Multicooker: what you need to know when buying

Multicooker: what you need to know when buying


2020-10-23 06:57:00

When the first equipment with the enticing name "multicooker" appeared on the market, it was hard to imagine that in a few years, in terms of its functionality, it would be able to replace the traditional stove.

4 reasons to buy a multicooker

  1. 1. No need to control the cooking process. All you need to do is prepare the ingredients, cut them and load them into the bowl. After choosing a cooking method, set the required program and go about your business. Even if you forget to turn off the equipment or stay for a walk, the multicooker will switch to auto-heating mode and the dish will maintain the set temperature.
  2. 2. The function of the delayed start was invented by the gods. Fill the bowl in the evening and breakfast is ready in the morning. The multicooker helps you to minimize your cooking time, especially when every minute counts.
  3. 3. Ideal for vegetarians and vegans. You can steam a lot of dishes, and when stewing or frying, you don't need oil at all.
  4. 4. An irreplaceable accessory for family vacations! With the help of a multicooker, you can cook food for yourself and your children in any convenient place. The main thing is that there is an outlet nearby.

Types of multicooker programs

In the instant cooking mode, the multicooker keeps the steam inside, and due to the high pressure and high temperature, food cooks faster.

Cooking is most suitable for cooking cutlets, vegetables or other steamed products. It is also convenient to boil eggs on this program. This function is suitable for reheating soup, and in the steam basket you can reheat meat or fish.

Braising is ideal in a multicooker. During the required time for you, the device maintains the required temperature in a closed sealed space. Therefore, each ingredient is stewed evenly, and the dishes are delicious.

The "Baby food" or "Milk porridge" mode is designed for a certain temperature regime so that the milk does not burn.

Frying (frying) is one of the modes in which the device is used with the lid open. Available in almost all models, great for quick frying.

Baking adheres to the temperature regime, which is necessary for cooking meat, fish or poultry dishes. This program can be used to prepare pastries.

Simmering or low pressure is designed for very slow and long cooking from 6 to 12 hours. Something like cooking in an oven. This mode is similar to the “extinguishing” mode, but several times slower.

The warm-up mode is self-explanatory. This program can also keep the food at a constant temperature even after the end of cooking.

Next, you need to pay attention to the volume of the bowl, which can be from 2 liters to 6 or more. Choose the size of the bowl depending on the number of family members and the frequency of cooking. 2.5 liters is enough for two people. A family of 3-4 people will need a bowl with a volume of 3-4.5 liters. A 5-6.5 liter bowl is fine if you cook for several days at once or for 5 people.

Functions and features

When choosing a multicooker, you should also pay attention to the presence of the following functions:

3D heating instantly turns on after activating the multicooker. Quickly "ignites" the walls of the bowl, skipping the stage of gradual heating. Thanks to this technology, products are cooked 3 times faster, retaining useful properties, while saving energy.

Weighing of products is a particularly popular function for those who like to make pastries and desserts, when each gram affects the final quality of the dish.
The display shows the temperature, mode and many other useful functions that a multicooker can.

Remote control from a smartphone is the most convenient function if you are busy with other things and there is no way to go to the kitchen to track the cooking process.

Childproofing is a necessary function of a kitchen appliance, as all kids are very curious!

A multi-cook will help you determine the required time and temperature for cooking a given dish.

Delay start (timer) - favorite feature! It will help you make breakfast at the right time, and also warm up dinner for your arrival. The finished dish will be hot, as this mode is automatically activated after the end of cooking.

Deep Fryer - French fries can be made in minutes, even without special skills.

The possibilities of a multicooker can be endless. Its main vocation is to facilitate the cooking process and speed it up several times. It's worth trying once and you won't want to go back to the stove.


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