What is the importance of regulation


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In this review article from Sharefounders, you will find some tips on how not to get caught up in a Forex broker Scam.

The information will be useful for those who are just making their first steps in the trading market or just looking at this type of earnings. Here, as in other types of business, there are a number of risks. It is often very difficult to find a reliable broker that can meet the needs of each trader.

Expert will tell you about the Scam methods and why you should carefully consider choosing a broker.
Initially, you should ask yourself the question: which company comes to your mind when a trade dispute arises. This issue has a dual purpose: there should be a company that studies a fair deal, where you don't feel aggrieved, and all of its financial data should be publicly available, as well as regulated.
An important feature is financial transparency with regulation if we are talking about the comfort of interaction with Forex. Based on the situation that there is a significant increase in volatility in the currency market, Sharefounders makes conclusions: brokers with reviews of the Scam and with insufficient capitalization were forced to close the store with a small warning. That certainly puts any trader in a stupor, because when there is a concept of what the financial situation of the broker is, you can determine whether it has a chance to resist the instability of the currency market.

What is the importance of regulation
In the event that you are not satisfied, you must be sure that the brokerage activity is regulated in order to win in this situation. This should serve as a kind of insurance. Of course, few traders expect to use the policy, but if there are disagreements, it can save you from financial collapse.
The most disturbing calls that Sharefounders has seen are related to manifestations of a Scam where the broker refuses to issue funds or when an unregulated broker closes for the night. And then traders are disappointed because there is no place to ask to resolve the dispute because the broker is not regulated by anyone.
Now that you have realized the seriousness of regulation, you should ask yourself another question: how to determine that a broker is reliable?
The first thing I would recommend to Sharefounders scam is to search for reviews of your chosen product using several sources of information. Second, if you have already made your choice, start trading with a demo account. Third, enter a broker in the Google search and it will provide you with information about all available platforms, and then see the reviews of traders about it.

Sharefounders recommends visiting Forex forums, where there are also reviews from traders caught in the Scam, who have been trading on the currency market for a long time.

Based on Sharefounders observations, since about the end of 2007, there has been a significant decline in Scam brokers that have not met their expectations for traders. However, this does not indicate that there are no such candidates left at all, so it is necessary to carefully consider the candidate for conducting currency trading.




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