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2022-04-02 02:54:00

Why is it essential to study account plans when looking for a worthy broker to cooperate with? Check reviews and feedback on the company's services.

MSP Limited scam?

Forex broker MSP Limited

How to choose the proper accounts if you have no experience in trading?

To understand the effectiveness of cooperation, see the MSP Limited reviews; an English broker with more than ten years of experience shows how to choose accounts based on your requests.

Company contact details in Zurich:

How to get started with a broker, MSP Limited reviews

A trader is looking for the right account plan for himself in the "Account Types" section. It indicates the types and deposit fees required to open investment portfolios:

The money will need to be deposited into an account that can be opened after registration on the company's website. These are the requirements of the European legal framework for security.

It is advisable to study the security requirements that the company complies with several times, for example, on the policy of encrypting personal data, anti-fraud programs (AML, KYC).

Samuel Mack, the 43-year-old head of sales from London:

“I chose the account for cooperation for a long time and thoroughly. It was two years ago when I was new to trading. But then my friend advised me to MSP Limited. The manager was always in touch with me and answered my questions as politely as possible. With the help of a manager, I chose the ideal account plan for me and started trading.”

Why choose to trade with MSP Limited reviews

For trading, you can choose both a mobile application or a web platform.

Investment portfolios are available in five options. Consider each portfolio separately:

The "Explorer" package is available for work with a contribution of $500. It involves a Profession Chart, 30% Welcome Bonus.

The "Basic" package requires an investment of $2,500. It proposes: Personal Analyst, Introductory Private Session With An Analyst, Weekly Market reviews and Financial Research, Up to 50% Bonus (Trading Margin Liquidity)

The “Silver” account portfolio can be opened upon depositing 10,500 dollars. It gives A Personal Analyst, Monthly private sessions with An Analyst, Weekly Market Reviews, And Financial Research, Up to a 75% Welcome Bonus.

The "Gold" account requires investments from $25,000. It includes A personal Analyst, Smart Money Management Plan, Weekly private sessions with An Analyst, Weekly Market Reviews And Financial Research, Up to a 100% Welcome Bonus.

For a Premium package, you need to invest from $100,000. You get a Direct Line To Your Account Analyst, Long Term Financial Plan By a Senior Account Analyst, Weekly Private Sessions With An Analyst, Weekly Market Reviews And Financial Research, Up To 5 Protected Trades From an Account Analyst, Up To 150% Welcome Bonus.

Helen Bektur, 29-year-old trade worker from Inverness:

“I have always been wary of Forex scams, and MSP Limited has become my mainstay. The managers taught me how to confidently plan my deals, taking into account the economic forecast and the market situation. Special thanks for getting practical advice from the company's managers! I recommend listening to the direction of the MSP Limited reviews help you understand what this or that account implies.


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  1. guest review Boone Peter 09.04.2022
    He invested in Msp limited in all the tools, tried. Most of all I liked copying the transactions of those traders that the majority copies. Not bad is the investment in Haytek Fund and Banking. I’ll refrain to invest on the crypto fund, I observe.
    1. guest review Sharp Ronald 10.04.2022
      I want to note a few words about the broker where I have had an account for a couple of years. Like Msp limited in several parameters: 1 -good liquidity, 2 -outdoor without problems, 3- You can not only trade yourself, but also invest in different groups, and in transactions of other traders. Thank you.
      1. guest review Gallagher Joshua 17.04.2022
        In Msp limited I have a few years. I characterize the company positively in general. Normal execution, service is quite. I always brought out without questions and problems. I would only like the conclusion without a commission so that there is… :)
        1. guest review Warner Robert 29.04.2022
          I tried a virtual account and now I trade in the real account and I understand that I did not lose a bit. Over the year of deposit traffic, more than five dozen percent of the profit has already been. Now I am making my first conclusion of profit, two thousand dollars — this is a very solid income
          1. guest review Terry Peter 29.04.2022
            I always worked normally in my Msp limited germination. Always at the price that I myself declared. But the feet are yes, if you put a «sliding», then at any price. But I put the sliding only once when I wanted to leave the deal. So it seems that the previous author confused that he put not Take but Stop… and the losses are quite understandable.