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2021-08-04 16:02:00

InvestingViews forex

InvestingViews scam

InvestingViews is a new interesting brokerage company. The official website has a clear and user-friendly interface. Clear conditions, documents and trading instruments are also provided. Brokers also provide apps for phones and tablets. We tried to figure out what kind of broker InvestingViews is in a complete review

InvestingViews Forex broker claims to guarantee the safety of traders. For this, company uses special protected servers and takes a number of security measures that provide safety of trading processes and information storage.

InvestingViews broker review - what kind of information is available for clients about this broker?

On the official website, we learn that the office is located in St.Vincent and Grenadines. The legal address of the company is published on every page.
The broker is controlled by local regulators. InvestingViews has also posted all required legal and security documents on the site.

How to register on the official website? reviews

The registration process is straightforward. You just fill out the form, indicating the required data. And after a while, you will choose the type of account you need and undergo additional verification.

InvestingViews Scam Protection - Why Verification Is Needed

On reviews  scam avoiding procedures include full verification process. This is required for an anti-money laundering program and for account validation which guarantees safety of your funds.

New clients must provide copies of their passports or identity documents and a copy indicating their place of residence.

What about account types?

Minimum deposit





Floating from 2.8 pips

Minimum spread


Minimum lot




Trust management


Trading terminal

Meta trader4




50 currency pairs,

45+ CFD

Account currency



No commission for all accounts

InvestingViews reviews broker account types overview:

The broker has 4 types of accounts:

InvestingViews Review: What Traders Have To Say

When writing this review, we studied many comments about the InvestingViews broker on special resources and social networks. Let's check them:

InvestingViews has convinced me that a good broker can be friendly. I received a lot of valuable advice and guidance. Support team is great. Highly recommend.

Don't forget that you can achieve cool results only with a good broker. Before I started working with InvestingViews broker, I had a real mess, and now I feel quite comfortable in the world of trading. 

I have long tried to weed out the real facts about the broker from the marketing gimmicks. InvestingViews looks pretty trustworthy. I'd rather work with them than bet my money on some dubious type. But of course, it's up to you to decide

As a fairly successful trader, I want you guys to avoid the classic beginner mistakes that everyone makes; First of all, find yourself a good broker. InvestingViews broker is great. And then deal with everything else.

The longer I have been trading, the more I understand that brokers are, of course, useful, and InvestingViews in particular. But they cannot do everything for you, you have to be smart and resourceful on your own, otherwise, you will simply lose all your money. Therefore, first of all, you need to think with your head.


