Saeco coffee machines: features

Saeco coffee machines: features


2020-09-03 08:45:00

Home coffee machines get dirty quickly. The condition of the appliance determines the taste of this strong drink, as well as the service life of the coffee machine. How to remove limescale and clogs at home?

Modern Saeco coffee machines are equipped with an automatic cleaning function, which greatly simplifies the process of user interaction with the appliance. The device independently informs about the need for cleaning and tells you how to do it correctly. The information will be shown on the display.

The manufacturer has also provided the AquaClean water filtration system, which prevents mineral deposits and ensures the long-term operation of the coffee machine.

Cleaning the coffee machine

You can manually clean the appliance without the automatic cleaning function. This will help a special tool - a decalciner. Coffee machine cleaning tablets or any other cleaning agent are sold in household chemical stores and online stores.

The instructions for the substance usually indicate how much cleaner is needed to remove the scale layer. Make sure there is no coffee left in the machine before use. Add warm water and detergent to the water container, then turn on the appliance. Place a deep container in place of the cup, where the liquid from the reservoir will drain. Drain about half of the water and unplug the device. Repeat a few times.

To clean the part of the appliance in which the drink is prepared, it is recommended to prepare several cups of coffee with a decalcifier solution.

After cleaning, the coffee machine must be rinsed again with water, after which the device will be ready for use.



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