Forex Advisor Rating for Small Deposits

Forex Advisor Rating for Small Deposits


2020-05-13 11:02:00

Forex Advisor Rating


Trading in the foreign exchange market gives a misleading first impression. At first it may seem that such earnings do not require deep knowledge in the economics and the price chart analysis parameters.

However, many beginning traders lose their invested money during the first month of trading. The main reasons for this are:

  1. unsufficient training;
  2. disregard for capital management rules;
  3. lack of free time and discipline.


Fortunately, there is a solution - advisors on Forex for small deposits. The profabitily of loss of contribution is minimized. A high-quality, reliable and profitable strategy, built into the advisor 's algorithm, will allow the trader to make a stable profit and not spend a lot of time studying and analyzing the chart.


Robots on Forex for small deposits are a "lifeline" for many beginning traders. Their principle of trading is somewhat different from most advisors, who are used to obtain a stable but relatively small monthly gain to capital. The algorithm for small deposits is based on either the Martingale method or aggressive scalping (trading transactions that range from 1 to 30 minutes). Their main task is to derive maximum benefits from price fluctuations so profits are felt even with small start-up investments. Before launching automatic trading, these advisors should have reserve capital equal to the starting capital.


There is a Forex advisor ranking for small deposits. The following details describe the best trading robots that are recommended to be used in trading with little start-up capital:


Gepard 7


Advisor with a complicated algorithm. Performs automatic trading on all currency pairs.

Key benefits:

  1. uses several strategies based on standard indicators;
  2. hedges positions;
  3. may be applied in any financial market;
  4. monitors the balance sheet of the investment portfolio (simultaneous opening of several transactions for different assets, excluding correlation);
  5. $200 per 0.01 lot at the beginning;
  6. possibility to set up volume of deals.


This trading robot has a significant disadvantage - the inability to test on historical data in the special program "FXtester." It is only possible to test performance in real time, this process will take at least 2 months. During this period, it is important to determine the most profitable hours of operation of the robot and the most profitable assets.


Night Owl


Advisor for small deposit acceleration, whose algorithm involves the use of scalping strategy during the Asian session. Recommended for use to increase the deposit sharply. Potential yield is from 500% to 1500% per annum at standard settings (not recommended to change them). $100 is enough to get started.


Wall Street Forex Robot


There were rumors that this advisor is based on leaked information from major investment companies. The reason was the exact entry into the market and the high percentage of profitable deals. Today, an improved version of this robot is available for use. The advisor opens deals mainly on correction. The yield at standard settings varies from 10% to 20% per month. Can be used on any currency pair.




Advisor for small deposit based on scalping strategy. It is recommended to increase the deposit sharply. It is a German development, which can be considered as a kind of "quality certificate".




The best Forex advisor to increase small deposits sharply, which is able to show very high returns. Warrants are extremely rare, but the percentage of loss-making transactions is negligible. The advisor was designed specifically for trading on USD/CAD currency pair. Creators do not reveal the secrets of the strategy used in the algorithm.


Using Forex trading advisor to increase start-up capital is the optimal solution for those who want to provide themselves with stable passive income from the currency market, without delving into the subtleties of analysis. Don’t forget to test the robot in demonstration mode for at least 2 months before starting automatic trading on a real account


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