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2021-08-08 16:06:00

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There are several possible scenarios for getting your mail hacked. These methods are not meant to be a guide, they are named by InvestingViews scam security experts as a part of their training for company clients. And since it can happen anywhere, you need to understand, that you always can protect yourself - remember this.

Analytics of scam detection: what is phishing

This is the most common method of hacking not only mail but also your private and trading accounts. Fraudster doesn't even need to be a specialist to create a phishing page - that's why this method is popular.

Phishing purpose is to get a username and password from your mail. This usually happens as follows:

You can easily protect your data against this, but for some reason rarely someone uses these tips. As mentioned by experts of scam can be easily prevented:

Please note that protection against phishing is simple, the main thing is to be careful and attentive. Although in some cases hackers create very similar phishing sites, they can still be recognized.

As we were told by security experts of InvestingViews scam can be avoided even if scammers are collecting information and brute-force a password

Perhaps this is not exactly a "hacker" method, but very often this method is used to hack mail. It is the second most popular after phishing. scam detection tips: don’t leave too much personal info online.

Scammers receive all available information: social networks profiles, full name, phone number, date of birth, information about relatives, pets, etc.; this data is used to guess the password.

InvestingViews scam check advice: On the one hand, it can seem ridiculous and unrealistic. But do you know what the most popular password for 2021 is? The most popular password is “123456”, the second most popular is “qwerty”, and the third is the date of birth, either of one's own or the relatives.

That is why this hacking method is the second most popular - the user needs to choose the appropriate password but sometimes just skips this step and fill in something easy-to-remember. Therefore, the only way to protect you is to come up with complex passwords for both mail and other sites. And most importantly, they must be different; we'll explain why below. scam check: what are hacking websites?

Are you registered not only in social networks and in mail service? As a rule, a modern user is registered on dozens or even hundreds of sites.

It is not always possible to check the security quality of other sites. And this is actively used by hackers. The essence of this method:

Unfortunately, many customers are lazy to come up with different passwords for different resources. They believe that you can create one strong password and apply it everywhere. This is exactly what fraudsters use.

The main way to protect yourself is to come up with different logins and passwords for different resources. As insisted by the security team of scam can be detected easily. 

The attack may not always be directed at you. A hacker can simply hack into some resource, and your login information will be there.

There are many software programs with a simple purpose to “sort out” possible passwords to accounts. scam prevention tips are easy - use complex passwords, consisting not only of numbers, but also of latin letters, additional characters, etc., and such programs will brute-force the password for your account with no success. And, well, if you are using a simple, numeric-only password, then there is a chance of being hacked.


The email providers offer to link your phone to your account - be sure to use that. In this case, scammers could not enter your mailbox having only the username and password, you will also need your phone. And it's not that easy anymore.

To secure your mailbox and accounts, you just need to use the Internet more attentively and consciously. As InvestingViews specialists say, the main targets on the network are the users themselves, and personal contact is the most popular path to get their their mail accounts hacked.


