What is BlackBerry OS 10

What is BlackBerry OS 10?


2021-01-04 06:30:00

Surely many of you have never heard of a company like Blackberry. At one time it was a fairly well-known manufacturer of communicators and phones. But today I propose not to delve into their history, but to consider in maximum detail the latest creation of Blackberry - the operating system Blackberry OS 10.  Blackberry OS 10, which has a microkernel architecture, was first introduced back in 2012. It was a completely new experience for Blackberry as the new system was radically different from previous versions (OS 7,6,5, etc.). 

This OS is based on QNX (real-time operating system), which the company acquired in 2010. It is worth noting that Blackberry already had experience in creating an operating system based on QNX - Blackberry Tablet OS. The latter was intended for the company's tablets. However, they did not gain high popularity.  The operating system had to compete with Android and IOS. At that time, Blackberry was not in the best position in the market. The company began massive layoffs, the management changed and BlackBerry OS 10 was, in many ways, the last hope. Below I will show you a couple of screenshots to give you a rough idea of   what the system looked like in 2013.   
Now that you have a general idea of   what this is, I propose to delve deeper into OS 10. 

The lineup 

And so, on the basis of this operating system, 11 devices were released: Blackberry Q10, Q5, Z10, Z3, Z30, Passport Silver Edition, Leap, Classic, Porsche Design P9983, 9982, Passport. Most of them have qwerty keyboards, although there are models without it. Revisions are as follows: Blackberry Q10 - SQN100-1, SQN100-2, SQN100-3, SQN100-5. Blackberry Q5 - SQR100-1, SQR100-2, SQR100-3. Blackberry Z10 - STL100-1, STL100-2, STL100-3, STL100-4. Blackberry Z3 - STJ100-1. Blackberry Z30 - STA100-1, STA100-2, STA100-3, STA100-4, STA100-5, STA100-6. Blackberry Passport - SQW100-1, SQW100-3, SQW100-4 (Silver Edition). Blackberry Leap - STR100-1, STR100-2. Blackberry Classic - SQC100-1, SQC100-2, SQC100-3, SQC100-4, SQC100-5. 

There were also prototypes for developers: BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A, BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B, BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C.

System update

So we finally moved on to one of the most interesting moments. You can update your phone in the traditional ways:

1. Through the phone itself.

Everything is quite simple here. We go into the settings, check for updates.

2. Via BB Link.

Nothing complicated here either. Everything is done in a couple of clicks.

And before moving on to the next methods, I will tell you about a certain feature. Blackberry distributes updates through carriers. Accordingly, if he did not approve the release of the new version, then you will not receive an OTA update (methods 1 and 2). And this is a very serious problem for those who want to upgrade to OS 10.3.3.xxxx. Since by this time a very small number of operators are distributing the new version of the OS. If you have the Unlocked version, then you can insert the SIM card of the operator for which the new firmware is available. With all of these regional complexities, there are several more ways to update your phone.

Sachesi: very interesting program. It was specially designed for updating devices based on Blackberry OS 10. It requires drivers that can be downloaded with BB Link.


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