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Growing company Trendingraphs: a broker in the era of globalization


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The globalization of financial markets is a natural result of the development of the world economy in a free market. The main characteristic of progressive business processes is the most profitable use of capital in international relations. For example, large global corporations move production to China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and other developing countries because of cheaper workforce and resources. Countries of the world sign the agreement to avoid double taxation. IT companies of all the world open the headquarters in New York to upgrade their status on the market. All these examples result in capital growth of the companies, says Trendingraphs broker.

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Against this background, phenomena occurring in the Forex market and the role of finance brokers are of particular interest, which should be studied by analyzing the functions of Trendingraphs broker, trading, and scam at Forex, as well as the impact of the world's dominant trends on the company. It goes without saying that the forex market is a new phenomenon that becomes possible in the current stage of technological development only. So, the internal mechanisms and processes of this market are the object of interest. The functions of the financial broker, its work for the individual traders, and market regulations, and the difference between the reliable broker and scam are the object of heated discussions.

Initially, only large banks, including national banks and reputable commercial organizations could engage in currency speculation. The size of the deposit for participation in trading at Forex is measured in millions of dollars, which limited the access of individuals to trading. In this way, the large players tried to protect the market from the inflow of smaller players that could change the market landscape. It looks reasonable because the currency operation on the forex market can change the economic situation in a large country. However, currency speculations look like a business opportunity, so this market is too attractive, and the small business had to find a way to enter this market.

Today, thanks to the mediation of brokers such as Trendingraphs, Forex has become available for private traders. Some of them mistakenly believe Trendingraphs broker is a scam. However, this is not true: Trendingraphs is one of the most reliable brokers on the market. The individual traders use forex trading for capital accumulation. Then they use the profits for personal purposes or invest it in other businesses. Modern business logic dictates the need to invest in the part of the world where they will bring maximum profit. Thus, the purchase and sale of currency become a prerequisite for competitive business development. Trendingraphs broker reviews from real people show the clients of the company successfully withdraw their profits from the forex market.

What services does Trendingraphs offer as a broker for a private trader?

Acting as intermediaries, brokers make it possible to minimize the trader’s initial investment and use their license, assuming the responsibility of registering it. The brokers compete, and they try to create profitable terms for the traders and attract new clients. However, a new trader should be careful: the fake broker companies often use a high bonus for their promotion. After several hundreds of new users transfer their money to such a company, it disappears, stop answering the calls and messages, and there is almost no chance to return the money. So, always check the Trendingraphs broker reviews before transferring money to the broker company.

The list of main functions of Trendingraphs broker scam as a broker includes:

·         Providing a trader with an account to make a deposit;

·         Providing access to quotes;

·         Providing a platform for remote access to trades and market analytics (for example, MetaTrader 4, which protects the transactions of traders of Trendingraphs from scammers);

·         Compensation of the small amount of the starting capital of the client through the provision of leverage;

·         Consultation and informational support.

It is important to remember that the cooperation between a broker and an individual trader the win-win situation. The income of a broker in such a situation is formed at the expense of commissions received on traders' transactions. And the mediation of Trendingraphs is not a scam, but a full-scale partnership that is mutually beneficial for both parties. The broker, under its own guarantees, becomes a link between the trader and other segments of the financial market. So, the brokerage representatives always act for the client's benefit. This rule also includes the consulting and informational support that is available for each Trendingraphs client.


Thanks to globalization, activity standards are unified for all market participants. Moreover, this fully applies to the activities of Trendingraphs as a broker, reviews of which testify to the high quality of the services provided. In addition to registration and legal support, the company offers consultations to help the client to develop in the market. As a rule, the consultation covers the frequently asked question: how to withdraw money, how to open several transactions at a time, is Trendingraphs broker a scam. However, the experienced support representatives can explain the rules of trading, provide some comments on the current events, and help the trader to save money.

Trendingraphs broker reviews as a broker provide all the technical and analytical tools necessary for a trader that fully meets today's requirements. There some in-built algorithms in MT4, which allow the creation of the graphs and show the price fluctuation. Besides, in the special section of the site the trader can find an educational article, news, forex glossary, and other useful materials. We support the idea that the trader should combine the knowledge of market theory with practical experience. So, the Trendingraphs broker company offers the demo account for the new traders, who are not confident enough to start trading with real money.

