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2021-02-18 14:59:00

Trendsmacro - reviews of traders

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Trendsmacro forex broker
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Reviews about Trendsmacro Forex broker started to appear at least half a year ago, especially on the social networks and forums. Broker received quite positive feedbacks from those who work with it. Company claims that it gathered professional traders working on financial markets for more than 10 years, and there are all the reasons to believe it. seems to offer making real money on a Forex, and there’re several options of what trader can get from it.

Why this company is considered reliable?
Trendsmacro reviews show that the company offers real working conditions. Its employees work hard to help traders to enter the market and prosper on it, not wait for some miracles. That’s why company terms are good both for new traders and for those who have years of trading behind them. They have training, they have analytics, they have competitive spreads, and it’s quite enough for start.

No aggressive ads. Did you ever come across the banners of this company with offers to instantly get rich? Trendsmacro reviews shows that company doesn’t use cheap advertising, focusing on quality analytical articles and expert opinions in press. That’s another point added to its score, since that’s a sign of a company that cares about the community more than about getting another trader (and losing him when he disappoints in empty words from banners, actually).

Registration is simple and fast, which is always a plus. You need just a few mouse clicks to open your personal account and get ready to enter the market. After that you will still need to undergo the full verification process, but it doesn’t mean that you can trade at this time. reviews also show that they have fully functional and fast system of deposits and withdrawals.We’ve found a couple of mentions that even during the busy trading hours company processes withdrawal request withing 6 hours.

Detailed Trendsmacro review

Working since



Local Regulators

Head office

Marshall Islands



currencies, indices, metals and energies

Minimal deposit





Floating from 2.8 pips

Minimal spread


Minimal lot




Trust management


Trading platform





50 currency pairs,

45+ CFD

Account Currency



No commission for all accounts


Types of assets: currencies (a broker with extensive experience in Forex), raw materials, stocks, indices.


Documents. The company's documentation is available on the site: user agreement, privacy policy, order opening policy, risk notice. Unlike scam companies rarely post their documents.

Withdrawal of money. The broker cooperates with several payment systems. Deposit and withdrawal methods:


Registration. You can register in a minute by filling out a simple form (indicate your real country of residence, real phone number and date of birth) reviews. Mostly positive. High-quality service, timely withdrawal of money, a well-developed terminal are noted. Support work schedule is connected with market business week (weekdays only).

Trading conditions and account types. Trading features of the platform: small spreads, start from low positions, leverage, insurance of transactions, analytical support and the provision of signals.


We can state in this Trendsmacro review, that a new broker has entered the market and has not darkened its reputation in any way. The company is no stranger to stock trading as it has worked with European clients for years. Traders' reviews most often positively characterize trading with this broker.

Among the advantages of the company, there are different ways to withdraw funds, good support, online training and favorable trading conditions.


We’ve also collected a couple of reviews of traders who work with company, from Twitter, Trustpilot, and Facebook:


Martin Wilz, Poland, Katowize, 20, student

Wow, I'm really impressed with how Trendsmacro can make trading look extremely easy and cool. All the other brokers I've encountered were dead-serious and communicating with them felt like diving into rocket science, but it's all different here. Love their style.


Valery Gajewska, Bulgaria, Sofia, economist, 40


I must confess, I just love trading. Wish I could've started this earlier, before I had the possibility to waste all that time at my office job. Thanks to, I'm working to overcome my past mistakes. Together with them, of course.


Erik Falk, Sweden, Malmo, engineer, 27

Guys, you can discuss those little disadvantages of  Trendsmacro all you want, but the truth is there aren't any serious competition for their skillset on the market right now. I dont like monopolies myself, but the fact is they are just simply one of the best out there.



