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Financial indicators and their ratios are traditionally


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Financial indicators and their ratios are traditionally used for the analysis of stocks and bonds. When considering any particular stock, parameters such as price-earnings per share, earnings per share, current liquidity ratio, profit growth and others are all taken into account. The parameter of market capitalization allows you to quickly and easily assess the value. Mcap is an evaluation indicator that allows you to analyze investors' general attitude towards a particular company. Although it is indicated side by side on official websites of companies alongside such parameters as EBITDA or P/E, it is difficult to call it a multiplier due to bias. This is rather a basic indicator for calculating more accurate multipliers, for example, net debt.  

What is mcap in stock market? It reflects the total value of placed shares held by investors and owners of the company. The indicator is used for a superficial assessment of the company's value and analysis of its dynamics over a certain period of time. The formula for mcap is the following: market capitalization = number of common shares * current market price + number of preferred shares * current market price.  

Market capitalization is one of the main indicators that are taken into account when calculating stock indices, among those are the S&P 500, DAX and Nikkei. Capitalization gives an idea of ​​the value of that part of the business that is public. If the rating agencies did not come up with capitalization, it would be done by investors. After all, they need to know what place the company takes among competitors. Moreover, the most significant indicator is experienced market players, not beginners. However, although the latter bear significant risks, they still have more potential for growth. 

The benefits of market capitalization for investors:  

Disadvantages of the company's assessment of the value of mcap:  

To conclude, calculating of mcap in comparison with calculating the EBITDA, P/E multipliers or net debt is very simple and unambiguous. But it serves only as a generalized indicator and is prone to making large errors. Professionals would not recommend investing based only on the dynamics of the share value at the time of the decision. You should analyze all indicators and multipliers in combination. 


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