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The realities of the international market today

The role of Trendingraphs at Forex is a direct consequence of global processes. Today, multinational companies and contracting internationally are gaining ever-greater weight. In addition, the data, which is the result of Trendingraphs broker reviews analytics of market reaction on the changes taking place in the world, help the trader to react to what is happening in a timely manner.

The globalization process is characterized by:

1.Internationalization of production;

2.Increased foreign direct investment;

3.Absolute freedom of movement of capital between domestic and world markets;

4.Strengthening international trade;

5.Creating a global infrastructure for effective international cooperation.

Based on the above, it is obvious that щту should not take the impressive list of currency pairs from Trendingraphs as scam or marketing ploy. The economy really has a need for active currency trading.


Worldwide Information Security Problems and Their Reflection in Trendingraphs Forex Activities | Trendingraphs broker scam?

With the development of network communications, the exchange rate is sensitive to economic and political changes in any country. That is why forex traders follow the news channels and build their trading strategies, taking in attention political and economic news. Sometimes the market reaction on some events is stronger than the impact on the other spheres of life. For example, the market reacts to any news of the U.S. president impeachment with the strong fluctuation of the U.S. dollar rate to euro and other major currencies. The virtual economy is gaining momentum, and its means of payment become part of the financial market.

However, this process has another rather unpleasant side. As usual, the money attracts the criminal of all types, starting from the hackers and up to fake broker companies. The most vulnerable part of the financial chain is an individual user. Many cybercrimes could never happen if the users did not provide their credentials – login and password – to the third parties. Together with the growth of the financial market, the number of cybercrimes also increases. Year by year, the number of crimes related to the data theft and hacking of software designed for financial transactions is increasing. Trendingraphs broker reviews, is it real?

Comparison of statistics speaks for itself.


The share of fishing attacks in the financial sector in 2016, %

The share of fishing attacks in the financial sector in 2017, %




As far as seen, the number of fishing attacks increases from year to year. The fishing attack is the type of cybercrime when the criminal tries to get access to the personal data of a victim. Then the cyber fishersaccess to the accounts and withdraw all the money. Trendingraphs broker implemented the set of protective measures to avoid money withdrawal by the third party. However, criminals create and use new and new systems of ID copying. So, please be careful and protect your personal data. Do not access the financial systems from the public computers to avoid the data leak. Do not share your private information with third parties. It is always easier to steal personal data than to break the protected computer system.

To avoid the intrusion of scammers to the trading process, Trendingraphs broker uses MT4 – MetaTrader4, trading terminal. This is the most reliable trading software in the current market, and it has no known vulnerabilities. Thus, it is impossible to steal the money from the account with just accessing MT4. Besides, Trendingraphs regularly checks the internal systems by the antivirus software. The website, personal accounts, and trading terminal are protected from hacker attacks and malware. The company also provides the recommendations of password creation and other account protective measures. Therefore, the issue of safeguarding Trendingraphs customers from scam and hacking is of relevance.

To this end, the company:

Offers its customers proven software that has a streamlined security system that reliably protects Trendingraphs traders from scammers.

Ensures the security of created accounts through confidential access, which protects Trendingraphs customers from scams through access to their registration data.

Follows all the requirement to information security and data protection.

Trendingraphs is a reliable broker on the forex market, especially for the new traders. If you decided to try yourself in the currency trading, start with Trendingraphs.


