natural gas. The cost of maintaining the house in winter depends on how effectively this process goes.


And, of course, the basis of energy efficiency and profitable house maintenance is insulation. For thermal insulation of walls, experts recommend using a reliable mineral insulation with a thickness of at least 10 cm.Its advantages are obvious:

Experts are convinced that in order to reduce heat loss through windows, it is necessary to use double-glazed windows with a special filling and reflective ultraviolet spraying. To prevent condensation from falling on the glasses, you need to choose double-glazed windows.

It is quite possible to achieve economical home maintenance using modern technologies. At the same time, having once invested in energy efficiency, you can receive dividends from this investment for many decades to come. Choose wisely!


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