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  1. guest review Day Peter 06.08.2021
    My winnings have risen a lot lately. I would like to say that this is all due to my excellent trade skills, but I feel that I owe this broker a big part of my success. They are really good to offer great opportunities.
    1. guest review Stevens Ethan 14.08.2021
      I do not want to kill the mood, but did not ever think that not all brokers are equal? They speak of they possess some magical powers on which we can not hope for ordinary mortals. Become real, most of them are students with the book of a 15-year-old nerd. Of course, there are some exceptions, InvestingViews or some other companies maybe, but you really need to take brokers from their podium.
      1. guest review Powell Richard 15.08.2021
        When I entered the trade world for the first time, I thought, Eeeh, does not know, but certainly not my brain, you could have written a book based on my mistakes. Good that I woke up and now work with a broker. No, not InvestingViews, but similar.
        1. guest review Webb Edwin 17.08.2021
          To be honest, foreign exchange trading is not too heavy, he is most of the time of psychological nature. The amount of specialist knowledge that you have to own is not great. We work with brokers like InvestingViews together, not because they know more, but because they can simplify the process.
          1. guest review Freeman Abraham 23.08.2021
            It's really sad to see how all these people make agents responsible for mistakes they made themselves. Come on, people, it's all with you. If you are smart, you can always work together with a decent broker like InvestingViews, just like me.
            1. guest review Newton Piers 30.08.2021
              The best sound for my ear around the world is the sound of your hard-deserved money, which is eventually accumulated in your account, that's safe. I have to thank InvestingViews for your efforts, a great job.
              1. guest review Cummings Edmund 02.09.2021
                I am interested in the product. Can anyone help me? Please send PM.
                1. guest review Garrison Paul 05.09.2021
                  Never buy yourself in the hype, most likely you will burn. Only one warning. I got a few coins from this broker last month, but could have got more
                  1. guest review Potter Harry 25.09.2021
                    I got a first amount concerned and thought about entering trade. So need a nice broker. Does anyone know something about people from investingviews? My friend recommended her, but I'm afraid I will be a bad judge in this matter.
                    1. guest review Carr Ferdinand 25.09.2021
                      investingviews is somewhere in the middle of a broker chart. They are ok, but they would have to work really hard to find something special on them. Nevertheless, I see many people who act with them, and that's a plus
                      1. guest review Robinson Jessie 26.09.2021
                        The experience of investingviews can be very different from dealers to dealers, but I do not believe that many people would assume them of the class. They are okay, that's it.
                        1. guest review Campbell Joshua 29.09.2021
                          This Covid thing really made me aware of the trade. I really consider the trade now as a serious option, as the traditional methods are in decline. Maybe I will hire some research on the investingviews to see what you can offer.
                          1. guest review Chambers Gilbert 02.10.2021
                            The only thing that annoys me at investingviews is the inability to provide a decent customer service. Well, maybe inability is a bit too strong word for it, but still you really have to rise.
                            1. guest review Hudson Williamя 03.10.2021
                              All people who request broker services would like to draw their attention to investingviews. These types look like one of the good options out there.
                              1. guest review Harrison Ethan 16.10.2021
                                I'm curious how the situation in the broker world develops from now on. My bet is that brokers like investingviews will eventually lead the wave, but at the moment it looks really unstable.
                                1. guest review Harrell Thomas 17.10.2021
                                  Admission to the trade world without understanding the basic economy is extremely short-sighted and naive. You would just lose your money, people, stay better at professionals. investingviews could be interesting if you are looking for something simple.
                                  1. guest review Cole Oliver 19.10.2021
                                    I have to ask me what really makes a successful broker. This boys of investingviews, for example — what is your trick?
                                    1. guest review Bradford Johnathan 11.11.2021
                                      A decent broker with many options for traders every level and financial situation. Yes that's her. Customer care specialists are really good in their roles and technical problems will never hinder their money.
                                      1. guest review Wilson Amos 18.11.2021
                                        I did not think I would like to work with this company, but it turned out that I was completely wrong. I sought someone who could surprise me after my last broker cooperation attempt (who was really bad) and discovered these guys. There are some shortcomings in your system, but the overall quality of services is enough to overcome them.
                                        1. guest review Floyd Richard 20.11.2021
                                          This broker has some excellent specialists who work for them. Every time we communicate, you will find something that matches my experience and my specific problem, and help me to solve it in no time. Wonderful guys.
                                          1. guest review Mason Charles 29.11.2021
                                            Slightly slowly with regard to withdrawal (but never more than 12 hours), but the sheer height of the gain that you can achieve with this broker, it turns this disadvantage easily. This company currently has the lowest spreads on the market.
                                            1. guest review Barrett Ethan 10.12.2021
                                              I have a positive trading experience with this company. I opened the MT4 account with market execution and traded gold, silver, main currency pairs and oil. Broker performs my orders very quickly and without a robust. As for the withdrawal of funds, I also have no problems. I get money on my credit card on time.
                                              1. guest review Chapman Oliver 12.12.2021
                                                Everything is really high quality and convenient. The trading process is really intuitive and passes smoothly. This is the best broker with whom I have traded so far. Really excellent quality of services, everything works without failures, the staff is really polite and professional.
                                                1. guest review Bell Mark 13.12.2021
                                                  Little slipping even with a large size of the lot. Services have always been effective. I really can trust this brokerage service and rely on it. Fund output is fast, profitable signals, and customer service is friendly.
                                                  1. guest review Kelly Darrell 14.12.2021
                                                    Good experience over the past six months. Smooth and fast withdrawal with stunning signals. Just a good broker, without significant minuses. Here everything is typically, so I can't even single out anything unusual. Most of all I like the rapid output of funds.