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Unite Commerce - real reviews of unitecommerce.world

2021-10-28 18:35:00

Unite Commerce is a project that provides comfortable conditions and reliable systems for trading in the financial market. But is it worth trusting these slogans and what real reviews about unitecommerce.world. Unfortunately, most of the reviews are sharply negative. Due to the fact that the only thing the project really cares about is exclusively a brokerage kitchen. What is a brokerage kitchen? The brokerage kitchen is, first of all, a system behind which scammers stand, who very quickly drain your deposits to zero. Then they begin to demand that you replenish your account again. And so on ad infinitum. Until you just leave all the money in the project. But even that won't stop the scammers. They can easily direct users to take out a loan from banks or even worse from MFIs at exorbitant interest rates. But in order not to be unfounded, let's understand and consider the project in more detail. To bring scammers to clean water.

Legend about the project

Work with a qualified team and the most reliable conditions. Trading or investing - choose your option and start conquering global markets. We are proud of our conditions and strive for long-term cooperation with our clients. You do not need to worry about your funds, since all the finances of our users are kept in segregated accounts in reliable world banks.

Open an account and make sure that trading the global markets is not as difficult as you thought. The question immediately arises. What kind of long-term cooperation can we talk about if the project has just appeared on the network?

He's not even a month old. And all this is checked by the date of domain registration. But often, many scammers simply buy out an old abandoned domain and place their project on it. After all, they need to create the illusion that the company has been operating in the financial market for a very long time. However, the fact that the domain is overbought during verification will be immediately visible.

And the reviews should be for a long period of work. But of course they are not here. The site looks pretty decent. It cannot be called a complete failure. What can this mean for the client in the first place? That the divorce here will go for very serious money. After all, the more scammers have invested in their resource, the more money they will want to recapture, and to recapture it at the expense of your pocket in the first place.

However, this resource is in no way similar to the site of a normal broker. Legal brokers always have large and detailed sites in which admins really invest their money. It is on cheap sites that you can very quickly determine that this is a scam.

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Project overview

So in Unite Commerce we are offered to open a merchant account. There are four trading accounts to choose from. The minimum deposit will be $ 250. Just don't think that everything will be limited to this amount for you. After all, scammers usually do not leave their victim alone until they pull out at least a few thousand dollars.

Many users have lost ten thousand dollars in this way from fake brokers. Consider the legal data. The information itself is again in the basement of the site. However, it is not complete. We are informed that the broker is owned and operated by Ineffable Group LTD, company registration number 2021 / IBC00032 and registered address at 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley. The question immediately arises, what does this company have to do with the Unite Commerce broker?

The correct answer is no. What did the scammers do? They just brazenly took and stole data from another resource. And covered themselves with a scam. All this is done in order not to simply pay for your legal basis, that's all. But still, what's the point of stealing such data if it is an offshore zone. And one of the most disgusting.

In fact, such registration does not give the broker any privileges at all. And clients' money with such brokers is not protected in any way. Unite Commerce deceives in the following way, at first they will simply hang on your ears and promise very big, and most importantly, easy money, without knowledge, effort and experience. But for this you need to replenish your account. But you can't do this. Because you will simply give your money to the scammers. But you cannot return them.

There are not so many reviews on the broker on the network yet. Because the project itself is trying to work very quietly. In order not to draw too much attention to yourself. After all, so it will be blocked very quickly. But those reviews that have already appeared on the network are sharply negative. Users accuse the broker of stealing money and draining a deposit.


Unite Commerce is a deceitful brokerage company. Which does not have the right to provide brokerage services at all. After all, there is simply no license to provide these services. Of course, you cannot cooperate with the project! You can't earn anything here. Pass by similar projects.


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