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2022-01-28 11:02:00

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What should you pay attention to when choosing a broker? Let's figure it out: how to understand that a broker is a fraud? Let's consider the classic scenarios of such situations and dwell on the nuances that are given out by an unscrupulous broker.

With the help of KeyTrending, scam can be recognized and neutralized.

KeyTrending scam specialists warn: Broker promises very high profitability with no profit statistics

Profit is real money, earned by real market movements. An honest broker can also attract clients with profit, but if we are talking about profitability above the market, company shall provide you with some analytics and statistics showing the reasons for those forecasts. If we are talking about high profitability, but the broker can’t explain why the profit will appear – that’s a major red flag, this is a reason to be wary.

You need to deposit a certain amount of money - then a quick profit follows

To get acquainted with the service by trying it and checking how everything works, you need to deposit a certain amount of money. This does not mean anything bad - this is what normal brokers do. But if, when you start investing money, your account quickly turns into profit, then you need to be on your guard. A conscientious broker is unlikely to be able to see profits quickly, especially if there have been no big moves in the stock market.

Another bad sign is a recommendation to buy little-understood tools that you are not familiar with, whose prices you cannot check. Conventionally, you are offered to buy not Apple shares, but some startup with no history and no profit statistics. If this happens, you are almost certainly dealing with scammers.

Experts KeyTrending Scam check tips: Aggressive marketing

Aggressive marketing is a good tool for new brokers on a market, that should alert you only in satiation, when you don’t see any platform or investment plan or market information. The worst thing to do when you don’t even have your login information is to send your money to some bank account or card. You shall always understand what you’re getting and where your money is.

Asking clients to send money to personal credit card? A conscientious broker does not use such techniques.

Do not forget about the security of the official website of the selected broker. Pay attention to whether the work takes place over the HTTPS protocol, whether there is an SSL certificate, authorization forms.

Study the broker's website, read customer reviews on the Internet. Pay attention to the history of the company. Search financial news - suddenly you hear something interesting about your potential broker.

Before signing an agreement with a broker, read the risk notice. This document details how you can lose money when trading in the securities market.

What can you do in order not to lose money? You need to filter out scammers at the entrance.

How to choose a broker?

All investment strategies available for beginners can be implemented with any broker, so there are enough options. If a broker's advisor imposes trading signals on your platform, try not to place large orders – try those signals on small amount of money. You will always have another signal to earn with it, but building the strategy is hard work that cannot be done in seconds.

KeyTrending experts say, first open a small account until you are sure of your decision.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to eliminate the risks completely, since investing is always a risk. You can minimize loss by doing elementary checks of the broker, evaluating its activities and constantly monitoring reviews. Scam check shows that the company has a solid reputation on a market and has a lot of reviews naming it the reliable partner for traders.


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  1. guest review Russell Ethan 02.02.2022
    How do you determine which type of spread will bring you more? It seems to me that everyone has their own truth. It all depends on your experience and your temperament, ready to adapt, whether you know how to be flexible. Your strategy can also change all the time, this is a sign of an experienced trader, I think.
    1. guest review Fox Christopher 03.02.2022
      I don't want to give up… My past experience with another broker was very disappointing. And here everything is attractive, I want to start right now. Perhaps I can catch up and bring back what I have lost…
      1. guest review Simon John 08.02.2022
        I need just such a stable company that is not afraid of the challenges of the time. The world market regularly experiences crisis moments, because politicians always have something to scare us all with. Does this mean that trading will stop? Of course not. We do not lose our presence of mind!
        1. guest review Johns Richard 08.02.2022
          How to set a trailing stop here? I heard that this is a good algorithm, but it is supposedly only accessible from the client terminal. Who knows the details, please respond, guys… Or with this question only directly to the broker?
          1. guest review Cobb David 27.02.2022
            You see, they are often sent to technical support in the comments. I confirm that cool pros work there. They helped me a lot, I feel much more confident and I am already making a profit
            1. guest review Casey Ethan 04.04.2022
              I have been working with them for several months, so far everything is fine. Long registration, and so everything is super. The results of the trade depend exclusively on you, no one puts the sticks in the wheels, they pay profit.
              1. guest review Washington Elwin 09.04.2022
                In December, I registered an account in keytrending, so far everything was fine, and trade without a single claim, and the withdrawal is fast. But in recent days, cliffs of communication in the terminal, did anyone still observe this? Where to go?
                1. guest review Lamb Robert 17.04.2022
                  I trade at keytrending 7 months. He began to trade with a minimum deposit, never added funds, traded exclusively on his own. It took me 7 months to completely beat off this money and start making a profit. Now I can say that keytrending make a profit.
                  1. guest review Hines Luke 23.04.2022
                    He registered the last summer, but the matter did not reach the replenishment, and it was not long ago that there was a call from this broker, they had been inherited, what, what, which he had not opened, they told not a lot about the conditions and I thought that why not, I entered the expense 100. So far, I will highlight the fact that the employees are very pleasant, and the performance is not bad. While I look at what kind of profitability will be by signals from the manager.