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  1. guest review Cyril 27.02.2021
    My experience of working with this site is 10 months. I liked everything, but I wanted to try my hand at the cryptocurrency market. The first impression turned out to be rather controversial –I did not earn much, but I spent a lot of time. So for now I decided to return to more familiar formats and to a best broker, of course!
    1. guest review Laureen Navarro 04.03.2021
      What a pity that I practically don`t trade again… The reasons from my personal life. Hope to get back to you soon. It has its own special atmosphere, and the guys from customer support have already become practically like friends to me.
      1. guest review Peter 13.03.2021
        I have worked with this broker before. Now I was forced to go to such a job that there is no time for bidding at night. Even as a passive income. But once this broker fully met my requests. Here the whole system is adjusted, there are no technical failures (or they are immediately eliminated), the profit is real and it is easy enough to get it.
        1. guest review Vladimir 16.03.2021
          No criticism of the work of this broker will convince me! My personal experience is six months of success. I am sure that all technical troubles can be solved, but find such stability somewhere else in today's shaky and nervous market.
          1. guest review Ruby 19.03.2021
            Never trust a broker until you've seen their activity history and tried them yourself. I've made that my rule and never regretted it. Did the same thing here, that's why I will stay here for some time.
            1. guest review Debbra Feraco 22.03.2021
              The broker should be your best friend in the foreign exchange market. You won't make a stranger your friend, will you? This is why it is important to ask other users about their trading experience here. It is important to understand what kind of background this broker has, whether there were any big problems there. As far as I found out, this broker works cleanly.
              1. guest review Leslie 26.03.2021
                I was with this broker for two months, but left for another, believed the beautiful promises to get rich the next day. As a result, I did not earn anything special, except for the annoyance of communicating with their support. Back to my favorite broker!
                1. guest review Paul McKinney 31.03.2021
                  Thanks to everyone who writes here about the broker, its pluses and minuses! I have just started cooperation and am not quite sure with what amounts it is better for me to enter. Your experience is invaluable! Now I understand that this broker is a good choice.
                  1. guest review Adriano 03.04.2021
                    I also checked the reputation of this broker when I first started cooperation with him. Now we have 5 months of effective work for me. I began to think that I could make money for the future. Agree, in the current situation in the world this is a very good state of affairs.
                    1. guest review Dove Neis 07.04.2021
                      Thank you, thank you, thank you… For the first time in six months, I got the feeling that my life is not going to the abyss. I lost my sense of the ground under my feet due to the lockdown. I stopped sleeping. I like that I don't sleep much now just because I trade – and make good money!
                      1. guest review Terence 10.04.2021
                        My personal investigation convinced me: everything works well on this site, no one is trying to cheat anyone. I already liked the way they spoke to me in customer service. I am sure that you can succeed here!
                        1. guest review Ethan 14.04.2021
                          Getting into trading was really simple for me here. Glad that my account manager turned out to be a real professional and explained me a lot of things I now think of as obvious.
                          1. guest review Brandon 19.04.2021
                            I can only imagine how difficult it is to be an account manager on such a service, especially for newbies… I think I asked the most amateurish questions in the world. But only a few months – and I trade with confidence!
                            1. guest review Christiano 22.04.2021
                              If you are afraid for your ass, contact the professionals to back you up. There is just such a team. Everything is thought out in such a way as to protect clients from unjustified risks. Even the margin leverage is such that you will not run into debt up to your ears
                              1. guest review Gustav 25.04.2021
                                I like to understand and checkable the charts before placing the order. Thats why I want to thank their support for their patience.
                                1. guest review Clifton 01.05.2021
                                  I have 11 years of experience. My main conditions for the company — I need to be able to talk to other people and not just push some buttons. This one seems ok for me.
                                  1. guest review Harry Elliott 04.05.2021
                                    The best thing I like about this company — their customer support. But trading conditions and low deposits terms are great too.
                                    1. guest review Terry 13.05.2021
                                      I learned about the broker from my friends who have been investing with him for 1 year already. I also became interested in such an investment. I went to the official website of the broker, looked through the information, got acquainted with the documents and offers of the broker and decided on cooperation. I like the broker, I highly appreciate the promptness and commitment. The profit is withdrawn without delay.
                                      1. guest review Maurice 22.05.2021
                                        I became an investor in the financial market six months ago. Thanks to the broker, I am now making money, and that is pretty decent. I like the stability and the reliability of the broker itself. The transactions are fast enough and the broker's commissions are fair enough. I have already earned a considerable amount. I recommend this broker to everyone.
                                        1. guest review Jonas 28.05.2021
                                          I really like to trade on the news. I did not come to this right away. I read and studied a lot. But I like that it can be translated into reality. A good broker, not a problem one. Effective technical support.
                                          1. guest review Steven Simpson 04.06.2021
                                            Good spreads here, you can trade even when the market is relatively flat. I closed positive balance by 20% last month and I count on the same result in this one.
                                            1. guest review Melvin Thomas 17.06.2021
                                              I like this platform, great terms and no commissions. Better than most, I hope nothing will change.
                                              1. guest review Guy Moreno 25.06.2021
                                                Who needs educational courses when you can learn everything you need without paying. It’s a great platform for getting some experience and advice from professionals.