A marine analogue will appear at the bottom of the ocean.

In three years, a marine analogue will appear at the bottom of the ocean.


2020-07-27 09:27:16

Fabien Cousteauis an aquanaut and active defender of the ocean. He inherited his interest in the marine world from his grandfather, the legendary ocean Explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

The dedication to the family business inspired Fabien Cousteau to build the equivalent of the International Space Station (ISS) at the bottom of the ocean. More recently, together with industrial designer Yves Behara, aquanaut presented a bold concept for a 1,200-square-meter laboratory called Proteus. The purpose of such an underwater station is to provide scientists (a team of up to 12 people) with unique access to the ocean floor.

At this time, it is planned to build such a laboratory in just three years. The project of the laboratory turned out to be unforgettable. The most striking design element is a series of "bubbles" that seem to stick to the building. It is assumed that each such capsule will have a different purpose, ranging from medical compartments to laboratories and personal rooms. "We wanted the station to be new and unusual, inspiring and futuristic," the designer told CNN. As for the internal equipment of Proteus, here the team says that the station will be installed the world's first underwater greenhouse designed to grow food for those who are there. Energy will come from renewable sources.

"Ocean exploration is 1,000 times more important than space exploration for our survival, our path to the future," Cousteau said. "This is our life support system. This is the very reason why we exist in the first place." According to CNN, space research receives significantly more funding than ocean research. This is despite the fact that humans have only explored about 5% of the earth's oceans.


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