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How to withdraw funds on the example of Stocks Wide?

2022-10-31 14:54:00

The Forex market will help you to increase your income. To earn, you need to choose a broker and make a deposit. Players have enough tools at their disposal to successfully close trades. There are convenient ways to deposit/withdraw funds. Let's talk about the latter, using Stocks Wide as an example. 

How long will it take to withdraw funds from Stocks Wide?

The broker works legally, without breaking the law. Its activity is controlled by security protocols. Therefore, it is simply impossible to request an instant withdrawal. Within a few minutes or an hour, the money will not be credited. But, you can still count on relatively fast payments. 

Stocks Wide takes from 1 to 3 business days to process your request. Competitors have a more protracted process. After the money is sent to the bank, it arrives in the account in 1-5 days. In this case, the broker has no influence, because everything depends on the speed of interbank payment. 

Many financial institutions work quickly. Therefore, study the conditions, paying attention not only to the crediting period, but also to the amount of commission. 

Cyber-security also affects the duration of the request. There are many scammers and everyone is trying to steal someone else's account. That's why every user transaction lends itself to scrutiny. A legitimate broker does everything possible to protect its clients. 

How the withdrawal goes

The Stocks Wide broker first considers the request, then makes a decision. There is no other way. 

The whole process consists of two stages:

With SWIFT, everything goes faster. Take into account holidays and weekends, as they also affect the speed of enrollment. 

The minimum amount of the request is equally important. It depends on the type of account. It's better not to withdraw from a small deposit, because if you pay all commissions, you may get nothing. Plus, insufficient balance limits the use of some tools. 

Amount of commission 

The broker's fee is spelled out in the agreement and depends on the tariff. Stocks Wide has offers for everyone, so there will be no problems with the selection. The size of the commission also depends on the amount of withdrawal. 

Minimal withdrawal amount 

Available amount is determined by the tariff plan and type of account. Basic Stocks Wide account has an insufficient balance. Therefore it is better to earn money and then to make a request. 

Possible problems

The transaction can be blocked at any time. This is done by the bank for security purposes. This is how the funds are checked and the legality of their receipt (especially if we are talking about quite impressive sums). To solve the problem, you need to provide proof of how the money was earned. Afterwards, everything is restored and the procedure is successfully completed. No one blocks or arrests the finances. 

Suspension of transfer can be caused by hackers. Exchanges have long been their target, so the company always reacts to suspicious actions. 

If you enter the details or any personal data incorrectly at the registration stage, you may also encounter rejection. If there is an error in the account, you need to contact the bank.

Why Stocks Wide can block?

The broker does not issue a positive response if:

Remember that a brokerage account is not a bank account. This means that financial exchanges between users are not allowed. Any misprints in the details will be a reason for refusal from Stocks Wide.


Type of account determines the amount of compensation Stocks Wide. Broker does everything to protect its customers. It works legally, having all the necessary documents. The application is processed within a few days. Delays are possible, but not critical.


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