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Tips & Tricks: How to find your Forex strategy

2021-03-14 13:18:01

Tip 1: Select the market / instrument

Explore a currency pair and decide if you feel comfortable with its volatility.  How many pips does the course vary?  Are these countries that are economically stable?  What are the countries in comparison?  Do you want to try to achieve a short-term profit, or would you prefer to prime a profit that gradually accumulates over a certain time?  Consider what framework conditions are important for your instrument.  If you are looking for short-term winning with your Forex trading strategy, then you will probably drive quite active markets that have a fairly high daily range compared to the course spread.  An close range / sales spread also corresponds to adequate liquidity.

Tip 2: Select indicators

A good idea is to make his analysis not too complicated with a variety of technical indicators, as this can sometimes generate contradictory trading signals.  The most important basic questions you should ask yourself are: a) Is there a trend?  b) Is it an upward trend, downtrend or a sideway trend?  c) Where are support and resistance lines?  Finally, ask the question of whether you want to place a trade.

Tip 3: Manage money meaningfully

Money management is a key element for overall stability, even with your Forex Trading Strategy.  Before placing a trade, consider good how much money you are ready to lose.  Calculate the cheapest and unfavorable outcome of your trades and use the possibilities of risk management by e.g. Using Stop Loss or Take Profit Order.  Set a price target for each trade and keep disciplined to your plan.

Tip 4: Validate strategy

Each strategy requires validation.  Analyze your trades and run a trading diary to be able to understand at all times if your strategy has risen and under which boundary conditions may not, so that you also refine it to and after.  If you are with EAS via MT4, you can rely on our decades of course history in advance for your backtests.

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