Swissstand review Forex broker

Is it worth cooperating with Swissstand? Review Forex broker

2022-12-08 19:22:00

If you have found one company among the best forex brokers for low cost trading, you can boldly start forex trading. Whether Swissstand is suitable for this, we will find out in Swissstand review 2022.

Why is Swissstand popular?

The official founding date of Swissstand is 28.01.2020. The platform is available 24 hours a day. The head office is in London and registration was done there. Among the clients are quite large players. Users can count on flexible, clear terms. All the nuances are outlined in the contract, and the reward depends on the tariff. It also determines the minimum deposit amount on Swissstand. There is a website. Comfortable, functional, and made in unobtrusive, non-irritating tones. If difficulties arise, you can always contact the support service.

No additional commissions are charged. You can use a demo account to practice your skills and gain new experience. It becomes available immediately after registration.

The company offers a wide range of financial instruments and free training. Every transaction is verified. Thus, the service takes care of its clients, protecting their accounts from intruders.

The Swissstand broker has the documents:

The license was issued in the UK. Regulation of activities is handled by the FCA and the Estonian Supervision Commission EFSA.

List of services

The online platform has everything you need to trade. The broker provides recommendations on the compilation of a financial portfolio. It also consults on taxation. Customer accounts are kept separate.

You can trade both on the site and using terminals. Traders have access to forecasts, calculators, expert reviews, and statistics. All information is categorized and updated regularly.

The support service is multilingual. There is a calendar of Forex events and trading signals.

Training Materials

Swissstand is the best Forex broker for beginners and the company offer supervised training. The material is appropriate for both experienced players and beginners. All the information is presented in a simple way. There is no complicated terminology. This is what you can use for self-development:

All articles, guides, and Swissstand investment review are free. There are analytical materials on the site.

Affiliate Program

Swissstand broker regularly conducts promotions. There is a reward system for owners of a Pro account. An affiliate program is provided for other users. Its goal is to attract customers (relevant for individuals and legal entities). So, each new client who has opened a deposit is appointed a reward. The size depends on the activity of the attracted trader.

Customer Service

Swissstand has a 24/7 multilingual customer support service. Responses are quick and requests can be sent in any way you like (social networks, chat, phone, email).

Company fees & expenses

Any type of account is opened for free. The company always follows the terms of the agreement. The commissions depend on the type of payment system and the tariff.

If you open a deposit via Skrill or Neteller you will have to pay 1€ extra. For inaction (if there is money in the account), a fine of 10 € is charged.

Working on Forex

Broker Swissstand can help you in compiling a portfolio. For trading on Forex, it is worth using:

Swissstand trading permissions are configured when submitting an application.


What is the main thing in this Swissstand review 2022? The Swissstand exchange is an online platform with quite a lot of functionality. There are licenses. The official registration was held in London. More than 1000 clients and free training. There are several types of accounts for traders. The minimum deposit and commission are determined by the tariff.


- Question: What is the minimum deposit amount?

- Answer: The minimum deposit amount is $10.

- Question: What types of orders does Swissstand provide?

- Answer: The company provides the following list of permits: market, limit, stop limit order and stop market orders: stop loss and take profit.


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  1. guest review John Norris 14.12.2022
    In order for the exchange life to be long and happy, the broker must have a good reputation, which does not cause questions and a long story. Run away from young companies that there is not a word on the Internet. Experience is an important indicator of the reliability of the broker. The quality of the swiss standand broker service is quite satisfied, but I would like technical specialists to work on the mobile application, but as I understand it, there will soon be improvements and updates. He has already sent his wishes and demands in support of the project. I hope they listen to my opinion. The broker demonstrates stable growth, which clearly indicates the trust of many customers and my trust in it, as it turned out over time. With Forex broker swiss standand, I have been working for more than three years. I got close contacts with the company's managers, and now they are calling me, then on the case, and I don’t like to waste time talking. Better I will do it during this time or I will successfully invest money. A good broker is half the success in the exchange markets, tested by experience.
    1. guest review Paul Wilson 16.12.2022
      So far, the financial assistant from the broker helps me with the choice of strategy and assets. The service is free, so it’s a sin not to use. I only comprehend the subtleties of investment. The broker's account was opened by the broker of swiss standand literally 2 months ago. I managed to undergo free training on the site, constantly read the section with news and communicate in a chat with more professional investors (I need additional information at the initial stage of development and gaining experience). I bought myself for testing, already received a small profit. I will gradually increase the momentum, with experience I understand what and how. I chose a suitable tariff. For a beginner, he is perfect. You pay only 0.1% of the amount of the transaction, but by the end of the year the commission does not apply for the purchase — such a promotion that provokes the application convenient for profitable purchases, I do everything through it. Modernly, useful and a lot of useful functions and opportunities, though I have not yet fully figured out what and how. But I think to figure it out and set up on your hand. So we go further with Forex broker swiss standand.
      1. guest review Nicholas Morris 18.12.2022
        He began his activities in this direction with the recommendation of a friend. My work colleague began to invest two years ago, he himself is a little versed in the markets and promotions, but in order to successfully invest, you still need to study all this deeper. Therefore, he decided to use the auto-examination strategies, still entrust the expert to do his job more correctly than to climb without knowledge, although they say that fools are lucky. He recently told us about this experience, and I also had a desire to try. In general, I also decided to start investing. The account registered in swiss standand on the recommendation of a colleague. He says that he studied brokers at one time, he liked the examination at swiss standand most. And in two years she showed herself with dignity. I invested in the Strategy of the Neftetreder, because oil so far runs the world, and the “tactical choice”. It is very convenient that I only invest and that’s all, I can not follow at all, the manager does everything. This is very convenient for those who want to invest, but cannot afford to devote it all the time. I would like to try over time to do everything myself, as there will be more experience.
        1. guest review Andy Weber 21.12.2022
          swiss standand broker has never arisen problems with response to a request for a trader. And most importantly, you can contact the support service at absolutely any time of the day. The level of organization of the technical support service often affects how convenient it is to interact with the broker to the trader. For example, there may be difficulties with verification when withdrawing funds, or a broker wants to find out how safer and it is better to transfer funds. Questions may concern the held commissions or exchange rate of currencies, since sometimes they do not coincide with the currency of the deposit. Suppose you see the most successful moment for a large rate, but your deposit account is not enough, so you need to replenish it as soon as possible. And now imagine the situation that your broker needs from two to five days to replenish the score. And this only means that you cannot bet and a profitable investment. swiss standand showed the care of clients, therefore, the minimum amount of funds is required to enroll and withdraw funds.
          1. guest review Willard Jones 26.12.2022
            I have been working with the company since 2020, mainly a stop and I want to note that I never even had to think about the transition to another broker. Those support for the swiss standand broker is always in touch, the terminals work as it should (everyone). The commission of the broker is the most profitable. It is very important, never, there were no problems with the withdrawal of any amount!!! Recently I concluded, everything went as usual, after 4 hours the money is already on the card. Now, in connection with rumors about the bank, I keep my hand on the pulse, but I do not withdraw assets. It is clear that if the bank itself is closed not sweetly, but since I trade in the technique of breakdowns and figures, the bank shares are now at the level, while the price is not worth it there. If a large shift begins, this is a probable signal that the main packet holders are selling shares, and this is already more serious than rumors on the Internet. In general, I follow the price and in every possible way I wish the broker of success and development. I really hope that you don’t have to change the swiss standand broker. I use all possible services and tools for trading.