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«Any claim is taken into account»: Review of Stocks Wide

2022-10-31 14:58:00

Trading with an established Forex brokers is almost the same – companies dedicate much time and efforts to streamline, standardize and simplify all the processes of their working cycle. But something still can go wrong and unexpected situations can occur anytime. Learn more on how these situations are handled and solved and what are the reasons behind them from our review of Stocks Wide as of 2022. 

Primarily, Forex broker Stocks Wide reviewed all the stages of the onboarding process and start of the trading on the platform to minimize the chances of these unexpected situations to happen. Starting from the onboarding process, any action demanded from user is followed by detailed instructions, which are easy to find. All the aspects of platform work are explained in very simple but informative way. Forex broker Stocks Wide did a lot to become the best broker for beginners, which seems to be one of the core element of the company strategy. 

The same principle applies to the steps, following the onboarding. In doesn’t matter, whether you are a client with Beginner account and deposit just EUR100, or the owner of Golden account, minimal deposit of which is EUR200,000. All account types contain the Get starting section where you can review Stocks Wide platforms features, learn to use them and train. May seem a bit boring, but is useful to avoid troubles in future. 

This approach applies to everything regarding payments. The company uses most usual and widespread payment methods (bank transfers, Visa, MasterCard and CashU) to deposit and to withdraw funds, which helps avoiding misunderstanding. The verification process is also as simple as it can be, it takes some time for Stocks Wide to review the customers data, but the percent of failed verification attempts is close to minimal value. 

However, seeing the full picture is not possible without a look from within. So we took the chance to add some insider information for our review of Stocks Wide as of 2022 and asked several questions Anna Weber, Stocks Wide legal director.

Question: What is the priority of Stocks Wide work with clients’ claims? 

Anna Weber: It is quite simple – any claim is taken into account. Stocks Wide reviews all the feedback it receives in all forms and in all ways. We do many things to improve our performance in various fields and the great deal of them is based on those reviews Stocks Wide performs. 

Q: Would you name some of these things?

AW: Get started section is based on it actually. We study the client reviews of Stocks Wide to learn what seems complicated, what should be explained further, what kind of practice and examples people need etc. And then the technical department adds new elements to this section. 

Q: And what is your policy regarding public feedback, which anyone can see? There can be different things in those reviews about Stocks Wide, not all of them are good.

AW: Same principle – Stocks Wide broker reviews them and tries to improve, no matter what the authors tone is. If the broker review is real, it has some facts we should take into account. Ignoring negative investment reviews of Stocks Wide is not a solution. 

Q: You said “real”. So we can assume there are also fake invest reviews of Stocks Wide as well? How do you deal with them?

AW: Unfortunately, it happens, too. Some players in the market see competition like this. We check the facts described in these reviews about Stocks Wide, we try to contact the author and to solve the problems if they really exist. Nevertheless, if we see that the review is intentionally negative and not based on any facts, we react in other way. There is a full specter of legal actions to protect the company’s reputation in these cases.

Q: Is there an issue, which is mentioned in clients reviews of broker Stocks Wide but still can’t be solved?

AW: The typical complaint is withdrawal term. If you look through Stocks Wide Forex broker reviews, you see that people would like their balance to change just after they push the “Confirm” button. We can do so technically, no problem, but there are also security concerns. This is our joint position with technical department – if anything seems suspicious, it should be checked, and if something demands verification, it should be verified, no discussion. You see, people like fast transactions. But they would hardly like if their transactions become faster but less secure.


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