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AssetShot (scam?) forex broker experts: types of fraud and how to protect yourself


2021-06-02 12:54:00

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How to recognize financial fraud traps? How to protect your data and money? AssetShot scam detection expert shares some tips. scam check: Fraudsters often pose as bank representatives. They create imaginary tension, informing that a suspicious transfer is being made from the account - the money is in danger.

Scammers can also lie about winning a lottery or contest on social networks, invite you to take part in a charity campaign, advertise various miracles

How to recognize them? AssetShot scam check

1 Persistently request access to the bank, codes and electronic signature data.

2 Aggressively frighten and rush, use psychological methods, feeling for the weak points of a person.

3 Make suspicious offers.

4 Fake phone numbers to make it look like they're calling from a bank or broker.

E-MAIL, SMS - AssetShot scam detection

Fraudsters pose as representatives of well-known banks and various service companies. The messages usually ask you to open a web link, update your data and verify your identity.

They can also report an allegedly won prize in a competition on social networks. A common trick is to send an invoice - with a recognizable logo or a very similar name of the company - for a popular service, the payment for which must be made to the fraudsters' account.


1 Fake address. The real site address can be seen by hovering over <address>.

2 Suspicious internet link. Before clicking on it, hover over and see the real name of the site.

3 Insistence on granting access to Internet Banking.

4 Incompatible text, often with errors.

5 Suspicious offers are made.



1 Requires a bank password, or other personal data for other purposes than profile verification

2 Promise zero risk and huge profits with no trading details or even mentions of assets.

3 Aggressively frighten and rush, use psychological methods, feeling for the weak points of a person.


Fake bank or online store address

Fraudsters create a duplicate page of an online bank or online store. It usually looks a lot like the original. Some letter or symbol may be changed in the fake address. Fake websites often have pop-up windows that require data entry. Neither banks nor online stores use such windows.


Online shopping scams

Fraud through the services provided by various online stores. The money was paid, but the product or service received does not match what was promised or is not delivered at all. In the worst case, you not only lose the money you paid, but fraudulent sellers receive your data to use it for other illegal activities.

Forging invoices

Fraudsters intercept e-mails sent by businesses with invoices, leave the name of the company but indicate their bank account. Fraudsters may ask to change the data on the invoices and provide their new numbers. All requests to replace the account number must be carefully checked!

Romantic fraud

Scammers look for victims on online dating sites, on social networks, or in email communications. They seek to extract financial data and access a bank account or a trader account, ask for photographs of erotic content, and later they are blackmailed.

They use a fictitious name and other people's photographs. Therefore, it is worth checking the profile photo through a search engine to make sure that it does not appear on the website under a different name.

Tricks of fraudsters looking for your accesses

1. They address by name and assure that they care about your safety and/or that you are a winner of some special event you didn’t even know about.

2. The principle of multiple confirmations is used, i.e. they ask questions to which you answer in the affirmative, so you’re psychologically ready to say “yes” to their next request.

3. Knock the ground out from under your feet: "100 thousand dollars were debited from your account", "You won a million", "Brad Pitt wants to talk to you."


How to resist: scam detection tips

1. Interrupt the call and contact the bank/broker yourself by calling the office phone number of the organization.

2. Answer with a question to the question: "From which bank\broker are you calling?", "From which city?".

3. Build your money protection literacy. Fraudsters often change scam schemes, you should learn to recognize them.

How to cope with emotions if the money is still stolen?

