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Before opening a trading account: SwissUnion Forex broker tips


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The foreign exchange market, also known as forex or the foreign exchange market, is almost as old as the international trading connections between countries. It has grown to be the largest market on the planet, but, remarkably, it hasn't been long since the public got easy access to trade in this area.

Since the beginning of the Internet era in the 1990s, retail forex brokerage companies have emerged, and that fact allowed individual traders - almost anyone with Internet access and little start-up capital - to start trading currencies. Opening an account for Forex trading has become similar to opening a bank account or other type of financial account. But before you start trading in the forex market, it is useful to consider some information that can help you ensure your trading as safe, positive and successful experience.

There can be many nuances, but don't worry, specialists are ready to help.

You can register with a broker such as SwissUnion broker to start your trading journey, but before you start trading, check out what the experts can tell you.

Find the right broker

All good brokers like SwissUnion forex broker allow clients to choose from a variety of options.

To trade currencies in the forex market, you will need to find a broker. Retail currency trading has evolved into a decentralized OTC market. Thus, potential forex traders are advised to thoroughly research the reputation of the brokers before opening a forex trading account.

Why do you need broker at all? Because the market is huge. And main investments are made by a large financial entities like national and private banks or foundations. But brokerage company allows you to get all the options of massive investments, like leverage and insurance for your funds, with a minimum actual investments.

You can examine the services offered by the broker like SwissUnion broker before opening an account. Some of them may be simpler brokers; others may offer more sophisticated trading platforms with analytical resources to help you make more informed trading decisions. Remember, it is always best to work with a broker who is committed to providing products and services with the maximum added value for your money.

Traders will also want to compare commissions or other fees charged by brokers for their services. Quite often, forex brokers charge a fee for trades through the spread between the buy and sell prices, which is a small percentage difference in the current buy and sell prices of a currency. However, some brokerages may have other types of commissions or fees for their services. These additional costs can be important in determining the overall profitability of a trade.

What information do you need to open an account?

Advances in technology have made opening a forex trading account a relatively simple process. Trades at SwissUnion Forex broker are completed through a secure online application and are processed promptly. In some cases, opening a trading account may be immediately approved.

Several pieces of information are required if you want to open an account. This mainly relates to the area of ​​personal data, which includes your country of origin, name, contact information and tax identification number.

Procedure for opening an account

Opening a forex trading account at SwissUnion broker is not difficult, but traders will need a few things to get started.

As stated earlier, you usually need to provide information in the app about your level of trading experience and knowledge, as well as your trading intentions. In addition, you will also need to provide proof of identity and fund your account.

Use margin or not

As specialists explained, after opening a forex account, traders will have to decide whether to use margin or not. This is an important consideration as the introduction of margin increases the risk significantly. Margin can be thought of as a loan of funds from a broker to a trader so that the trader can “use” or effectively multiply the amount of capital available to make a trade.

Depending on the country in which they operate, traders may be allowed access to margins in a ratio to their initial capital risk ranging from 2:1 to 400:1. The amount of margin they want to use will determine how much capital they will need to deposit into their account for their trading activities. Using margin can increase potential profits, but it can also multiply risks because traders will be responsible for covering any and all losses incurred in their trading activities, even if they go beyond their initial investment.


Opening a forex trading account on SwissUnion Forex Broker is similar to opening other types of financial accounts. However, traders will want to scrutinize the reputation, services, and value of the brokerage companies available before committing to investing risk capital and trading with a particular firm.


