Swissstand, why is he not a scam?

The honesty of Swissstand Broker. Why is he not a scam?

2022-12-08 19:09:00

Stock exchanges are of interest not only to investors but also to fraudsters. The intruders are astounding in their ingenuity and resourcefulness. Their schemes become forex broker scams, but if you read forex broker reviews, money can be saved.

Swissstand is a good broker, and most importantly, a secure service. The best conditions are small spreads and fixed commissions. The company works officially. Swissstand legit, it is confirmed by a set of legal documents. It is possible to trade 24 hours a day, both on the website and via terminals.

There are free courses, webinars, and tutorial videos. A demo account was made for practicing skills. There are no overpayments as all the payments are indicated in the contract. There are tariffs to choose from. Suitable even for inexperienced players.

Last year's results of the audit inspection testify to the reliability. The report confirmed the absence of debts. A personal account can be used around the clock.

The broker is one of the largest. Operates around the world. More than 100000 clients and millions of opened accounts. Any machinations are excluded. The support team responds quickly enough. It is considered one of the best.

Swissstand is not a scammer, as evidenced by a series of positive reviews. Clients choose the online platform because it is quite comfortable, plus official Forex tools.

There is informating about risks and protection against negative balances. Only a registered user can open an account. Verification is also required, to confirm identity. Withdrawal of funds is possible after entering a special code. This is an additional security measure that protects the deposit.

Swissstand legit and does not work with transfers to employees' bank cards. Prepayment is also not required. Everything is transparent.

How not to get into the broker scam list?

Conscientious companies are not included on blacklists. These anti-ratings are compiled taking into account complaints and low ratings of customers. Sometimes, they are created by competitors carrying out not entirely legitimate activities. It is difficult to call them objective, but it is easy enough not to get on them. It is enough to fulfill all obligations, which is what Swissstand does.

How do intruders operate?

All fraudsters are inventive. They can spend quite a lot of time in preparation to end up with a significant jackpot. The main thing for them is to gain trust, and then everything will be as they need.

Unscrupulous services like to intimidate and call even at night, and always from hidden numbers. Psychological pressure is one of their favorite tools. Scammers are quirky. They quite often copy the websites of famous brokers, hiding behind their names. Of course, this damages the reputation and reduces the level of trust, especially if the client never receives a payment. To avoid becoming one of the victims, it is worth bearing this in mind:

Swissstand is not a broker forex scammer. All documentation on the website, no unrecorded payments.

The features of an honest broker

A good company has an official website with a secure connection, a set of proven Forex tools, and free training. All terms are met, and clients are happy.

The Swissstand has a system of incentives. There are compensations, favorable tariffs, and fixed commissions. European banks are among the partners.

Instant execution of orders. The service is accredited. Reliability is confirmed by audit inspections.

That's why it is worth choosing:

No one imposes anything here, much less exerts psychological pressure.

Attitude to clients

Clients and broker

To set up automatic commands, it is enough to call Swissstand. It can be done on the website. There are several ways to contact the support service. Negative balance protection is in effect. About 300 Forex tools and a practice account.

There are bonuses. There are various promotions from time to time. The attitude to clients is more than loyal. There are no hidden terms. Swissstand is not a scammer, so it can be trusted.


What conclusions can be made from this Swissstand scam review? The broker cooperates with European banks. It adheres to the agreement, the commissions are fixed. The company is not a scammer because it doesn't apply dubious schemes and doesn't call from hidden numbers. Makes trading easier.



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  1. guest review Randall Bryan 14.12.2022
    I noticed the pattern — the larger the broker, the worse the trader. Good and easily mastered platform for trading. The interface of the computer program and the mobile application is simple and intuitive, so even beginners who had never dealt with financial markets before can quickly deal with all the nuances of the swiss standand broker. swiss standand broker has a large selection of investment assets, including currency and cryptocurrency. You can withdraw money almost instantly using a wide range of available payment systems. Available spreads and lack of hidden payments. Another broker provides current financial analytics and tools for analysis. And what will be useful to you is round -the -clock support of specialists. You can always count on receiving operational answers to your questions. I noticed that the broker has updated the application, I used to have a different phone, and now I bought myself an iPhone and is busy training an application for a new phone.
    1. guest review Michael King 17.12.2022
      Before you start playing real money, I spent somewhere or a half, read the advice of professionals, watched reviews, which broker to choose, what tricks you can get to. I believe that one who is patient and does not crave money in the shortest possible time will be able to earn money on Forex. Usually those who want to earn as soon as possible lose the deposit on the first day, and then go to write on sites, that they were robbed and everything is dishonest. But only when he felt confidence, he made a deposit of $ 1,000 and began to earn slowly and carefully. Gradually went into a plus. In the first month I reached $ 1,500, then to $ 1,800 and so on. Yes, there were losses when a large piece of deposit left, but, keeping the mind, it was possible to return easily, reading the analyst of experienced traders. So I would not have been based on reviews, but acted myself, trusting my brains. A specialist is unlikely to immediately understand what suits you better and what happens. Therefore, start with a simple one and switch to a demo to decide what is closest to you.
      1. guest review Earl Miller 20.12.2022
        I have great confidence in response, accompanying specifics, dates, numbers undertaken by trading actions. Sometimes they are associated with the author to clarify the details about the broker or the nuances of trade on Forex. If I see a negative message, I look at the constructiveness of criticism, the causes of negativity, I analyze the disadvantages of the brokerage structure or the market as a whole. Talk to the technical support of the company to evaluate the levels of training and competence of managers, employees. I do not trust young brokers who have no experience, reputation, and reliability guarantees. Not risking to cooperate without studying true ratings, reviews and expert assessments. But I agree that the moderators are woking on the forums there, so there are more real simple reviews, but there are few adequacy in them, more often there is simply analysis of any subtleties of work in a particular broker. It is correctly noticed that you need to pay attention to the period of the broker, here the broker swiss standand, he is big and I have been working with him for three years and I am satisfied with everything.
        1. guest review Charles Davis 24.12.2022
          When I wanted to study Forex services, working conditions with brokers and a reputation for intermediaries, I began to read reviews on sites. The main task was to find objective and independent information, not advertising, not paid reviews. I learned about the signs of all custom reviews: there are no specific data, only pluses, unreal income numbers, several identical responses at once. Real reviews are the validity of opinions, constructiveness, information content, unique and unique content. I was looking for reviews on trader forums, information portals, all kinds of services. And in the end, I found the broker swiss standand. Everyone has pros and cons of all, how many large brokers with state regulations can be found if you wish to a negativity. Honestly, I don’t understand, people actually believe that there is the same broker where everything is perfect? Also, Broker swiss standand conducts free webinars, there are courses for beginners and experienced speculators. The company allows automatic trade, regularly encourages its customers and attracts new traders to cooperate by entering attractive bonus programs.
          1. guest review David Thomas 24.12.2022
            I decided to leave a review in support of the broker, because lately I often encounter negative comments on the network. I turned to the broker, the manager told me about possible investment options, recommended some ready-made solutions, I don’t remember which, I helped register and understand the mobile application. Since then, in support, I have only contacted 2 times. For the first time, this was a question about an unfulfilled application in the application for the sale of shares, for the second time — when I could not go to my personal account. Both times there was a technical failure, which, by the way, was eliminated within a few hours. So that you understand that in 3 years only 2 times needed support. So we approached the main — bonus programs from the broker swiss standand. A good trader that seeks to earn as much as possible. And this is a completely feasible task, especially if the broker itself contributes to this in every way. I can not note the technical support of the broker, an important component at the level with the input and withdrawal of money.