LST-IC broker review 2022

Why are clients interested in LST-IC? Broker review

2022-11-21 21:51:00

You can trade on Forex through a broker. In this broker review, we will figure out whether the LST-IC company is suitable for this.

Getting to know LST-IC

Registration of the service took place in England. The central office is located in London. All employees regularly improve their skills through seminars and training. The company is officially operating. There are documents confirming the legality of the activity.

The site is simple but functional. It is not overloaded with details, the design is in a pleasant color scheme. All active buttons are at hand. Traders can practice on a training account before starting real trading. The advantage of the company is that it does not hide anything. All reports and licenses are in a special section.

Players are always warned about possible risks. There is a system of bonuses and compensations. The service works around the clock. There are instructions for beginners. If desired, you can take free training.


Although the company appeared at the end of 2018, the official founding date of LST-IC is considered to be 28.01.2020. The annual turnover is $25 billion. Among the clients are quite large, well-known players. Since the opening of more than a million accounts.

LST-IC review 2022

Broker LST-IC is licensed. It has the following documents:

The operation is regulated by the FCA and the Estonian Supervision Commission EFSA.

LST-IC company is the best forex broker for beginners and they are in favor of development, so they offer free training. Here you can find webinars, courses, articles, LST-IC invest review and it's all in the public domain. In addition, the process is supervised by an expert. There are certain bonuses and a compensation system. A demo account is available for 30 days. The size of the minimum deposit on LST-IC depends on the selected tariff.


The company provides recommendations on the preparation of a financial portfolio. Each transaction is verified, which keeps clients' money safe from fraudsters. There is a website and a mobile version. Several methods are available for depositing/withdrawing funds (including bank transfers). There are 120 tools available for traders. They can also be used when working with a practice account.

Online training and multilingual support service. Furthermore, statistics, forecasts, calculators, and a Forex events calendar are available in a special section. The following trading platforms are available for download:

There are automatic commands to the broker. You can set them at any convenient time.

Customer Service

LST-IC's customer service is available 24 hours a day. To get help, simply fill in the form on the website, write to the chat, or send an email. You can also use social networks. A reply comes within 30 minutes.

Company fees expenses

Opening a regular or training account is free of charge. The LST-IC online trading platform does not charge any hidden commissions. Here is what you have to pay for:

The company may charge a commission on CFD shares, stocks, and ETF. All payments are included in the agreement, and a more detailed list of expenses can be found on the website.

Working on Forex

LST-IC broker provides free training and access to a training account. There are more than 120 instruments and a responsive support service. Here's what else you can count on:

LST-IC's trading authorizations provide users with the appropriate legal and regulatory documents and grant access to trading.


LST-IC Exchange is a reliable, licensed online platform. There are several tariffs, bonuses, and promotions. In case of termination of the bank's activities, you can count on compensation. In general, what conclusions can be drawn from this LST-IC forex broker review? This is a pretty good company with a sufficient list of assets and free training.



