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at what time market opens 

what time does the japanese market open 

The question of choosing a trading session is as important as choosing, for example, the underlying asset or the contract which the trader is going to work with. The point is that certain currency pairs or shares behave differently depending on a session and so does the volatility of some kinds of assets. Some stocks can have a wide range of fluctuations because the market participants could be interested in them more or less during various sessions. Roughly, we can divide the following trading sessions: Pacific, Asian, European and American. Generally, the most active sessions are European and American which is caused by the fact that they attract the largest number of players from all over the world. They can be further broken into smaller categories by the working time of certain exchanges. 

Pacific trading session 

At this point, it is almost midnight in Europe; Americans are gradually leaving the market and the trading becomes relatively passive. Volatility starts decreasing extremely fast even if the same statistic data was released during the American session. Because of the sharp decline in trading rate you can notice sharp fluctuations so remember about that. New Zealand Stock Exchange opens at 9am UTC+12 (+13) and thus, constitutes the new cycle in the global trading. During the PTS particular assets such as AUD/USD or NZD/USD pairs are the most common as AUD and NZD are the official currencies of the key countries in the area. The leading markets here are APTEX (Asia Pacific Technology Exchange), National Stock Exchange of Australia, New Zealand Exchange. 

The Australian Stock Exchange in its present shape was established as an aftermath of a merger of the Australian Stock and Sydney Futures Exchanges. It functions as a market operator, payments facilitator and supplies instructional materials to investors. Much like the rest of the world markets, its typical trading days are Mon-Fri with the exception of certain holidays. 

Asian trading session 

The Japanese market, USD/JPY currency pair and local stocks and indexes such as Nikkei make their way into the spot. The price movements are reasonable and consistent; there are rarely any strong peaks or drops. The currency pairs with the highest volatility are those ones with Japanese Yen. Additionally, currency pairs with US dollar, Australian dollar and euro could be taken into account; typically the Asian session determines the trends for the day. Perhaps, this is connected to the Asian market players' trading style. However, if there is grand news coming from Japan, you can expect significant price oscillations. Another important point is that Chinese news reported in the time of the Asian trading session can also cause serious price changes as it is the second largest and most powerful economy in the world. Japan Exchange Group, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange of India are major markets in this session. 

The Tokyo Stock Exchange is the leading market in Japan and one of the largest markets in the world; it opens at 9am UTC+9. The major indexes are NIKKEI 225 and TOPIX. The first one, which was first published in 1950 under TSE Adjusted Stock Price Average, is in extremely high demand among investors and brokers. It is calculated as the average standardized value of stock prices from 225 most active companies. Since 1970 it has been calculated by the newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun which is where it acquired its current name from. The second largest stock index, Tokyo Stock Price Index (TOPIX) is calculated as the average standardized according to market capitalization in free circulation value of stock prices from companies with the highest market capitalization. 

European trading session 

By the time it opens, a large number of major players have already joined the market and the volatility start to increase, especially, when some essential information is expected to be released in the UK and EU area. Some experts claim that all assets behave unexpectedly during European session. However, it might not the case at all - it depends on the importance of that data and the reaction from the participants. Oftentimes, the price starts moving in the reasonable direction after some tame has passed since the release. The biggest markets are FTSE 100 (Financial Times Stock Exchange Index in England), Euronext 100, CAC 40 (Cotation Assistée en Continu in France), DAX (Deutscher Aktienindex in Germany) and Swiss Market Index. FTSE 100 Index is based on stock prices of 100 companies with the highest capitalization. 

There are 22 stock exchanges in the UK in total; the largest among those are the ones in London, Liverpool, Glasgow and Birmingham. The London Stock Exchange is considered the most international since companies stocks from more than 50 countries are being traded here. There were not any particular events until 1986 when the vast number of companies finally joined the exchange. It was the aftermath of multiple brokerage firms closing down and joining the Stock Exchange and the fact that foreign investors received a lot of privileges according to new legislative framework. Trading freedom attracted many investors from Japan and the US. Because of this approach a new chapter of Stock Exchange history came into existence. 

The time the UK stock market opens is 8.00am (UTC +1). If you want to know what markets are open on Sunday in London or anywhere else, the answer is there are not any. The more detailed schedule looks like this: 

It is the best imaginable time for an avid enthusiast. It is volatile, especially when it comes to new publications from the USA. The most influential events are The Federal Open Market Committee meeting, labor market information and the statistic on GDP growth rates and inflation. The working hours of American Stock Exchange overlap with Europe; obviously, the situation with the US dollar and American assets become the central concern for market players. New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, TMX Group (best known for Toronto Stock Exchange) and BM&F (Brasil Bolsa Balcão S.A) are the key players here. 

According to Paul Hanson, a chief financial advisor and portfolio manager, New York Stock Exchange has basically turned into a combination of a museum and a server farm. Almost all the trading is done electronically nowadays because it is quicker and cheaper. Other non-electronic trades are made by phone calls with other traders. Since there are over 2,000 public investable companies, new encounters are always being made. This principle can be applied universally to other stock exchanges in other countries; phone-made trades are already somewhat of a history. 

There are two important points to address when you choose when to trade: your spare time and correlation between the asset and the trading session. Being a market player requires your full attention and involvement so you need to select that period of time when nobody will distract you from analytical work and decision-making process. If you try to make trades at your workplace, you risk ending up with nothing. Remember that your mental state heavily affects your trading career and you should stay focused on one task in order to remain calm. The second thing, correlation between the asset and the trading session, is based on the fact that stocks and currency pairs could be traded with different volatility during the certain session. If you are trading the EUR/USD pair, it does not necessarily mean that you are supposed to stick to European and American sessions. Some traders prefer the moment when the pair is squeezed into a range because it is easier to make predictions. When you are just starting out, study the behavior of the asses in detail so that you can build up the strategy around it. Only then you should trade using real money. 


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