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2022-02-19 23:39:00

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The sphere of financial investments is simply a paradise for scammers. Every trader has heard how much money can be lost in the Forex market. That is why it is so important to study the signs of fraudulent schemes. In this article, we will look at the most common fraud schemes that are not yet known to everyone.

For expert opinion, we turned to Pediainvest company scam, double overpayments - what every broker faces every day in their activities. Especially today, when a large number of unknown players appear on the market every day.

With the help of Pediainvest experts, scammers can be recognized and neutralized.

Also, having studied all the signs of the actions of dishonest companies, we can practically by disproving the possibility that is a scam.

Experts say that scam can be easily recognized by three common patterns.

Experts from Pediainvest Scam scheme 1. When you are told about a beautiful future

If you find a company that advertises itself too actively on every site (including those that are far from investing or investing), then it is most likely not the most transparent company, or a new one on the market. Newcomers are "bad" because they have little experience, they do not give the most professional advice due to lack of experience.

In any case, it is wiser to choose a company that has enough experience in the market. It is better to choose companies with trading experience that advertise themselves intelligently.

Why do we mention "fairy tales"? Unrealistic profit promises are a sure sign of scammers. For example, 300-600% per annum. Such achievements are available to units. But every "ordinary" trader will not receive such a profit. Want to check out a company? Check out the company's website. If you have all the necessary documents, like, there is no risk of scam. If the broker keeps all important documents, tariffs and prices for them in the public domain, everything is in order with the broker.

Pediainvest scam check tip 2. Trading in the air.

Some investors manage to make a deposit before they are convinced that the broker's website is reliable and that the company has reliable trading equipment. It turns out that a trader without a trading platform. This makes working on the Forex market impossible.

These options are clearly not suitable for traders who strive for successful trading.

How not to get scammed, Pediainvest gives three tips

Little or no information about the broker.

Having studied the site, you do not find legal information about the company, company documents, or mention of liquidity guarantees. Read the information about the site well. In no case can a broker require CVV (three digits on the back of the card) and present a field for entering a one-time password from the bank.

Registering a broker outside of a European country

Companies are liable under the laws of the country in which they are incorporated. Scammers are registered somewhere on the islands, or in the countries of Latin America. It is worth remembering that in case of deception, European legislation will be invalid. It is better to choose a broker that is registered in Europe. In addition, when obtaining a license to conduct brokerage activities in Europe, companies are required to support laws against financial crimes. For example, you can see the AML rules by studying the Pediainvest documents.

Unrealistic profit.

The broker will promise you a profit that will exceed the average market one at a time. If your account manager refuses to predict a drawdown in asset rates, this also does not inspire confidence. There cannot be large stable incomes in the Forex market, the value of shares, currencies and assets in the market is constantly changing.

If you notice any of the above signs behind a broker, do not start cooperation with such a company.


To recognize a scammer, carefully study the company's website, information about services and prices for them. Never trust companies that promise huge profits and don't provide quality trading software. Look for worthy trading partners, study the reviews and reputation of your future broker.


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