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  1. guest review Kollinz Garri 05.12.2022
    I was really happy with this broker Lst-Ic. I had a low entry threshold, there is training and analytics. I worked on my strategies for a few weeks on a demo account.
    1. guest review Hant Horeyshio 06.12.2022
      I have been working on my forex strategies for a couple of weeks on a demo account. I have been earning good money for my forex broker since I failed to buy it on the market. I cannot make my judgments yet because I have opened the account less than a month ago but I am satisfied with it so far.
      1. guest review Uilkerson E­ntoni 07.12.2022
        For the first time reviews on Lst-Ic broker has not failed. I have never expected that the education will be of such high quality. I enjoyed the course on trading and watched several videos. The information was clearly explained. I practiced on the demo account and have already opened my first account. I hope it all works out.
        1. guest review Richardson Dzhon 08.12.2022
          I could not call it a scam, because there are a number of licenses in the public domain. I did not feel lazy and looked at the registers, everything is really official. The only thing I do not think that there could be more trading tools. I don't have any problem with this service.
          1. guest review Striklend Uilyam 09.12.2022
            I am very glad to work with broker Lst-Ic. The payments are honest, not delayed. In general, the card is received after 3 days, which is pretty good.
            1. guest review Danny 09.12.2022
              This company Is harrassing me and will not leave me alone
              1. guest review Uayt Dzhordzh 10.12.2022
                I do not know about the difference between the brokers and the real broker. This is a good company with several account types. I was very impressed with the variety of bonuses and offers.
                1. guest review Adams Alban 11.12.2022
                  I was very impressed with the variety of bonuses. I successfully deposited money to my balance and received a cashback. I am glad that I have such a good start. I couldn't order the withdrawal yet, but I guess I will not have to wait for a long time. I liked the broker Lst-Ic and I really like it.
                  1. guest review Nelson Dzhona 12.12.2022
                    I liked working with the company, although somewhere in the network and flashed the message that it scammers, but apparently these machinations of competitors, no more. All honest, I got the payment.
                    1. guest review Maksvell E­ndryu 13.12.2022
                      I have never had any problem with this broker. I have done my best to prepare myself very carefully and to find out all nuances before I opened the account. That is why I have been writing to the support service endless times and always got an answer. They explained to me everything about the protection of my rights and interests and told me about all the possible risks. I opened an account and started trading. In a couple of months I got 10% of net income.
                      1. guest review Uilson E­gbert 14.12.2022
                        The broker was a pleasure to work with. I trade only currency pairs but I got normal income. The deposit is low, so that it is possible to start with a small amount.
                        1. guest review Blek Donald 15.12.2022
                          I can gain some good money here. Many reviews on Lst-Ic mentioned that the customer support is answered in about half an hour, but I personally waited for 3 hours. Not critical and this is no reason to undervalue, but somehow sad. In general, I even feel comfortable here. The size of the deposit depends on the rate, which is not a bad plus.
                          1. guest review Beyker Feliks 16.12.2022
                            It is not inferior to many foreign platforms. I would even say that the broker is very good, I would even say solid. I would even say solid. I have never tried to buy from a broker who does not give a shit about his services.
                            1. guest review Rayli Kristofer 17.12.2022
                              I always withdraw my hard earned money without any problems. I always withdraw my earnings and in 2 years there has never been a problem.
                              1. guest review Metyus Dzhonas 18.12.2022
                                I always withdraw my earnings within two years and not a single problem. The only thing I have to say is that I do not pay for the commission. That is the only reason to give them an «A».
                                1. guest review Flowers Robert 07.01.2023
                                  Выполняется получение данных. Подождите несколько секунд, а затем еще раз попробуйте вырезать или скопировать.
                                  1. guest review Davidson Roland 11.01.2023
                                    All sites are similar to each other, and I was just lost in the choice, stopped at LST Inc on the recommendation of acquaintances. I got acquainted with the conditions, tried to withdraw the first income — everything is quickly without problems. I’ll try to trade further, there we'll see there. And such that I will stick to one, it’s even difficult to change something.
                                    1. guest review Jenkins Joseph 22.01.2023
                                      Good afternoon. I hasten to inform about my first successful withdrawal of funds in LST Inc, I waited a day, but in the joy that I earned something, these are trifles. The broker is honest, do not deceive, managers always help and suggest.
                                      1. guest review Ryan Barry 30.01.2023
                                        It is cool that LST Inc holds promotions. I take part for the first time, but my girlfriend has pulled me a second time. The essence of the action is simple, I went to the company's website and did everything, as it was written, first registered in my personal account, replenished the score and activated the button to open the deal.
