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How to trade with Profits Vision? Account types

2022-09-01 19:19:00

In online trading, success depends not only on luck, but also on the quality platform that the client works with. When you are offered an outdated platform or one that is very slow, you will not be able to quickly respond to market offers, analyze trends well, and generally lose your agility. Therefore, when choosing a broker, pay special attention to the proposed trading platform. It is important to understand exactly what technical capabilities the company can provide you with. Here we will talk about the features and fees of Profits Vision account types.

More and more investors are dealing with Forex trading. Foreign exchange trading has flourished for a number of years and has skyrocketed again since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Continued low interest rates on fixed-rate investments, fees for holding large amounts of money in checking accounts and money market accounts are forcing many savers and investors to rethink their views. There are many ways to invest money and accumulate wealth, which often involve greater opportunities for profit, but also higher risks.

Experts recommend planning foreign exchange trading carefully and doing it very consistently. This includes entering the trading market, staying up to date with what is happening in the market and finding the right exit. Online brokers often offer guides, tutorials, and webinars to help you get started. It is also recommended for a beginner to practice on a demo account and start trading on Forex with small amounts.

Profits Vision account types user reviews.

About figures and facts: Profits Vision website and its commissions

Initially, the broker focused on Forex, but then followed the example of his colleagues and expanded his licensing opportunities for cooperation with stock exchanges.

The location address coincides with the legal address of registration. Throughout the years of work, although among its clients there are residents of more than 15 countries.

Profits Vision strategy manager review complies with all the requirements of the regulations, as stated on its website in the list of documents:

Profits Vision website also supports anti-fraud programs (including AML), therefore, mandatory verification of clients has been introduced. The site describes all its conditions.

With the choice of each next account, the possibilities of traders are revealed. For example, there is an option to distribute risk between assets with different volatility.

Profits Vision account gives you a choice of several trading assets in which you can invest money:


Trade stocks all over the world. Take advantage of our low margins and become part of the company.


Access over 60 of the most popular cryptocurrency pairs and easily manage all your funds from one account.


Trade the most popular currency pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD and EUR/GBP.


Trade on the price execution of a group of stocks. Predict markets and capitalize on longer-term opportunities.

Precious metals

Get access to the precious metals markets. These markets are known to offer great security and include trading in gold, silver and other precious metals.

For trading, you can choose both a mobile application and a web platform.

Profits Vision website offers four versions of forex terminals

According Profits Vision spread review trading platform is made in four versions at once: for desktop and for mobile devices. Being a patented development, the platform level corresponds to MT.

Profits Vision spread review, features of each version:

  1. Desktop. When installed on a computer, it has wide functionality, a high level of security and offline storage of client data.
  2. Web platform. Access is possible with a username and password. 24/7 access, full functionality. Protected by SSL logging.
  3. Tablet version. Access to trading is limited, but it is possible to manage your personal account, as well as track trading and receive signals. Good graphic capabilities.
  4. Smartphone version. Limited functionality, round-the-clock access to the site, personal account management.

Profits Vision review trustpilot: clients most often prefer to combine several platforms. For example, a web platform is mixed with a mobile application.

The desktop and web versions have built-in strategy decisions that a trader can write into their strategy script. For details, please contact your personal manager.

Any of the selected versions of the platform can be installed from the company's website.

Conclusion on Profits Vision market spread - the company exists, provides brokerage services with very good starting conditions.

Profits Vision review reddit of Forex trading conditions and simple formulas.

Online trading is possible even if you do not have significant financial capital. Even with modest opportunities, you can start making money on fluctuations in stocks and currencies. You can start with the minimum amount.

Profits Vision review reddit basic trading conditions from brokers

In order for an investor to enter the market, he needs an intermediary. Brokerage firms have taken on this role. They offer their clients software with access to the global trading market. Brokers also offer advice and training to help you choose the most profitable investment methods or start figuring it out on your own. And if your broker, like Profits Vision market spread, has access not only to Forex, but also to the stock market, then you will have much more interesting opportunities for earning.

You can familiarize yourself with the terms of cooperation in advance on the website of the intermediary. Find the "Documents" section in the menu. For example, as on the site, Profits Vision review trustpilot.

As you can see, there is not only a list of company documents and their description, but also the provisions of the privacy policy and participation in the anti-money laundering program. All these documents demonstrate compliance with the requirements of European legislation and the use of advanced methods for encrypting customer data. Brokers also check clients, which prevents fraud.

These actions guarantee the protection of personal data and safe trading. And this is a great advantage of European brokers.

Anyone can register. But in order to open an account and start trading, you need to pass verification.