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  1. guest review Parten T. 07.01.2020
    Trendingraphs contacted me earlier this week and it looks like those folks are eager to make more clients. I’ve never been a trader in my life and not sure if I want to become one (I’ve heard that chances to hit a broker scam are really high) but these guys are quite persuasive. Gotta think it over, I suppose.
    1. guest review Wolfgang. K. 12.01.2020
      I’ve been to some trading platforms over the years and cannot say that Trendingraphs has some striking differences from your average platform. Nice terms, decent support, mediocre Trendingraphs broker reviews. You can give it a try, at least you’ll know that they are not a money-devouring bubble.
      1. guest review Gunter O. 20.01.2020
        Trendingraphs is nice, but it can be said for most of the platforms I’ve been working with. Nothing special, absence of tournaments and events for traders takes it in the “boring” department even. Customer care service works fine, but keeping people entertained is important too, you know. Average broker reviews say it all.
        1. guest review Twilb 28.01.2020
          On my Trendingraphs experience: it was superb months. Nothing super-extraordinary, but everything is solid and works O.K. The don’t have a lot of praising broker reviews but I can assure you one can make money with them if he’s acting smart.
          1. guest review Charlette H. 04.02.2020
            Can anyone compare it with some other platforms for me? Or should I just continue? I mean, profits are nice, but maybe I can improve it
            Trendingraphs is quite decent, I only wish they would establish cooperation with some trading terminals other than meta.
            1. guest review Marvin Willie 12.02.2020
              Can not say much on the topic of Trendingraphs. They are okay, not great, not bad, just that — okay. Good option for beginners I suppose.
              1. guest review Mark Spars 21.02.2020
                Trendingraphs is kinda strange as far as trading platforms go: their customer care service is responding quite slowly, some solid hours can pass before you receive a reply. Not sure why’s that, but why should I care as a client? Just fix it. You got some good broker reviews and rightly so, but this issue needs to be addressed.
                1. guest review flet560098 29.02.2020
                  Trendingraphs is, well, fine, I guess. As much as your next trading platform.
                  1. guest review Mr. Annix19 04.03.2020
                    I’ve had some financial problems recently and decided I need to create some new income source; forex and Tradingraphs were my tool of choice, I’m already getting some results. Hope they will be getting better with time.
                    1. guest review Zendy V.V. 10.03.2020
                      Okay, here’s some for Tradingraphs. Terms are so-so, support I really liked, withdrawal times are average, trading is BORING, no tournaments or stuff like that. If you have heart of stone and discipline of steel — go for it, might have some profits.
                      1. guest review Xerx B. 18.03.2020
                        Whatever happens to forex market, there would always be people like Tradingraphs to make money on it. I can’t stop marvelling on how those tricksters keep their profits rising.
                        1. guest review Abigail Lonty1989 27.03.2020
                          All the time I was working with Tradingraphs was, well, semi-satisfactory. Yeah, I got some good money, but the stress of trading itself just might be too much for me. I’m not sure if I will stay in this line of work.
                          1. guest review Charlotte I. 04.04.2020
                            GO TRADINGRAPHS! Wow, I really love this forex trading thing. Gotta spend some time learning more though so I can stay in the green, as they say :)
                            1. guest review Abramson N. 13.04.2020
                              Trendingraphs are just awesome, I especially love their customer service. Looking forward to make even more money with them.
                              1. guest review Edward 20.04.2020
                                I don’t really have time for all that comparative mumbo-jumbo, I know just what I need to know – Trendingraphs made me some money and I’m staying. That’s it.
                                1. guest review Jones 29.04.2020
                                  I’ve got a call from this nice young man who said something about Trendingraphs and forex trading. I don’t know about all that, be he was really nice and I enjoyed the conversation.
                                  1. guest review Berrington G 04.05.2020
                                    Forex is just a way to spend money not to earn them, don’t think I’ll be joining this activity anytime soon. My cousin works it with Trendingraphs and makes some coin but it requires like a ton of self-discipline, and stress levels are too much for me.
                                    1. guest review Nash 11.05.2020
                                      I have some previous experience with Trendingraphs, yeah. Ain’t got much to say about those fellas cause they are quite average in all departments. Like their support style though.
                                      1. guest review Summer Bones 19.05.2020
                                        Let's face the truth, 80-90% of the people talking about broker trading don't know a first thing about it. I'd advise you to stop listening to their weak unbased points and work with professionals, Trendingraphs for example, then you might really learn something.
                                        1. guest review Tristin Bailey 26.05.2020
                                          Jeez, I wish I had a good way to express all the emotions I feel right now after my fat withdrawal from Trendingraphs. Trading was so worth it, daym.
                                          1. guest review Gemma Grant 01.06.2020
                                            Yeah, sure, Trendingraphs has issues, but show me a broker who doesnt and i will show you a liar in a mirror. The important part is that they make money, and that is all I really care about when it comes to trading.
