Mit Ic account types

Mit Ic account types: what do we know about the company? Let's check

2022-09-15 17:08:48

How do check the company for honesty? There are several essential markers of a good broker that will bring profit to its clients, not losses or deceit.
Today we will check for fraud in Mit Ic account types, which offer brokerage services in the market of currencies, raw materials, and indices.

Mit Ic website review

Since this broker works online, we will focus on its resource, software, documentation, and security requirements.
Company website address:
Contact details and company registration:

According to our findings, the broker provides comprehensive information about himself and his services on the site. This already eliminates the possibility that the Mit Ic website is a scam or even just hiding something from customers. On the contrary, all information materials and documents are freely available.
Let's consider this in more detail.

Mit Ic account: Services and trading conditions

To begin with, let's figure out what and how this brokerage company "helps" trade.
Firstly, the company is a professional in conducting successful currency transactions (including large ones). The broker has a good reputation in the Forex market, which has developed over more than five years of profitable activity.
Secondly, the broker provides clients with a complete package of investment services and currencies, offering long-term investments in commodities and indices.
Since the currency market is characterized by volatility, an increased level of speculation, pumps and dumps, provocative campaigns, etc, in addition, this market is very strongly influenced by world economic and political processes (they affect all markets but rarely cause such severe changes in the price of assets, with the exception, perhaps, of the oil market).
Investments of part of the capital in "fast" currency transactions, and another amount of the capital in long-term transactions with metals, commodities, and indices, lead to the formation of a balanced investment portfolio. This is not afraid of ups and downs in one market, as other assets have a safety net.
A description of assets, trading with them, as well as hours of trading sessions and the basic rules for providing leverage from a broker, are on the website in the "Products" tab:

Reviews about Mit Ic account plans and customer options

The broker has four types of accounts, so to speak, "for any wallet." The micro-tariff (a contribution of only $500) is designed for that part of traders who are just looking for a market or are wary of unfamiliar sites. With this tariff, many begin to trade.
The "Silver" Mit Ic account type is designed for confident investors who purposefully increase their capital. Here the first installment is 20 times higher than the "micro-deposit" in addition, trading in several assets is available; that is, you can use the services of a broker to the fullest.
The "gold" account is suitable for people who are used to trading, feel the market, and already have their strategy. The broker will help strengthen these leadership qualities.

For more information about each Mit Ic account, see the website in the "Trading Accounts" tab and check with the manager.

Mit Ic strategy manager review: Registration and verification

The client can choose an account, go through a quick registration, and get acquainted with the site.
You must go through the usual registration and verification procedure to start trading. Please note that the company supports anti-fraud programs (AML, KYC), so Mit Ic will not offer a scam.
Registration form (indicate the correct date of the birth, country, and phone number, because an error in the state may complicate the verification procedure):

Verification will be required to gain access to trading operations. To do this, follow the recommendations of the support department:

Sometimes, a photo of the card (with a closed CVV) or a picture of the client with a document is requested. A bank statement may also be required.
Responsibilities of broker and client: Mit Ic reviews Reddit
All company documents are located on the website in the "Legal Information" section - in the form of a list with active links/transitions to the text:

Here you should read the “Risk Notice” since it is difficult to imagine exchange trading without leverage. Still, it is necessary to understand the conditions of such trading (especially for beginners).
The broker Mit Ic spread review provides data security guarantees to its clients:

Deposit and withdrawal of funds: Mit Ic review Trustpilot

The company’s honesty is clear in how easy and fast you can get your money. For example, fraudulent scam projects are “famous” for allowing clients to withdraw cash and completely disappear along with all investments in their accounts.
For Mit Ic, the scam is unacceptable because everything is evident with the withdrawal of funds. Step-by-step instruction:

Ways to withdraw money and approximate terms of receipt of funds:


There are four options for the trading terminal on the leading site and in the "Platforms" tab.

Of course, the most convenient is the combination of several options due to comments on Mit Ic Trustpilot, which allows the client to keep abreast of the market.

Mit Ic Reddit customer feedback on the quality of service

If you want to read reviews about the quality of cooperation with this service, you should look for them on English-speaking trading platforms. There, the broker has a well-deserved good reputation. Any problem situations were resolved (according to our observations, since we monitored the entire comment thread). As a result, we are sure that Mit Ic promotes the efficient trading of its clients.
This broker receives the best quality reviews for:
Simple cashout: “Often, managers downplay withdrawal problems by saying that the delay is a special case, but usually everything works as it should. Everyone is already used to the fact that the withdrawal times differ from those you were promised. But with Mit Ic, this opinion began to change. Of course, there are no promises to transfer money in two hours, but the guys meet the stated deadlines. When there were problems with my first bank, we solved them quickly.”
Good support: “One of the best service options, that's for sure. Very helpful with installation and setup. I contact you regularly and get all the answers right away.”
Favorable conditions and strategies: “I was lucky to come to this broker. I was already disappointed in trading, believing that it was not mine and that I was unlucky. But we have been together with Mit Ic for two years, and everything is working out! Thanks!".


Our question was: Mit Ic - scammers or an honest company? After some research, it became clear that this company has good experience and reputation.


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