Stock market and account types from Profits Vision strategy manager review

After registration and verification, the client chooses his tariff plan. The company has developed three portfolios. The simplest of them is designed to start with a minimum amount. This gives access to currency trading only.

After choosing a plan, the client must open a personal account with the company. From now on, the trader has a personal manager. He will give professional advice, will accompany him in all transactions and transactions, if necessary, will train and help to understand market trends and current investments.

The trader makes the deposit amount according to the selected account plan and the amount to be invested in a personal account. Also, this account receives money from transactions and those received when using leverage from the company. The procedure for replenishing a personal account and withdrawing money from it is described in detail on the website:

Profits Vision strategy manager review: conclusions

With the broker Profits Vision you have ample opportunities: you can invest in currencies, stocks, indices, commodities and commodities. All assets are available on one trading platform, which is downloaded from the company's website. The broker has developed tariff plans in such a way that you can start with minimal investment amounts.

Profits Vision spread

It is important for a trader to study the market and brokers with their trading conditions, it is important to study the size of the trading leverage, the size of commissions and Profits Vision spread, as well as the conditions for depositing and withdrawing money. A good helpdesk specialist should be knowledgeable and able to answer any questions regarding services and company policies.

Customer service Profits Vision trustpilot

By the way, about supporting Profits Vision trustpilot. Technical support works around the clock. Delays in response last no more than 15 minutes. Support covers both the desktop version of the trading platform and questions about the mobile application. The latter is available on the "Platform" page in the menu of the company's website. High-quality consulting and adequate technical service - the first thing that falls on request.


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  1. guest review Hopkins Harold 05.09.2022
    The main factor for me personally is the reliability of the broker and his transparent work with traders. In Profit visions all this is. It is confirmed both impeccable work for a quarter century, as well as the lack of claims with the regulator. Everything is always clear both in calculations and for working with orders.
    1. guest review Higgins Peter 06.09.2022
      He used to collaborate with another broker, but moved to Profit visions. Here are better conditions, a very good analytician. What else I want to note is a convenient mobile application.
      1. guest review Powers Simon 13.09.2022
        For a long time I did not finish with the broker. I trade and trade myself slowly from year to year. But yesterday a call from Profit visions. They asked how to trade if everything was satisfied. What they remember of their old customers is of course great. Permanent customers, this is the backbone of the company. Any normal broker strives to increase it.
        1. guest review Richard Payne 04.10.2022
          Funds come quickly, without delay. I do not actively trade, I invest more, buying different assets for about the same amount every month, and the fact that the broker has in terms of financial instruments and functions is more than enough.
          1. guest review Charles Snyder 22.10.2022
            The main factor for me personally is the reliability of the broker and his transparent work with traders. In Profit visions all this is. It is confirmed both impeccable work for a quarter century, as well as the lack of claims with the regulator. Everything is always clear both in calculations and for working with orders.
            1. guest review Raymond Morgan 30.10.2022
              He used to collaborate with another broker, but moved to Profit visions. Here are better conditions, a very good analytician. What else I want to note is a convenient mobile application.
              1. guest review Simon Gerald 16.11.2022
                Good broker, I work with him not so long ago, I like it. I liked that if there are questions, then technical support helps, they answer quickly. I earn slowly, I withdraw money without problems. It is convenient to use, everything is done as comfortable for users. A lot of tools, the trade process takes place quickly and without problems. I will use further.
                1. guest review Jones Daniel 17.11.2022
                  Satisfied with trade U Profits vision, the system works technically harmoniously, everything works without failures in principle.
                  1. guest review Hunter Williamя 30.11.2022
                    I purchased a subscription Profits vision, and, in my opinion, too much attention is paid to and attempts to lure me in the purchase of other and more expensive products. Perhaps one or twice at the end of the subscription, the Profits vision menu of products and prices can be represented for those who are interested in extending or, possibly, adding products or configuration.
                    1. guest review Tyler Jerome 17.12.2022
                      I know about Profits Vision for a long time, I still did not dare to try to work with this broker. Half a year ago, I registered, picked up an account for myself, pleased that making money without a commission. Already withdrew funds, everything honestly and without delay.
                      1. guest review Arnold Daniel 27.12.2022
                        For me, Profits Vision is the most reliable platform for trading. I had a lot of experience on different platforms and, unfortunately, not all good. This broker bribed his rating and reviews. I did not regret it.
                        1. guest review Davidson Jacob 29.12.2022
                          Over the years of the search, it seems to me that I found a broker who fully meets my requirements and this is Profits Vision. The guys work very harmoniously. I like a bonus program. I work quickly servers. It’s enough to figure it out on the platform for trading.