Samsung Sero Review

Samsung Sero TV Review


2021-01-24 06:15:00

Social networks are full of various interesting videos shot on smartphones. Such content is often shot vertically, so when viewing on horizontal screens of laptops, computers, tablets, TVs on the sides there is a lot of empty space. Samsung has solved this problem by releasing a TV that can be rotated. This is how The Sero line came into being, in which the screen rotates horizontally or vertically, depending on the content being played.



The TV is very different from other similar gadgets, thanks to its ability to rotate the screen. This is done by a special motor, which is activated by the user's command or if the software recognizes that the output content is better to play in a horizontal or vertical position. When fully assembled, the TV can be visually divided into three blocks: a stand with all the electronics, speakers and connectors, a display and a massive leg.

The latter also acts as a counterweight to balance the device and give it stability. The stand is an integral part of the TV - it is impossible to detach the screen to hang it on the wall. The TV can only be placed on the floor or other solid horizontal surfaces. The connectors are placed in a special niche on the back panel and directed to the side. There is a sticker-closed CI card slot nearby. A little further on is the reverse power connector. For careful laying of wires on a leg there are grooves which lead to the lower end face of a leg. They are closed at the top together with the connectors with a plastic cover.

Program part

The Sero screen is normal and does not support touch control. You can go through the menu and scroll through the content using the button on the leg or the complete remote control. The latter works via Bluetooth, which allows you to forget about the need to "aim" at the receiver window, as required with infrared remotes. You can also control the playback of content on the TV with any Android-based smartphone. Gadgets on this OS can automatically activate wireless content transfer to the screen, rotate the display. Apple devices (iPad and iPhone) are supported to a limited extent. They can't control the TV, but they can stream content via AirPlay.

The software part of The Sero is presented by Samsung's standard Smart Hub firmware. Familiar users will get the usual location of the items - the main menu at the bottom, and it has several sections, along with the choice of content source, applications, settings, SmartThings, browser and other options. The swivel capabilities of The Sero allow you to turn it into a photo frame.

This option is available in horizontal (Ambient Mode) and vertical (Portrait Mode) modes. It requires the Internet, from which the TV downloads various static or dynamic pictures, including sound. Also in the corner shows the time, date and weather from the service The Weather Channel. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not allow you to upload your own photo or soundtrack.


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