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  1. guest review Cook Jack 07.11.2021
    I have only been working with Swissunion for five weeks and think about it to buy my car back. Yes, if you advise, it was an indication of how much money I invested and deserved.
    1. guest review Oliver Williamя 13.11.2021
      If you ask me if you work with Swissunion or not, I would say that you should just
      1. guest review Wood Mark 21.11.2021
        If you ask me about my opinion about this broker, that's definitely positive. I mean, if you want to look for errors embarrassing, you will always find some who always looks like, but these guys have enough advantages for my taste.
        1. guest review O’Brien’ John 29.11.2021
          My experience with this company is a bit limited, I just got into the trading business, but I liked your cooperation conditions (in fact it was the main reason why I chose it). Many good options and advantages for a beginner like me.
          1. guest review Bridges Cameron 06.12.2021
            Good Broker Forex. Signals bring good profits, and services are reliable, and customer service is friendly and helpful. Good broker.
            1. guest review Wells Mark 08.12.2021
              This broker is indeed one of the good partners for trading on Forex. They are useful and effective for good deals. I am satisfied with the trading conditions. Narrow spreads, good leverage and quick execution. Signals are reliable, and services are reliable.
              1. guest review Singleton Norman 09.12.2021
                I recommend this broker to all traders. I get a good profit here. There are no problems with transactions, I also get the necessary support. So far, everything is fine, there are no complaints, everyone is paid upon request. For me, this is the most important thing. The speed of execution, as for me, normal, trade through the iPhone is also good, sometimes there are delays, but most likely due to the network. In general, the broker is satisfied.
                1. guest review Patterson David 21.12.2021
                  They treated me with sincere respect and care. Paying attention to conducting marketing research for successful trading. The services are good. Will keep this brokerage service.
                  1. guest review Sims Thomas 30.12.2021
                    This is the unique case when the broker causes confidence from the first day of work. Comfortable understandable interface, site adaptation for both computer and mobile version. Very cultural and knowledgeable managers. Work is going without interruption, nothing freezes. Also there is a mobile application, I am sure that it will not disappoint either.
                    1. guest review Wilcox Robert 03.01.2022
                      In most brokers, many functions exist purely for attracting attention, and in fact they simply do not work. But only not in this case. All trading accounts are available, all tools work. Technical support works at the level. Everything is clear, I am insanely satisfied with this broker.
                      1. guest review Hoover Reginald 14.01.2022
                        swissunion Consultants was recognized as a broker of the year. Certainly there is for what. Some positive customer feedback is already talking about many things. There is absolutely nothing to complain about, everything is done for customers and from successful trading. Separately, I want to praise for the absence of a commission, which in many other brokers incredibly acts on the nerves.
                        1. guest review Sparks Godwin 19.01.2022
                          Many thanks to the broker for an unlimited number of transactions. I can open how much I need, not thinking about Lyerch. It is very comfortable. Fast closure. Orders are almost instantly executed. I displacing money to the bank account, never let down.
                          1. guest review Wilkinson Logan 03.02.2022
                            I am actively trading with swissunion for 3 months. Good broker with good conditions. Good connection to the server, transparent execution, competitive spread, good opportunities for algorithmic trading. So far everything is in order.
                            1. guest review Gibson Joseph 12.02.2022
                              There is a high execution of orders. Reception and closing of orders on average about 5 ms
                              1. guest review Norman Pierce 15.02.2022
                                I really liked the broker. I think this company has enough advantages. That specifically it was very important to me, so this is the presence of a demo account. I am a newcomer in this industry, and this option greatly helped me learn to work better.
                                1. guest review Higgins Asher 21.02.2022
                                  I really liked 30 free Dallars.
                                  1. guest review Lloyd Harry 02.03.2022
                                    I was with this broker for many years, and I have never had any problems. Although I never made any conclusions, so let's see. I still increase my account and will soon withdraw funds when it becomes more. Other advantages of this broker are that they give you discounts from your trading volume every month. They also provide VPS that you can use for free. VPS is a bit slow, but it is normal for the terminal 2 MT4 running on it. They provide a complete package for trading in the Forex market.
                                    1. guest review Smith Oliver 25.03.2022
                                      I bring funds at least twice a month. It is not so difficult. All you need is 5 winning deals if you have a risk ratio of 1: 1. Which, I am sure most profitable traders use at least 1: 2. Now I look forward to increasing my capital
                                      1. guest review Payne Gerald 27.03.2022
                                        Until now, customer service was excellent
                                        1. guest review Howard Maximillian 29.03.2022
                                          I contacted swissunion on the recommendation of my good friend, and I can't praise the quality of service, which I received from Ella, which was engaged in my file: Careful in your quest for what would be the best offer for me, professional and very friendly.
                                          1. guest review Baker George 03.04.2022
                                            Social trading here is really good. As for me, this is the best broker with whom I have come across ever. Recomend for everybody.
                                            1. guest review Ferguson Henry 15.04.2022
                                              Best Broker for Cryptovaya Trade. All the necessary features and tools are available. The transaction copying system is perfect. You can follow the work of successful traders and adopt their experience. For me, it is quite important because I can learn how to make other people's mistakes and do not make your own. Conditions are not so bad, as I expected. Perhaps, if they reduce the spreads and remove the commissions, they simply will not be equal in the market.
                                              1. guest review Watkins Frank 17.04.2022
                                                I use the services of Swissunion Consultants almost half a year and is ready to admit that this is a very cool broker. Many tools, you can choose any currency pairs for trading. Money goes to the card quickly.
                                                1. guest review Carson Michael 26.04.2022
                                                  The company is fully licensed FCA, which already puts it in the top five.