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What a new trader should know about trading? Forex experts give advice for successful trading


2022-01-25 10:54:00

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In this article, KeyTrending Forex experts will introduce you to the basic concepts of investing/trading in the financial markets.

But what knowledge should a trader have before starting trading and how to understand his readiness to trade?

About the profession of a trader

You can make money in the financial markets in a variety of ways:

All traders are engaged in speculative operations and make money on the difference between buying and selling trading assets. A wide variety of tools are used in trading:

KeyTrending forex broker: Trader training

To trade profitably and make money in the financial markets, you need to undergo preliminary training. Preparatory courses include compulsory "disciplines":

Terminology. Future traders learn the concepts necessary to make money. For example, what is margin, protective order, leverage, position hedging, pip, margin Call, flat, impulse.

Financial market patterns. Every beginner should learn how the exchanges work, and how trading takes place.

Fundamentals of money management. This section allows you to minimize financial risks and losses, correctly calculate lot volumes, future profit, and correctly distribute trading capital.

The psychology of trading allows you to understand what is happening on the market, in what state it is at the moment and to assume what may happen in the future, the goals of large players and the general mood of the market.

Forecasting market quotes. This parameter is one of the most basic in trading. It will depend on an accurate and correct forecast whether a person will be able to make money on the stock exchange or whether he will receive losses.

Self-discipline and psycho-emotional state of a trader. Every beginner must learn to control his emotions and accurately follow the checklist of the chosen trading strategy, which will avoid many mistakes.

Trading tools. In this section, a beginner with KeyTrending forex broker learns what and when technical indicators, trading signals, automated programs, graphical constructions are used in trading on the exchange. He will need not only to learn to understand on the basis of what algorithms they work, but also to use them correctly in trading.

Trading assets. Sooner or later, beginners are faced with a choice of trading instruments with which they will earn profits. All trading assets have differences and features that must be taken into account when choosing them.

Also, beginners learn trading techniques.

Trading strategies

The financial market is constantly in motion, but most of the time, and this is about 70%, it is defined in the consolidation zone. In a calm state, when there are no strong impulses and trends in the market, it is quite easy to predict quotes. The most difficult thing in trading with KeyTrending broker is to understand when the market will exit the flat and the movement will begin. It is during impulses that traders get the maximum profit, so it is very important to understand the state of the market and use an appropriate trading strategy.

Types of trading methods:

In addition, it is necessary to consider financial risks and Money Management:

The KeyTrending Forex experts remind: professionals do not advise beginners to use aggressive strategies, as they overload the deposit funds. Also, if they are incorrectly calculated and predicted the movement of market quotes, they can lead to both large losses and a margin call, that is, to a complete loss of the deposit.


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    Has anyone had a problem dialing a service? I waited over 10 minutes today. But then they answered me. Apparently, the operators are under heavy workload. There are no complaints about the quality of the consultation I received.
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      I really like having a trading app. I don't sit at the screen all day. And the mobile application allows me to follow the market situation anytime, anywhere.
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        Who wants to conclude profitable deals all the time — keytrending broker is definitely suitable for that. And for better efficiency, you need to explore all the available opportunities. For example, I still haven't figured out how to place some short bets…
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          There are only two nuances with withdrawals: you have to read and sign a lot. Second, you need to wait for the withdrawal of funds (max twelve hours). The withdrawal will take place without fail! You will receive your money, like me and other users.
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            There are many things here and most of them are creating a really positive view. I especially like how they treat their clients when clients have problems; the most polite and helpful support team I've seen in years. Gonna stay here for a while I guess.
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              I opened an account for a minimum amount, work with keytrending and make sure that the reviews about keytrending do not lie. So far, everything is standard. I work out a bonus, trading on currencies, on the news I caught a slip of 3 points in the old one. It was intentionally done, I wanted to look at their slipping. Better than expected.
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                Registration, installation and configuration of the terminal were quickly passed. Now I trade in the main pairs, the orders are established normally, there are slippers, but I have not seen large ones, but I try to refrain from trading during the release of important news. Who opens through the phone, normally execution, or not?
                1. guest review Foster Evan 16.04.2022
                  Proven broker. I trade from winter. The performance is stable, give forecasts, display on time. What else is needed from the broker? I have no reasons for complaints, I am tuned to trade further and, most likely, I will increase the deposit.
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                    The conclusion is fast, trading conditions are no worse than others. I trade currencies (different sessions, not only major couples), opened a couple of transactions on the epple, I want to try the crypt.
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                      Good day to everyone, I want to supplement the reviews about this broker. I have been trading for a long time, I started with currencies, now I switched to raw materials. I like spreads, and the fact that there are no commissions and payments come quickly. I am definitely sure for the start account, then the accounts that I are unlikely to check are already going on.