1. Emotions must find a way out, stress must be endured, give yourself time to recover.

2. Be sure to contact the police.

3. Tell loved ones about what happened to warn them.

4. In a calm atmosphere, analyze the situation, what tricks you are led to and how to resist them in the future.


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  1. guest review Booker Donald 16.06.2021
    When I opened an account with a AssetShot broker, I generally liked everything. Only surprised the choice of the terminal. In fact, MT has also a successful fifth version. Nevermind. Overall satisfied. The minimum deposit is 250 bucks. For intraday there is everything you need: static low spreads, excellent execution speed, quotes are not raised. Operational withdrawal to the card and no commission. Broker keeps his word and the conditions do not change. I trade only currency today. Comfortable explanatory support, always helps with advice.
    1. guest review Reeves Aron 23.06.2021
      Good broker, I have been working with AssetShot for three months now. Everything is there for successful trading, meets all trading requirements. The operation of the MetaTrader 4 terminal is quite operational, there were no complaints about the speed and clarity of execution, no lags and failures. Conditions also completely suit me. Already a couple of times withdrew, the money went to the card within a couple of hours. For a while, I had to get used to the MetaTrader 4 platform. The system seemed too complicated and heaped. Managers of technical support gave a reference to the guidance. I had to download the manual, study and understand. With the rest everything was easy. I found out that the platform can be wound up as you please, put into full automation mode, run the trading bots and go for a walk, for example.
      1. guest review Warren Thomas 09.07.2021
        For three years of dealing with forex, I never ventured to mess with new names on the market. Now I just decided to take a closer look at who is worth investing for the future. Discovered several new companies, including a broker AssetShot. Decent option. Very competent support, MetaTrader 4 platform. It is also possible for beginners to find their place under the sun, and experienced traders have something to do. Working moments are so adjusted to the smallest detail, here it smells of exchange business experts. Everything works stably, transparently, without jambs and failures. Excellent execution, this is important.
        1. guest review Fletcher Maurice 21.07.2021
          Opened an account in December at AssetShot on starting tariff. I clearly see a promising product, with all the prerequisites for further development and progress. Successful analytics, fast execution, system resilience to the external market. Normal place to earn for bread with butter and caviar. I plan in a month to rise to the next level for $ 2,000. There are no commissions for deposit / withdrawal, slippage is minimal, there are requotes, communication breaks have not happened. In general, I like everything. Nothing irritating and annoying. Once the phone hung with a running application. I understood the problem as the need to buy a new pipe. In the end not every phone can support so many RAM.
          1. guest review Burke Kenneth 26.07.2021
            I registered with AssetShot when someone told about the simplicity of all procedures with this broker. Even it became interesting, is it possible to open an account in a few minutes. And so it happened. Documentary confirmation of the account must take place right before the first withdrawal. And till that, trade as you want. At least six months, until you get used to everything. The longest I've been installing the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Immediately put on all the working gadgets in the house. Great, when you have your mobile app, you can trade from a cafe or on a trip. I am satisfied with the conditions, nothing special, everything is just stable and calm.
            1. guest review Dorsey Alban 11.08.2021
              In Chelyabinsk Assetshote, training was trained. In general, I liked it. The level is not bad, and the books with the films have been taught a lot. But I want to continue the study of the subject. Advise what else to read.
              1. guest review Ryan Joshua 21.08.2021
                There are no swaps in modern? There are negative swaps in both directions, moreover awesome! Read carefully, balalaretics!
                1. guest review Brooks Oliver 23.08.2021
                  Competition is normal. I generally do not like competitions lasting per week, but I love long-term long distances like this. Therefore I decided to participate.
                  1. guest review Maxwell Lester 24.08.2021
                    I also liked them9. A very clear platform, specially with learning for beginners in the form of pop-up prompts.
                    1. guest review Parrish Aldous 30.08.2021
                      Without problems brought 20,000 dollars
                      1. guest review Bridges Charles 03.09.2021
                        I still feel that I watch what happens in the movie or something. I started trading three weeks ago, not took up a demo account and filled bronze. I already had a demo with another company, and the worst was the lack of a feel for real trade. This time I invest my money, so I have to be more careful, and that makes sense. And yet it is hard to believe if I look at my first deserved euro.
                        1. guest review Lucas John 07.09.2021
                          I wanted to try to work as a dealer, did not hurry to seek information on the internet, and have simply drowned in charts and details. That's why I would like to thank the company for the help of training, otherwise I do not know where to start. Spreads — are my second favorite thing to act here.
                          1. guest review Strickland Rudolf 08.09.2021
                            I do not even remember the last time when I saw such concepts for traders. Normally, I just want to act and do not think about additional commissions. It's nice to know that it is possible somewhere, especially in the company, with which I work now.
                            1. guest review Boone Ethan 20.09.2021
                              I work in the financial sector, trade is my hobby. I have been working at assetshot for seven months and wants to highlight the professionalism of his employees. I accidentally met advisers of other companies that could not even answer quite simple questions, and I am glad that I communicate here with people who understand my language.
                              1. guest review Stanley Britton 28.09.2021
                                Very good conditions, especially for metals and energy. In order to be honest, I can still not risk the few situations with his encapsculations, to return to the oil, but at least I can open positions in silver, gold and other secure assets. When I talked about the company's services, the company's support has helped me a lot in recent months.
                                1. guest review Powers Jeremy 02.10.2021
                                  About the shareholders of the assetshot one can only say one thing: they can definitely advertise for themselves. After reading some information about this company, I think. that I have given you an attempt.
                                  1. guest review Baldwin Ethan 08.10.2021
                                    Wuuuhuuuuu, I'm a dealer now! I received my first profits thanks assetshot! Will write more prolonged broker reviews, people continue so, they are great!
                                    1. guest review Spencer Paul 14.10.2021
                                      What should I say, this is a classic good broker to the point. You have all the necessary properties and work hard to fix each error you could discover during your operation. Would definitely recommend.
                                      1. guest review Glenn Joseph 15.10.2021
                                        An excellent broker! I am glad to see that they have greatly improved since I saw them for the first time. At the moment I work with another broker, but this company looks really interesting and I could consider soon to change.
                                        1. guest review Wright Robert 21.10.2021
                                          No broker I've ever worked with, has all my needs fulfilled as traders, and assetshot is no exception. They have their advantages and disadvantages like everyone else. If you try it, you may have other experiences, who knows.