                                            1. guest review Taylor Novak 09.06.2020
                                              Referring to the current state of the market as «turbulent» would be quite an understatement I think. Even working with Trendingraphs didn't help my finances much, though they are quite professional.
                                              1. guest review Elsie Nash 14.06.2020
                                                I've done my study and know how to research the market, but I really struggle when it comes to actual selling and purchasing and looking for the right moment. Working with Trendingraphs helped me with that anxiety and for that I'm grateful. Nice guys.
                                                1. guest review Memphis Juarez 22.06.2020
                                                  «Take your money and run» strategy might be a good solution if you want to stagnate, but you can't beat hard times on your back with your tail between your legs, you need strong decisions. I'm going to continue working with Trendingraphs because I want to evolve further, even during the times of decline.
                                                  1. guest review Charles Gilmore 29.06.2020
                                                    I'm yet to trade with Trendingraphs, but I have tried demo accounts from other brokers, and Trendingraphs offers quite interesting starting terms. Still in doubts though.
                                                    1. guest review Musa Clay 01.07.2020
                                                      I've just begun my cooperation with Trendingraphs and the global perspective still eludes me, but for now everything feels warm and cozy enough.
                                                      1. guest review Angelo Patterson 06.07.2020
                                                        Hi guys, I'm puzzled with online trading… can anyone share some information on those Trendingraphs guys? I do really like their low starting deposits, there's not much I can say about other things. Gotta check more reviews.
                                                        1. guest review Malachi Mair 13.07.2020
                                                          Didn't manage to work with Trendingraphs yet, but actively thinkig about it. If you guys have any information to share, please do, I would appreciate it.
                                                          1. guest review Haiden Kinney 20.07.2020
                                                            Trendingraphs are really good in terms of public relations and I wish they could answer as quick as the deals open. A bit faster response timings, they would do you a lot of good.
                                                            1. guest review Ethan 29.07.2020
                                                              I didn't have much luck with brokers in the past, they just somehow always managed to waste my time and money. Therefore, I'm really glad that this company turned out really and I'm I think I will continue working with them.
                                                              1. guest review Henderson 02.08.2020
                                                                This company has given me the feeling of security and reassurance in my investments. I like that I can trade without needless worries about the quality of my broker. The terms of cooperation are really great too.
                                                                1. guest review Percival 07.08.2020
                                                                  The best thing for me about this company would be how friendly they are towards beginners. They've provided a great entry experience for me and some of my buddies, and, although most of them aren't trading anymore, I still do.
                                                                  1. guest review Frank Lynch 12.08.2020
                                                                    For those who are seeking advice in terms of broker selection — go no further, check this company. They are totally cool in all aspects and are especially great when it comes to handling client communications.
                                                                    1. guest review Mark Cain 15.08.2020
                                                                      Maybe it's a big thing to say, but I really consider my decision to work with this broker one of the best decisions I've ever made in my trading career. Since I began working with them, my profits have increased a lot.
                                                                      1. guest review Lesley 20.08.2020
                                                                        This broker is great, the only negative reviews it got are from people who can’t even bring any arguments to substantiate their opinion. I doubt these guys have even spent time researching… dont forget about that when it comes to making a choice about who you want to cooperate with throughout your trading career.
                                                                        1. guest review Karl 27.08.2020
                                                                          This broker? Can’t say anything bad about them. Good terms, profitable for both beginners and established traders, some great features like their customer care service – sometimes I wish all support specialists were as good at their job and as friendly in conversations as those guys. Try them, maybe they would do you some good.
                                                                          1. guest review Mark Brown 31.08.2020
                                                                            My experience with this broker is kinda limited, I’ve been working with them just for a couple of weeks, but I can see already that they are really decent. The ability to feel such things comes with experience, I suppose, and I have some years under my trader’s belt, so I know what I’m talking about.