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  1. guest review Carter John 01.08.2021
    If we vote on this broker, I will definitely «Ay». These people have become a major reason why I am a successful trader now and I think it's time to reciprocate the favor. If someone reads this: The pleasure was completely mine.
    1. guest review Cox Anthony 03.08.2021
      I can not stop asking me how fast the market situation can change during a single day. This broker always helps me to stay over water, no matter how siuation is.
      1. guest review Clark Leslie 08.08.2021
        I start to worry about whether I could start trading activity… it seems to be interesting and I could really use some side income sources. The question is, with whom I work together, I mean brokers; Already a while looked at InvestingViews. What about you?
        1. guest review Peters George 12.08.2021
          Sooo, my cooperation with InvestingViews would take about four months now… what should I say, these people are decent, but I have not seen big gains yet.
          1. guest review Rodgers Randell 25.08.2021
            Your conditions for the cooperation are ok (I speak of InvestingViews), but there is room for some serious improvements.
            1. guest review Tate Joseph 30.08.2021
              Almost every kind of account you have is checked. Now to gold. It has the most profitable spreads, especially for scalping, and the company allows scalping, which is the best option for me.
              1. guest review Quinn Egbert 02.09.2021
                Mass brokers have avoided my attention before I was ready to invest serious money in trade. After that, the search for a good broker has become a decisive goal of my career. After about three weeks of the search, this company became my broker and I intend to keep it that way.
                1. guest review Merritt Grant 10.09.2021
                  If you understand what you should do as a dealer, this company will be really profitable for you. Remember that your success or failure (mostly) lies with you and not with your broker. If you are competent enough, these guys will simply cut off great
                  1. guest review Henderson Anthony 11.09.2021
                    I imagine that many brokers get out of business this year due to the marketnot. Do not think that investingviews will be among them, they hold their positions pretty much.
                    1. guest review Whitehead Julius 24.09.2021
                      People of investingviews have really good deposit requirements, but I am a bit confused about the profit level I will achieve with it. Low investments mean low profits, right?
                      1. guest review Malone Chester 30.09.2021
                        Good characteristics. Like her.
                        1. guest review Tyler Mark 01.10.2021
                          investingviews Please enhance your support routine, I want to demand you. I was all like «yes, let us do it" and was then substantially laid on ice for half a day. I understand that you have to be busy, but I am also a customer, and I urge attention. I mean, well honestly, it's like you do not need my money or positive broker review.
                          1. guest review Bradford Ronald 14.10.2021
                            I have recently come to trading and thought about investingviews. I have not checked the broker reviews. I just wanted to search for a nice platform anyway. I can not say that I was disappointed, but I did not feel too enthusiastic about you. Support is so-so, the terms are average, their tendency to keep themselves on the metatrader — is meeeh. If you ask me if I would recommend you… Well, you can try it.
                            1. guest review Hunter Paul 17.10.2021
                              I'm not a senior trader yet, but a friend of mine who is professional in this area has read some broker reviews and told me that investingviews seems okay. I will try you, I think.
                              1. guest review Harper David 19.10.2021
                                The work with investingviews can be a good idea in the beginning, but you really need to expand your knowledge to make a conscious selection.
                                1. guest review Kelly John 19.10.2021
                                  Would I contact investingviews if I would need an answer to the global questions about humanity, world, time and space? Probably not. And if I had to be recognized with the trade market. Probably yes.
                                  1. guest review Doyle Alfred 21.10.2021
                                    Do you know this feeling when you wake up on a nice day, open your window, the air smells and suddenly this feeling… wait… Wait, what is it? Is it perhaps the feeling of great profits you just achieved with investingviews? You are damn right!
                                    1. guest review Johnston Richard 21.10.2021
                                      Has been working together with investingviews for some time and am quite happy about the results. Could be a bit more, but they are pretty good. For those who still have doubts — they should try to find it out
                                      1. guest review Turner Shanon 24.10.2021
                                        I exchange for a hobby. It brings you some character and discipline. But some people deserve real money here.
                                        1. guest review Manning Jerome 04.11.2021
                                          I've seen many brokers who have started great with great starting conditions and similar things… The difficult part is to maintain this attitude in the long term when they stand against real challenges. This brokerage company creates exactly that in my opinion.
                                          1. guest review Robinson Lester 16.11.2021
                                            I have a long customer for this broker and can assure you that I do not intend to change soon. They cover all my needs, especially the main needs — good profitability.
                                            1. guest review Ramsey Anthony 19.11.2021
                                              It is great to see that these people are still in business. I am no longer on the merchant market for a while, you know family matters. I'm planning just my big return and hope that this broker is back for me.
                                              1. guest review Warren Edward 24.11.2021
                                                This company still uses only MetaTrader 4… I wonder why. More important, however, is that you can do it to keep your spreads really low, and it exceeds your choice of terminal. I do not care which platform I should use when I get my money in the end.
                                                1. guest review Parrish Damian 05.12.2021
                                                  Reliable brokers and support service. You can rely on their skills and services. Good broker. Fast and responsive customer service. I have never had unsolved problems. They immediately engage in my trade needs.
                                                  1. guest review Potter Peter 14.12.2021
                                                    Good and reliable service. They professionally belong to me. The signals are profitable, and best of all you can rely on their services.
                                                    1. guest review Fisher Lesley 17.12.2021
                                                      I am trade assets Forex with this broker. Their trading platform is really good. I can say thousands of words that it is very convenient and functionally, but I like most of all the fact that there are multipliers. This is a credit shoulder that can be selected for each transaction.
                                                      1. guest review Newton Christopher 22.12.2021
                                                        I spent a lot of time to try out the demo account, and then trading with a minimum deposit, the broker seemed good to me, so I continued to trade. I have never disappointed me, this is a great place for traders.