Windows 10X get fast wake mode similar to smartphones and Xbox

Windows 10X get fast wake mode similar to smartphones and Xbox


2020-12-28 05:45:00

According to Windows Latest, Microsoft will add Modern Standby to Windows 10X to bring a laptop experience closer to what smartphone and Xbox owners are used to.

Unlike the currently existing sleep mode in Windows 10, Modern Standby does not drop the Internet connection and allows programs to continue to execute some processes in the background. When the laptop lid is opened, the information in the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) and PWA (Progressive Web Apps) apps will automatically update so that the user can immediately go to work (for example, see new emails in Outlook).

Users will be able to choose between traditional sleep mode and Modern Standby, but only once - to change the operating mode, they will have to completely reinstall the OS. The possibility of completely disconnecting the device will not be affected.

A similar quick wake mode is used in Xbox One and Xbox Series - the console does not turn off at all, but it is quieter than usual and uses less power. In this mode, you can download games and updates, and it takes a few seconds to turn on, even on an Xbox One S with a rather slow hard drive.

MacBooks introduced in 2020 with ARM-based M1 processors also "wake up" instantly when you open the lid

Windows 10X is a “lightweight” version of the desktop OS designed for modern consumer devices. Microsoft promises that, thanks to the rewritten and shortened code, the system will become faster and more stable (but will lose support for some Win32 programs and extensions intended for older versions of the OS). Also in Windows 10X will be integrated with a new "Explorer", which will be able to quickly index data on the computer and instantly display search results.

Microsoft originally planned to release Windows 10X in 2020, but postponed open testing and release until 2021. The enhanced system is targeted at next-generation mobile PCs (including dual-screen and flexible displays), but only traditional single-screen notebooks are expected to be supported in the first year.


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