                                        1. guest review Harrington Robert 07.02.2023
                                          I Want to Say A Few Words ABOUT THE BROKER LST INC. I am a Beginner in the Field of Trading, So My Review is More Subjective. I Decided to Try My Hand in Trading on Forex, Studved the Conditions of Many Brokers, Read Reviews. Naturally, Almost EVERYTHING BECAME Incomprehensible to Me. At LST InC, At FIRST, DepRIVED of DepRIVATION DUE to Advertising. FIRST of All, I WASPED with The Clear Secation «For Beginners», ThuS to Which EVERYTHING IN My Head Decomposed ON THE SHELves and The Demo Account, A Little Practice Would Huurt. Naturally, I Understood that Not Erything is as Cloudless as It Was Drawn in Theory, So I Climbed Into The Forum. Of Course, I Talked with Consultants, Support Service, Studied Standards, But as You Understand the Opinion of Tradeers with Experience, Is Another Thing. Now I Opened a Real Account, Threw $ 300, Receved a Welcoming Bonus and Trade Neatly and with Wide Eyes! I Feel The so so to Speak. To date, Understanding All the Risks and Having Learned this Craft, I Can that ME LST IS ONLY and SO FAR Indispany with Ideal
                                          1. guest review Bell Williamя 15.02.2023
                                            YES, LST InC Broker Is Reliable, I Completely Agree with Positive Reviews. LST InC QUS Quite Narrow Spreads in the Main Pairs, Which in Addition to EVERYTHING CAN STILL BE REDUCED BY Registering in the PARTNER RIBEITE Program. There Are Many Opportunites for Any Trader, For Example, I Try Myself in Competitions on the Site. Already Won 3 Times. I Always Read the Rules of the Compension and Was the First Time Pleasantly Surprprised Was Moved Along The Winners Table, I took 7th Place, RecEving 200 Prize Dollars. But Apparently He DIDN’t look At SOMETHING AND MISSED THE RULES. IF We Talk ABOUT PAYMENTS OF PROFIT, then EVERYTHING IS Fine. Prize can be Taken to Any System Except a Bank Transfer. I use The Wallet to Remove the Wallet and the Funds are Always Done During the Day, Which is Very pleasant. SOON I STILL Think to Try Myself in Binary Options, I Heard a Lot of Praise! SO DURING THE COOPERATION, YOU CAN Positively DRAW A Conclusion and Join All Adequate Reviews of the Forex Broker LSTG.
                                            1. guest review Brooks James 19.02.2023
                                              A Review of Such a Broker as LST IS A Rather Interesting Task. IS Simultaneousuply Similar to EVERYONE ELSE, BUT, NEVERTHELESS, IS COMPLETELYA DIFFERENT. The only Thing that Hooken Me for the Living IS Normal, NOT Panrabian, Communication Between An Account Specialist and Client. My Analyst Is a Professional Trader Who is Absolutly not Interest in My Personal Life. IS Amazing and Unusual to Work with A Person Who Has a Purely Professional Interest, Who Simply Fulfills His Function, AS Promined by the Manager Initailly — Gives You Traading Reading Reading Reading Reading Reading Reading Readings And I Don'T NEED MORE. Like You do not NEED THEY DID in Other Companies When I Did Not to Invest. The Trader, of Course, Gives Recomminess, Coometimes Offers Transactions Designed for More Serious Capital than I Have. Soometimes I Invest Larger, But More Offen I IGNORE SUCH Proposals. EVERYTHING HAPPENS ON THE BASIS of My Desire and Without Violence. Thanks LST Inc for this. For a year and Three Months There was Never a Feeling that LST InC Broker Is Scammers. EVERYTHINGS SMOOOTH and Absolutly MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL. It Suits Me. As the Profitability is Satispied — ABOUT 8.5% of Net Profit Per Quarter. Quietly, Calmly and Without Unnecessary Hassle.
                                              1. guest review Ramsey Melvin 28.02.2023
                                                Not always eventhing gos smoothly and i Will Not Justify My Firsttion of the Office and the Clear Confidence that LST Inc Frauders Areson Factor AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AS AS No, Professionalism and Competence Go Beond What I Indicated ABOVE. And in this Broker was Rehabilited Very Quickly. To my surprise, as soon as i Suspected a deception for LST Inc, The Market Deployed in the Direction I Needed. It is all so surprising, as if the universe does not want to encourage my paranoia. So What? I have EVERY Right! But with LST InC EVERYTHINGS SMOOOTH in THIS MATTER. They do their work, Earn Their Commission, I Fulfill My Function As an Investor, I Also Receiving Training in the Process from The Analyst Accompany Mee. What Else does? YES, I WANT, of COURSE, That The Broker does a High -quality Market Review and that Would Be in General Access, I Want Their Experts to Arrange Training Webinars. But on the Other Hand, I Understand that this Company is not a training Center. This is a brocer that gives you an Access to the Market. LST Inc Has Someting Different in this Matter — Trade and Income that it brings to traders.
                                                1. guest review Joshua Burns 05.03.2023
                                                  The Support Support LST InC customers is at a high level, quickly and professionally responding to any requests and wishes.
                                                  1. guest review Fred Goodwin 07.03.2023
                                                    One of the best features of LST Inc is customer service. They offer round -the -clock customer support.
                                                    1. guest review Albert Beck 14.03.2023
                                                      Their customer support service is at a high level, quickly and professionally responding to any requests and wishes. In general, LST Inc is an excellent broker
                                                      1. guest review David Hammond 17.03.2023
                                                        LST InC customer service is excellent, the trading platform is equipped with many functions, and the choice of currency pairs is excellent.