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Trading in the financial markets always starts with registering a user and creating an account. The process is very simple. First, the trader must decide whether he wants to trade with real money or in demo mode.

In the financial market, brokers such as InvestingViews Forex broker are companies that buy or sell financial assets on behalf of their clients, which can be both individuals and companies. As a representative of their client, a broker such as InvestingViews broker is obliged to use the best instruments and asset prices.

InvestingViews broker advises: what did you hear about the broker?

If there is no stability in the financial markets, brokers can become the valuable source of news. Keeping calm at the moments of market volatility is a key broker skill.

InvestingViews broker tip: essential information about brokers

Brokers like InvestingViews Forex Broker look for the best deals for clients. Some brokers only follow their clients' directions for the best price available. Others also advise the client on investment issues, offering them potentially profitable financial activities. But still all the decisions belong to client himself, since he has all the responsibility for his actions and his trading account as well.

For decent companies, the interests of customers are always above their own.

 InvestingViews broker guide: how to create an account

With a good company, creating a trading account is simple and intuitive. Still, it may be a problem for a novice trader to understand the registration procedure.

Sometimes a good option is to start working with training, and, consequently, with the demo mode. Most likely, the first money invested by a beginner on a real account will be lost, or at least will not bring income quickly. You need to acquire the necessary trading skills and make them grow before trading on a live platform. This can take a long time. But a personal manager on a broker’s side can help to make this process much faster. How much? Everything differs depending on the individual capabilities of a person, the objective situation on the market, and the specifics of cooperation with this particular broker.

Regarding the registration of InvestingViews broker, after choosing account type, you need to fill out a questionnaire, indicating your data.

You need an email address and a password to create your account. Well, full name, country and other non-trade data is necessary as well. Registering an account doesn’t differ from creating a profile on other sites. As a rule, at this stage, the broker does not need a lot of data.

But for verification of your account, you must also provide your financial information, IDs and more details like billing address. Some dealing centers also ask you to indicate the source of income, tax jurisdiction and several other data.

What you need to register InvestingViews Forex account:

The first step is verification. The trader needs to send the InvestingViews Forex broker a photo of an identity document (usually a passport), as well as a photo showing your place of residence (you can use a scan or an account photo as this paper). And, of course, you need to send a photo of your credit card (all secret information can be hidden either with a sheet or with your fingers).

InvestingViews broker advises: how to choose a broker with good client service?

Let's take a closer look at the “trader support” criterion. It can be both purely informational (for example, the daily publication of news on the world currency market) and technical, because you are a client of the system.

But how do you choose a customer-focused broker? It's simple: pretend you have navigation problems and get support. Prompt and reasonable assistance is a sign of the reliability of the system.

That's it, after that InvestingViews Forex broker is glad to see you among its traderes. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this process. You can check any of the available account types, depending on your investment plans, and start getting profit. In general, the registration procedure for all accounts is similar, it is important to choose the most suitable option for you.


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  1. guest review May Jack 01.08.2021
    My career in the trade has just started and I already see some really good results from working with InvestingViews. The only regret that I have is that I did not come into contact with them earlier. This is a good broker.
    1. guest review Fleming Oliver 09.08.2021
      InvestingViews all the way! That's what you call a broker!
      1. guest review Barber Peter 12.08.2021
        You talk sooo a lot about broker… Do not you know that it is not really important with which broker you work when you're vetsteh what you do? You have to be smart yourself, that's the trick. In your place I would say — does not matter if you work with InvestingViews or another broker…
        1. guest review Willis William 15.08.2021
          Hi how are you? I am here to get some data about InvestingViews (because I have searched for a broker and heard of that). So if you have some, it would be really nice of them to share them.
          1. guest review Adams Peter 18.08.2021
            Hello people, I had a question about brokers… is there a specific formula to calculate which amount of money they get safely when they act? I heard that it is not really predictable, but there must be a way, right? I will work with InvestingViews and wants to get to know my job better…
            1. guest review Robbins Joseph 19.08.2021
              I never thought trading can be so interesting and profitable before I started working with InvestingViews. At the moment I do not even think about going back into an office.
              1. guest review Bryant Douglas 06.09.2021
                How are you? I asked me if someone can share information about the investingviews. I need a broker and just think about it to try with them, but first I would like to know some opinions of people who actually worked with them.
                1. guest review Baldwin Frank 15.09.2021
                  The best thing about investingviews would be their versatility for me. I mean, they are in all aspects of the conditions until customer service as a whole decent. What can you still want from a broker?
                  1. guest review Dalton Joshua 18.09.2021
                    Why am I staying at the investingviews? Good, why not? You have everything and make your job best! It's easy for me.
                    1. guest review Rodgers Luke 18.09.2021
                      I have not worked with investingviews yet, but their promises look interesting. Does anyone have any experiences with these guys? I would really like to have solid information about you.
                      1. guest review Murphy Kelley 21.09.2021
                        Yes, if you think about choosing a broker, you could consider investingviews. I have never worked with them, but at least they have been on the market for some time and that means they are at least decent.
                        1. guest review Bryan Robert 21.09.2021
                          I do not know much about the trade, but I like the style of investingviews representatives who have contacted me earlier — polite, firm and respectful. I have no idea how you actually behave in the trade area, but that was nice.