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How to protect yourself from phishing - SwissUnion scam protection tips


2021-11-18 00:34:46

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Types of phishing

According to specialists from SwissUnion scam detection team in addition to standard phishing techniques, certain types of phishing can be used to achieve various goals.

How to recognize phishing:

Scammers use email or text messages to trick you into providing them with your personal information. They might try to steal your passwords, account numbers, or social security numbers. If they receive this information, they can access your email, bank, or other accounts. According to security team of SwissUnion scam launch thousands of these phishing attacks every day - and they are often successful.

Scammers update their tactics often, but there are some signs that can help you recognize a phishing email or text message.

Phishing emails and text messages can look like they belong to a company you know like SwissUnion broker. They may look like they are from a bank, broker, credit card company, social networking site, online payment site or app, or online store.

Phishing emails and text messages often tell a story to trick you into clicking a link or opening an attachment. They can:

SwissUnion scam protection advice: How to protect yourself from phishing attacks

Spam filters on your email can prevent many phishing emails from reaching your inbox. But scammers are always trying to outsmart spam filters, so, it's a good idea to add additional layers of protection. Here are four steps you can take today to protect yourself from phishing attacks.

Four Steps to Protect Against Phishing from SwissUnion scam detection team

1. Protect your computer with security software. Set your software to update automatically so it can deal with any new security threats.

2. Protect your mobile phone by installing automatic software updates. These updates can provide critical protection against security threats.

3. Protect your SwissUnion broker accounts with multi-factor authentication. Some accounts offer additional security by requiring two or more credentials to log into their account. This is called multi-factor authentication. Additional credentials required to log into an account fall into two categories:

4. Protect your data by backing it up. Back up your data and make sure these backups are not connected to your home network. You can copy files from your computer to an external hard drive or cloud storage. Also back up the data on your phone.

Have you been scammed?

If you believe you have provided your account information to a scammer, SwissUnion scam detection team urges you to contact your broker or financial institution immediately.


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      My experience with Swissunion can only be called a mediocre… I have some money, a little less than I expected. In more time than I expected.
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