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How to Start Trading Forex and Not to Become a Victim of Swindlers. Tips Stocks Wide

2022-10-31 14:46:00

Modern banks have long ceased to ensure the safety of savings, interest rates on deposits tragically lag behind inflation. All this pushes any reasonable person to the financial markets, where they can save and multiply earnings. However, shady dealers lie in wait for them there. Stocks Wide experts tell you how to identify a reliable partner and avoid fraudsters.

Clothing is the way to be greeted

The first thing you have to look at is a financial company's website. It should work properly and contain up-to-date information about the company's data: its address, postal and electronic contacts, and data about licenses," says Adreas Neumann, financial consultant at Stocks Wide.

Let's add that a website is not just a showcase, but also a tool, especially for modern fintech companies.

But a decent look alone isn't enough. Be sure to check the license information, Stocks Wide advises. In today's world, this can literally be done in two clicks on Google.

Social hacking

What a decent business should definitely not have on its website is deliberately deceptive overpriced promises. No real Forex broker will promise a guaranteed income, Neumann says.

And avoid any company with a garish website, "fair" design, or overly intrusive consultants. They don't appeal to a rational mind in this way but are trying to influence emotions. It is also a sign of social engineering.

Study the reviews

"When looking at comments and reviews, you have to be a little bit of a psychologist," Neuman says. - A bad review is left by someone who is upset about something. And you can try to understand what was the real reason for the irritation. Maybe he was confused or hoped for something he couldn't achieve. A good review will be left by a person who was satisfied. Who will want to give other people the right message. But an honest person will always be critical. So even a good honest review can have negative things. And vice versa."

Particular attention should be paid to negative reviews. Examine what exactly the company is criticized for. It may turn out that the bad experience is not because you found a scammer, but because people bought bitcoin or pound sterling en masse before the big collapse. Analyze the dates and profile news.

And remember, people are more likely to leave negative reviews than positive ones. So don't let a little outweighing scare you. See what people are complaining about.


One of the favorite tricks of swindlers was and remains the creation of a "parallel universe". If we are talking about Forex trading, it would be the creation of a platform where trading takes place in isolation from the real market, and instead of real players, fake bots are trading.

In Stocks Wide are advised to monitor whether the quotes on your platform comply with those demonstrated by free services. If there are news services on your platform - how quickly they show significant news. Aren't they dramatically different from what verified sources publish.

Yes, free services may publish data with a delay, because stock information itself is of great value. Therefore, it is worth following the work of the platform without starting trading. Any serious difference from what your competitors demonstrate - that is a reason to ask the support service.

Undoubtedly, rates in different markets, different venues may be different, says financial consultant Stocks Wide.


