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Experts from MSP Limited scam signs explained

2022-04-02 02:54:00

If the company delays the withdrawal of profits to the client's account, this is already.
The scam, a broker from Zurich, talks about how the deposit is replenished and the client's money is withdrawn.


Forex broker MSP Limited

The company was registered in 2012; the broker was recorded in Switzerland, the principal office of the company is located in Zurich:

MSP Limited scam protection team talks about the dangers

Not all brokers want to cheat their clients. First of all, brokers from Europe will never do this. Indeed, there are strict measures to punish financial fraudsters in this region.

Here are the signs of brokers from which you can expect a scam:

The broker is not registered in Europe because registration somewhere on the islands or in the countries of Latin America simplifies fraudulent fraud without punishment.
No office. Companies that do not have a legal address on are especially suspicious.
Such a company does not have its trading terminal. The main task of a brokerage company is to ensure the client's uninterrupted operation of the trading terminal. If there is no platform for work, then the broker is not honest.
Tariffs are far from reality. Promises of inflated profits in the shortest possible time are signs of fraud in the market. Such companies aim to attract customers with reasonable offers and then disappear with the money under the guise of bankruptcy.

What information should be on the official of a worthy company:
Documentation that regulates the rights and obligations of the broker and the client and speaks about the security policy of the broker.

Tariff plans with pricing details and descriptions of cooperation conditions:

Link to download the trading platform in several versions, terminal for trading from your personal computer, Internet, and mobile platform.

MSP Limited: scam can be easily spotted

Each trader must open a personal account on the broker's platform for cooperation. Money is credited to this account all the time for the time of collaboration:

Additional income from participation in affiliate programs.
The funds are credited to the broker's account instantly. But if the client tops up the account, it may take some time (this may depend on which method of topping up the account the client chooses):
Transfer using a bank card - instant replenishment of the account;
Replenishment of the account through a bank card - from three to five banking days;
Transfer through the financial transfer system - up to three business days;
Replenishment using an electronic wallet - up to one hour.
Withdrawal of funds should occur approximately in the same time frame - up to five business days.

The client must request a withdrawal of money through the personal account on the company's, as it happens with MSP Limited. Scam broker will create barriers to performing this action, for example:
The payment of funds will occur if the client brings another client for cooperation or provides data.
Payment of a minor or limited amount only at a limited time, for example, from 15.00 to 18.00 (inability to process requests for technical reasons).
The promise of payment of funds only from the first day of the following month.


Reviews of customers who have suffered from the deceit of scammers show that scam can be avoided. MSP Limited scam advice: don’t trust companies when you’re not sure if they worth it.


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  1. guest review Marsh Francis 13.04.2022
    I really like the mobile platform of this broker. Very comfortably. Therefore, he began to regularly make transactions, just from a smartphone. Also its own, this platform is simply comfortable with the computer. The main thing that I realized is a good Internet. There are no problems with transactions.
    1. guest review Rodgers Mark 21.04.2022
      I began to trade relatively small deposits, yet I am quite suspicious, but in a couple of months of trade in Etoro I did not notice any tricks. I threw a dozen bucks already in order to trade quite comfortably, and for a year now I have been swinging this ten, I rented a profit of $ 2,000 five times, it turned out 100% of the profit in a year, which was not bad. And most importantly, the broker does not fail me
      1. guest review Sparks Thomas 23.04.2022
        I copy different traders on this site. It seems to me the most successful look as an investment. Reliable, stable in general, there were no severe losses. The choice of traders is large for this, so the result is good.
        1. guest review Murphy Robert 26.04.2022
          In general, I am satisfied with trade with Msp limited. A variety of tools is the most interesting for me. Therefore, money is almost constantly working. I use one, universal system, but it gives the entrances quite rarely. But almost faithful. Therefore, just a broker with a large set of tools is important to me.