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2022-01-23 10:59:00

 KeyTrending broker

KeyTrending scam

KeyTrending can be categorized as new to the market. It has passed the test of time and confirmed its reliability, for the entire existence of the brand so there is not a single scandalous story. In terms of trading terms, the company is not inferior to the industry leaders.

The broker is suitable for both scalpers and fans of leisurely trading. Orders are executed very quickly, slippage is rare here.

The entry threshold is not high, so if you are still at the stage of choosing a broker, you can open a small live account here and try out the trading conditions. If you like it, deposit the balance of funds into your account and continue earning.

We decided to review the full service package for KeyTrending as an example.

The company has been operating on the market for a relatively short time, several years. But during this time she has already managed to earn a solid reputation.

When looking for information about a broker, KeyTrending reviews, which we have studied a lot. Regular customers appreciate the cooperation with the company very positively. They celebrate the high quality of the support service and the different types of accounts.

KeyTrending review of portfolio and account types

The site provides information on 4 types:

Broker KeyTrending - review

It was easy to find reviews about, we found many positive reviews about the company and its advantages. reviews about registration and account verification

To start trading:

The minimum amount for opening an account is $ 250, or the equivalent in any other liquid currency (US dollars, yen, Hong Kong dollars, etc.). For the convenience of the client, in the personal account the depo account can be easily converted into any currency at the FOREX rate. The contract is concluded remotely. You must register on the site, and then confirm your email address. Then, in order to pass authentication, the trader must send a copy of the passport and registration (registration, thus, goes through two documents). After checking this data, the client receives the requisites for replenishment.

 KeyTrending reviews say the broker is great for new traders reviews from customers:

“I couldn’t come up with any comments on the trade, everything is smooth and stable. So if you trade, then the broker is good. In my subjective opinion, everything works for them almost more stable than for all other brokers. For 3 months, not a single hang-up, no slippage.”

“I came here looking for a scalping broker. As for me, KeyTrending is just an ideal broker for scalpers, even very aggressive ones. Judging by the reviews, sometimes there are slippages, but I have been working for more than six months and have never encountered such a thing. Maybe you're lucky so far, but I think that 6 months of trouble-free work is a normal indicator "

“The service is of the highest level, I have been working with them for about two years. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The trading platform is no exception, everything is thought out in it too. It was a little scary to start because the deposit there is not at all small, but on the one hand, this is the case, since the bank is more aimed at clients from Europe. But in return, the client receives real quotes at market prices, and plus all the money is insured. "


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  1. guest review Little Anthony 06.02.2022
    Let's collect the most honest feedback here so that any trader can understand whether keytrending broker is right for him or not. For me, this is the best option on the market.
    1. guest review Flowers Peter 25.02.2022
      keytrending broker is on the list of my favorites. Since I am not a beginner, I do not need constant explanations and recommendations, I came to make money. There are all conditions for this. Who knows, he will understand me. Good luck!
      1. guest review Watts Augustus 26.03.2022
        Spreads are low here, but what about payouts? keytrending broker offers more favorable conditions. I would like to try.
        1. guest review Mills Brian 29.03.2022
          I confirm that it`s very convenient and profitable here. The spreads are really low. No extra markups. Strategies are not the most formulaic, but you will quickly figure it out in the process.
          1. guest review Johnston Hector 29.03.2022
            Is this already the tenth broker you are considering to start trading? Stop. Everything is clean here. See how many users are leaving good reviews. But of course, do your analysis!
            1. guest review Hawkins Simon 06.04.2022
              I don’t know how anyone, but I had a rather smooth relationship with them. The platform works fine. Slipping in the framework of reasonable even on the news, moreover, are in my direction. Conclusion of a profit without hinders and questions.
              1. guest review Sims Jeremy 06.04.2022
                The third Broker office with which I cooperate. Immediately checked the behavior of the broker at low liquid pairs, on the transfer of positions, in the trade in scalping, I checked the conclusion. I could not find anything that I could complain. In general, and I immediately paid attention to this, the keytrending has a fairly long withdrawal of funds and not low spreads, but in “stressful” situations, the broker shows itself perfectly.
                1. guest review Hicks Williamя 27.04.2022
                  keytrending They left a good impression to themselves. An impressive terminal, impeccable performance. Broker could have worked on trading conditions and better and would like the gap between the amounts of accounts to be reduced. But I see more pluses than the minuses and there is a perspective of growth.
                  1. guest review Griffin Clyde 29.04.2022
                    Definitely good company, trade conditions keytrending are excellent, the work of the terminal without interruptions. After registration, a bonus was accrued.
                    1. guest review Patterson Duane 30.04.2022
                      The terminal works gorgeous, there are no failures or brakes, the delays are minimal. The bonus was accrued at the expense, the company's analyst contacted me. Maybe I'm still in pink glasses, but the impressions of keytrending are the most pleasant, the broker is at least interesting.