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  1. guest review Douglas Michael 10.11.2022
    Stocks wide — The best platform for trading. I entered the top three in the competitions held last week. This is my first victory and there are still many ahead. Thank you, Stocks wide, for the opportunity to trade with less risk and an affordable platform. Stocks wide regularly provides discounts. Really the best platform.
    1. guest review Preston Albert 12.11.2022
      Stocks wide — this is the Ortima platform, and customer service here is at the highest level. This is a type of service that is more suitable for experienced users.
      1. guest review Cameron Dominic 19.11.2022
        I traded with many providers, but not one of them was as professional as Stocks wide.
        The support service is responsible for several hours and knows the answer to each problem.
        They are also very kind and not only will leave you in fools, like many other commercial companies who do not care about their customers and are only interested in trade.
        Liila is different, and I am very happy to work with them.
        1. guest review Waters Robert 17.12.2022
          Now I do not regret anything, because everything is really clear. Many people with whom I consulted claimed that Stocks Wide are scammers. But they did not have experience with them, only with other companies or simply relied on the reviews of people from the Internet. I want to say that the Stocks Wide broker is really good, but I'm already starting to feel some financial grimaces from the side of the floating spread.
          1. guest review Perry Christopher 20.12.2022
            The first 2-3 months I can not be called successful. Still, he was mainly in the red zone. After numerous purchases and sales of papers, including using the Stocks Wide manager, it was possible to turn the situation. At the moment +10%, which is already more deposits that banks offer.
            1. guest review Gregory Oliver 29.12.2022
              So like trading on Stocks Wide. I could never imagine that something so economic might like. The benefit of analysts helped and prompted.
              1. guest review Lloyd Peregrine 01.01.2023
                Stocks wide is cool analytics, and most importantly, it helps to understand what is happening on the market. So you study and trading. Webinars constantly go — this is super, although the bulk of webinars is designed for those who already know something about the market.
                1. guest review Hubbard Williamя 18.01.2023
                  During the year, he concluded that you need to be able to trade, and not scream that Stocks Wide is to blame and the brokers do not allow to earn money. I realized for a long time that on Forex, you can’t get rid of risks and stupidly pouring a broker with mud because of your own failures.
                  1. guest review Stafford Blaise 29.01.2023
                    Stocks Wide broker pulls out due to good performance and its analysts. This is essentially the main advantage, when I was just starting, it was a huge help, I myself would not achieve any results. For independent trade, you can find other options.
                    1. guest review Carroll Robert 10.02.2023
                      I am not a trader yet (a rather short time has passed) and a person is not gambling by nature. On Stocks Wide was because he decided to reach a new level of income without binding to the office or house. I read about the risk management and immediately abandoned 500 dollars on the site. I opened transactions according to the rules, put 1%, sometimes 2%. According to the results of the month, I went out into a plus — 150 dollars. This is the beginning, there is already a plan how to move on. As for the speed, you simply must try yourself. In my opinion, it would be very difficult to improve something here, although I know that there are brokers who do it better. Available tools are implemented correctly, everything is written on Java and there is an opportunity to develop your own strategies or features. The developers are open for suggestions and new functions. For me, this is a broker with whom I learned to trade and I think that I will be together for some time. Great service for trading and a wide selection of tools for investment strategies. The Stocks Wide broker provides a wide range of available financial instruments, but the credit shoulder available on them is at a reasonable level.
                      1. guest review Baker Clinton 23.02.2023
                        I really like the Stocks Wide broker High profitability of options, which is also fixed. For most of these companies, the conditions for payments are changing depending on the volatility of the basic asset, but here it is in any case at the same level. There is no such thing that you waited for the signal when the couple brought 79%, and when you decided to enter profitability, you lowered to 50%. This is very good, since strategies can be built by starting from a constant rate. This professional platform with all standards includes all the tools in addition to the possibility of generating good trading signals based on technical tools, and not just indicators with the quality of each opportunity. The really best platform I have ever dealt with… Honestly, I have not tried real trade with them for a long time in order to be able to judge trading experience with them. But I have not heard any complaints about the reliability of the company or their pricing mechanism… There is no doubt that they are the best and safest trading company!
                        1. guest review Cannon Oliver 26.02.2023
                          I really like the trading terminal and a large number of tools. It is especially cool that you can bet on stock prices and cryptocurrencies. He studied working with binary options here Stocks Wide — here is a large database of video tutorials, articles, there are even books. Of course, a couple of things are upset: I do not like it when managers are constantly named — they are too obsessive, but here it is considered the norm, well, another disorder is a commission for inaction. Everything else is good. For me, Stocks Wide broker, with whom I learned to trade and think that I will be together for some time. The broker provides a wide range of available financial instruments, but the credit shoulder available on them is at a reasonable level (adequate liquidity and risk) so that in case of problems with liquidity in the market, this does not create problems either for customers or a broker. As for the speed, you simply must try yourself. In my opinion, it would be very difficult to improve something here, although I know that there are brokers who do it better.
                          1. guest review Joshua Thomas 06.03.2023
                            Stocks Wide — Great broker! I have been trading with them for 2 years and am pleased with their services. They are very responsive and ready to help. Their support service works 24/7 and is trying to solve all issues as quickly as possible. They offer various payment methods, their site is convenient for users, and they have no requirements for a minimum deposit.
                            1. guest review Louis Hicks 07.03.2023
                              Stocks Wide Professional and reliable broker with an excellent customer support service. I really appreciate the polite and timely response of the support service to my requests for help. The payment process is intuitive, the interface is convenient. Working with them is a continuous pleasure!
                              1. guest review Luis Morris 23.03.2023
                                Stocks Wide is a company that offers quality service with an individual approach. The Stocks Wide team is always ready to answer questions and help transactions, which makes the trade light. The company appreciates its customers and seeks to offer the highest level of customer service.