Robot Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Rules

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Rules


2021-01-11 07:45:00

The robot vacuum cleaner is a self-contained device that cleans up to 95% of the floor surface and helps keep your home clean. After cleaning, the collected small debris and dirt accumulates inside, which, over time, decreases the performance and service life of the device. In order not to require urgent repairs of the robot vacuum cleaner in the future, it is necessary to properly care for it and carry out timely cleaning.

No special knowledge or skills are required to clean the device. It is enough to acquire the necessary equipment, including:

Cleaning the filter and dust container

It is imperative to clean the dust container after each cleaning. Devices with a large container are an exception. As soon as you notice that the device has become less efficient in sucking up dust, it means that the container is full. For the cleaning:

  1. Remove the dust container by pressing the dedicated button on the control panel.
  2. Take out the container filters.
  3. Wipe the filters with a dry brush or cloth.
  4. Wipe the dust container itself with a damp cloth.

The bag is not included in the package of most models, but the container is easy to wash. However, there are robotic vacuum cleaners whose dust collector is equipped with a built-in motor. You cannot wash this part with water. Use a damp cloth instead.

If the device is operated daily, the filters must be changed every 2 months. For infrequent use, replacement is carried out every 5 months.

Cleaning the turbo brush

To avoid damaging the bearings, the brush must be cleaned outside the device. The algorithm of actions depends on its design. In any case, first you need to turn the device upside down. If it's a turbo brush:

If it is a side brush, then after turning the device over, you need to unscrew the screw with a Phillips screwdriver. After removing the brush from the shaft, clean it with a dry cloth. Wipe down the axle. Then you can put the brush back in place.

Wheel cleaning

The robot vacuum cleaner must be cleaned inside and out. If it accumulates dirt, threads and hair, it will move much more slowly. In this case, to clean the wheel:

The drive side wheels are much easier to clean. Simply turn the appliance upside down, push down on the wheel and remove any dirt.

Cleaning the sensors

When cleaning the Robot Vacuum Cleaner, be sure to wipe the drop sensors and dust sensors with a dry cloth. On some models, it is necessary to clean the indicator lights that remind you of the fill level of the container.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Care Rules

This innovative gadget needs not only timely cleaning to a mirror finish, but also regular maintenance. It includes the maintenance of the brushes, proper charging and storage conditions.

Brush care

When the center brush is forced to operate, a large amount of energy is wasted and can cause breakage. The quality of its work may deteriorate when dust accumulates, wool, hair and threads are wound on the axle. Regular inspection of the brush will help to avoid these problems.


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