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2021-02-19 18:07:00

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As the popularity of the Forex market grows, so does the number of scammers trying to cash in on the rapidly developing market. Since Forex includes international currency exchange, new types of scams have emerged. Ironically, many of these scammers advertise in newspapers, television or other media. Data on scam avoiding department shows that experienced traders usually recognize such scammers with ease, but beginners can have trouble figuring out the difference between what is real and what is not.

It is imperative to thoroughly research forex trading and any companies you may be dealing with before investing your own funds. The last thing you need to do is find out that the company you invested in is currently under investigation for suspected fraud. In such circumstances, it is situation that you could actually avoid if you would check a couple of important signs before.  

One sign of scammers in Forex is the full risk-free guarantee for every trade, always, no matter what. Successful Forex trading requires knowledge, discipline and a trading strategy. There is no magic software or risk-free way to make money. But the company can provide you with one or two protected deals as a bonus for your trading – and that would be no scam because those promises leads to company risking own money for your trades. Trendsmacro scam avoiding department describes such trades not as risk-free, but as a promotional activity.

Scammers - does your broker fit the description?

It is not easy to spot Forex cheating. A quick glance is not enough. If you don't trust your own instinct or simply don't have the time, ask a licensed financial advisor for advice. Read the entire agreement before opening an account, like you can do it on

A demo account (like on Trendsmacro) is another good way to get to know a new broker. And overall trading experience will show who you are dealing with from the first moments of cooperation.

At Trendsmacro scam is unacceptable, because broker requires deeper user verification, cares about the encryption and store personal data in offline datacenter. Such methods can protect users better than most of brokers currently on the market.


How to check your broker?


Trendsmacro forex broker tips on step by step instructions to keep away from scammers

Finding a solid forex broker is not an easy question. You can start with checking the website and legal documents. You’ll always know the scammer by not adding any information about risks involved into trading. Reliable and trustworthy company always informs the clients that trading cannot be considered as safe actions, so every action can lead to profit or loss. When you invest your money, you must be fully aware of what you do and what support from broker you have.

Another thing that you shall notice lies deeper. Good solid broker like Trendsmacro will never ask you to provide the access to your account to any company employee and will never ask you to give your money for some deals that are not made by you personally. It’s only up to you to make all the decisions, and only you can open or close trades.

If you’re not sure in broker, try to find what other traders think of it. Trendsmacro reviews show that company has a lot of connections with community, traders are actively using special offers, bonuses and other advantages of cooperation.

So, make sure you check the broker company. It is worth spending a little time to study the "ins and outs" of the broker:

Because of coronavirus crisis and the reduction in the key rates, many people are thinking about properly investment of their savings, so as not only not to lose them, but also to profit.

Unfortunately, the unstable financial situation and the desire to receive some quick money work like a magnet for scammers. And Forex, as one of the most perspective markets, usually in on top of the list for that. scam avoiding tips on choosing reliable broker:

When making our choice, first of all, we pay attention to such selection criteria as:

1. The time of the company's existence – please note that the one-year mark is extremely important for the broker. Not a single company that uses scam practices will stay on the market for so long. That’s why scam preventing tip is to carefully check on company’s website all the info about it.

2. Documents – broker needs to have a lot of legal documentation for its activity, for example, Terms and Conditions, Privacy policy, Risk Declaration and others.

3. Technology – broker must provide full-functional platform for your trading with all the necessary tools and up-to-date charts. These three criteria may already indicate the reliability of your chosen forex brokerage company.


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